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    We switched to the IMac about a year ago from a Dell. Oh how I wish I would have tried to type on this thing before making this purchase!! I have come to the conclusion that it is simply IMPOSSIBLE for me to transition to this pathetic excuse of a writing instrument. It is my understanding that my Dell Keyboard won't work with the iMac, so I feel as though I am trapped in a marriage that is destined to fail.

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    I never liked my wireless keyboard I got with my imac last year because it ate batteries like crazy so when i accidently got it wet and it died I went to the nortridge ca store and got the usb model with numeric keypad I was told to just hook it up to any usb port and it would work fine. I followed the directions in the booklet that came with it, there was no software included and was told to download the "apple keyboard software" and install it. well there is no such software to make this keyboard work right, the delete button doesn't work, the volume controls don't work all the fuction keys are screwed up...its a real mess and after several hours trying to find a fix .... I'm feeling as frustrated as I was so often when I owned microsoft products....I give it a 1 star because it does look nice....

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    Total Disappointment!

    I have a lot of Apple products which I'm very happy with, but this is a total disappointment! I just got it Friday, used it for a couple hours, put it back in the box and am going to return it.
    The design is really bad. Apple totally missed the mark with this thing. Its much much too small, its too thin, its not height adjustable, and the keys don't have much give.
    It made my back and arm sore. Hopefully, they'll rethink this, and while they're at it, they should seriously think about giving the wireless keyboard a numeric pad.

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    aggravated carpal tunnel

    After using the new keyboard for just a couple of weeks I was in so much wrist pain that I had to stop using it. After switching back to my old keyboard, the wrist pain went away. Just a warning for others that may have carpal tunnel issues.

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    @Apple: This keyboard with Numeric Keypad NEEDS to be wireless! I can't stand the shortened wireless variant.


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    Great product

    Why not make it better and add wireless?

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    Apple gets it wrong again

    A wireless keyboard great....no numeric keypad....what? If you want business customers to use your products, you may want to make products we can use. The store tried to sell me a separate blue tooth calculator for more money. Apple missed the boat again. Think!

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    I bent my keyboard

    After some heavy use and the occasional fist slam due to hitting too many wrong keys, i bent the aluminum frame of my new iMac keyboard. I managed to twist it back somewhat into shape, but it still wobbles against the my desk surface as I type. I now have to rest it on a mouse pad to absorb the shaking. Let this be a warning, even for those who are calmer typists. The slightest irregularity of your desktop surface will result in a wobbly keyboard which is exacerbated by its artsy design. Extended, albeit normal use, might cause the same. Another example where aesthetics overrules practicality. Perhaps larger rubber feet should be attached to the next generation of this device.

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    Terrible keyboard

    Since January of '09 I have had a new, 24" iMac. Love the computer, but can't stand typing on the keyboard. It takes me 10 times longer to write emails. I have investigated buying a new keyboard or using the one from my old iMac, but neither a new keyboard nor the old one has the features of this one. Sometimes elegance isn't an improvement and the keyboard that comes with the new iMacs is proof.

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    Keyboard not powerful enough.

    Come on Steve Jobs why does this keyboard not support a iPhone connecting to the usb ports on it, someone wasn't thinking. It's only good for flash drives. Apple should of and could have done better.

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    IBM PCjr "Chiclet" Keyboard all over again!!!

    Although this keyboard looks really good, it does not function well for me. Maybe it is the way I type or the way I like feedback from a keyboard, this one just doesn't feel normal. I replaced it with the A1048 (much better for me).

    Finally, for all the older users out there. Doesn't this keyboard remind you of the IBM PCjr "Chiclet" Keyboard (PCWorld's worst PC Keyboard of all time. All time!!! Why sell a keyboard close to that one)? I used to have one of those "Chiclets" and I hated it then just like I hate it now!!!

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    Delicate, fragile

    Get just a few drops of moisture under a key and that's it. A dead keyboard. My last one endured for one month, eight days. Then a few drops of coffee from a bumped cup got on the keyboard and multiple keys instantly stopped working. Only a fool would pay this much money for something so delicate. Too bad, I like apple products and I like the look. But unless you live in a climate controlled environment where looks trump productivity, this is not a good buy.

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    Why Oh Why Oh Why....

    I love the design of these keyboards. Sleek, modern and keys that are a delight to press. I recently purchased a 27" iMac and it came with the small bluetooth keyboard without a number pad. Why Oh Why won't Apple make a bluetooth keyboard with a number pad?! Someone really dropped the ball not making this an option. Its the only thing I absolutely hate about my new iMac. I hate that I have to go wired to have a keyboard with a number pad. Hate it! Hate it! Hate it! Hate it so much so that I sometimes wonder why I got the iMac at all I hate it that much I do! And the worst part....no one at Apple who could do anything about it, will ever read this post.

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    The worst thing about a laptop is the keyboard, so why make a keyboard that isn't part of a laptop just like a laptop keyboard. Makes no sense!!! Sure, some people will love it because of the look. The look is not as important as the feel. Some people will love it because they do very little typing; just push a button here and there. For serious typing the keyboard needs to be bigger, tilted, and responsive with some sense of where your fingers are on the keyboard just like the previous generation Apple keyboard. That feeling is missing on this keyboard because of its smallness, flatness, and far too slippery keys. Do you get the idea I don't like it? Your mileage may vary.

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    MAC Keyboard

    It is too small even with the 10-key extension. I have had it 4 months and the enter key on the 10 key does not work. THAT is awful! I use 10 key all of the time.

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    I am disappointed with this keyboard

    I have to say that I purchased this keyboard in October 2007 and suddenly last week, the "U" key stopped working.
    After calling Apple's assistance in Portugal, where I am, running some tests they've assigned me to confirm the malfunction and after taking it to an Apple's registered technician I had the response that it was not the key it is the keyboard!
    As my warranty expired 4 months ago they told me that I have to buy a new one!

    It is the first time in my years with computers and of being very fond of Apple's products, that I see a keyboard which is no longer useful after 2 years because one letter is not working.
    As I am very careful with my iMac and gadgets , it is obvious for me that this hardware is not made to last at least for a while, when it is something meant to be used on a daily basis, and it makes me wonder if Apple did not put Design and beauty ahead of the quality and resistance of this product .

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    The volume controls are on the F10-F12 keys while the F16-F19 keys are blank.
    F16 = vol down
    F17 = vol up
    F18 = mute
    F19 = eject

    The way was it stands is fine for the w/o keypads
    This was a lazy extension for the W/ keypads

    As the volume and ejects are not reassignable, one loses usage og them of the vital F-keys which they cramp. One has to choose wether to be forced to hold down function key half the time or throw the keyboard out the window.
    I am typing this on the clear/white plastic one from yesteryear, which was sensibly built.

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    Did not last beyond warranty period

    I got this keyboard with the iMac I bought. I do not type much on it because I am not home very often. I do not eat, drink or smoke in front of the computer. Then after a year and 2 or 3 weeks the 'v' key started to require hard pressing in order to get the 'v' on the screen. Now being a fix-all-you-can type IT guy, I tried to open it to try to clean it. You cannot, unless you break the keyboard. Big disappointment, a disposable keyboard at a not-disposable price.

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    Was loving it until...

    Although it looks great, I was against this keyboard for a long time. I picked one up anyways and once I got used to it I fell in love with it. However, after only 4 months it started going haywire and causing glitches in programs before completely shutting down. I thought it was my iMac that was dying because I couldn't see how a keyboard could cause so many frightening problems (screen flashes, apps randomly opening and closing, full freezing...). Thankfully, I switched back to the old white plastic keyboard and everything worked fine. Needless to say, I am taking this back. Hopefully, I can find the receipt and swap it out. I am on the fence about replacing it otherwise. Maybe I just got a bunk one. In any case, I am disappointed.

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    Keys are flat and slippery

    I work on a computer almost 8 hours a day, and do extensive typing. This keyboard seems cool and satisfies me for a couple of days. However, the practicality is doubtful at best. The keys are flat, and hence, while doing fast typing my fingers often slip and press wrong keys.

    Also, the white keys are easily stained. For that reason, I cannot return this product now, and I am using it as a 2-port USB hub. I am very satisfied with a much cheaper other-brand simple keyboard.

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