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    Slamming my nails into this keyboard.

    I have natural fingernails of a reasonable length and this keyboard is a total horror. Completely unfunctional, and I have never had this problem with any keyboard ever before including my iBook. I'm really kinda irritated that the keyboard (and the mouse because I use a 2-button) that came with my brand new iMac needs to be replaced so that I can type comfortably.

    Does no one at Apple have fingernails?

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    This keyboard is junk. Read the 1 star reviews. Why they still let this keyboard to be sold I cannot understand. The SPACE bar is the worst of its problems, works and then does not.. The feel of the keyboard will make anyone using it for more than a few mins wanting to soak their hands in a warm water. This is not a problem with just my keyboard read the reviews.

    Apple bring back the old keyboard.

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    Difficult to type on

    If you have fingernails of even short - moderate length, it's hard to hit the correct keys. I'm constantly missing keys, hitting between the keys and having to watch every word I type because there is no 'margin' - or enough height for one to feel the keys with your fingers/fingernails and I am making errors on almost every word I type. This keyboard seems more narrow than a regular keyboard. This keyboard came with my Mac Pro, but I will have to buy another with regular keys. I'm not the best typist, but It takes me FOREVER to type with this one!

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    Truly Disappointed

    Oh my gosh… HELP!! I have been typing for well over 30 years and this new keyboard has put me into a state of complete stress. I agree that visually this is a great looking keyboard but honestly my self-esteem is in jeopardy from all the errors I’m experiencing!! I had to go back at least 9 times in the first sentence alone because of mistakes I made from the keyboard. There seems to be no consistency to the way the keys react to the touch. F1 – F4 used to be my favorite keys for the type of work I do… (lots of cutting, copying and pasting) now I have to hit command c then command v to copy and paste. Not a clean flow. I know about the fn key but that still requires a stop and search move. Physically, I’m experiencing serious cramping and pain related issues in my fingers and hands. I LOVE my new iMAC but pray there’s another keyboard I can switch to. Any thoughts?

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Font too pale, F key identifications way too small.

    This is an elegant keyboard. Probably the designer has won an aestheics award for it. I love the look and the quiet operation. But all that beauty is useless when you're wearing yourself out trying to see determine what's on the keys!

    The names of the keys are just plain hard to see. They are made for 20-something people in perfect health in a premium workspace--not over-30 people with glasses where changing light may create an occasional shadow

    First, if you are going to use sophisticated gray to identify these keys, please go a shade darker, say Charcoal or Slate rather than Dawn Mist.

    Second, the characters on the F keys, and some of the symbols are horribly small. There is plenty room for a larger identification. Trying to rmake out "F7" that is scrunched down into the corner in what looks to be 5-point type in pale gray on white is a frustrating nightmare.

    If you are new to the Mac, it's a lot of work trying to relate the tiny symbols to those in the also too-pale book.

    A lot of Mac product info, including the pale gray on the website, is practically illegible. It makes a new Mac user feel unwelcome-- as if they're not one of the Cool People who can respond properly to the illusiveness of high-end design.

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    Appearance won out over ergonomics

    This keyboard is attractive. Unfortunately that is the only positive thing I have to say. It was obviously designed with appearance in mind and no regard to ergonomics or usability. You have to tilt your wrists up in order to use the keyboard because it is so thin, leading to wrist pain. And the keys are so shallow in depth, that they are difficult to press and lead to strained fingers. If you are prone to wrist pain, and need to do a lot of typing I would pass on this keyboard.

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    IMac Keyboard

    Fantastic looking keyboard .. slim, matches silver color, 2 USB ... all good, but lousy in typing. Space bar is hard to press ... must be press just the right angle. I make too many errors in general. Feels like typing notebook keyboard.

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    New Keyboard Is Not Solid State

    I have owned this keyboard for a couple weeks and already the "S" key has popped off. Of all the keys to pop off. This is like a cruel joke. This new keyboard is like a cheap toy.

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    Beautiful, but too many problems for me.

    Can only be plugged into back of iMac, leaving only 2 USB ports open for all the other equipment that wants those ports. The USB ports on keyboard won't even run my trackball or pen tablet or Compact Flash Reader. (Not enough power???) The space bar has to be really punched to work. As I said I find it beautiful and it looks good on my desk, but I would like my money back!

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    this keyboard is not very responsive. I have to type almost everything twice when using short cuts. It may look cool, but I miss the old keys and how sensitive they were. I don' recommend it for anyone trying to actually work.

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    Most un-ergonomic keyboard around - don't buy!

    I recently bought several Mac Pros for my lab which unfortunately came with this horrible keyboard. Yes, it does look great - but that is all. After just 2 days of typing on it, my finger joints started aching. After 5 days my entire hand and wrist became stiff, the pain turned unbearable and I had to stop typing on these keyboards. Switching back to a conventional keyboard alleviated the problem completely. In short: The keys on this keyboard are so hard, it is essentially like typing on a rock hard surface. Apple unfortunately has increasingly put Ergonomics by the wayside for the mediocre benefit of looks and design in recent years, and this is the culmination. Plain awful and - darn, it hurts. I wonder whether Apple has suicidal intentions with this - I foresee a flood of liability lawsuits from customers who develop arthritis or destroy their hands otherwise using an Apple keyboard. A company that sells technically high-end equipment should make Ergonomics a top priority. Instead, Apple sells displays that are not hight adjustable, and keyboards that are just plain joint destroyers. Shame on you, Steve!

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    Hate the New Keyboard!

    The keyboard feels very cramped to me, like having a laptop keyboard for your desktop. I'm used to typing with the flat pads of my fingertips; this configuration doesn't allow that easily (as my rather short nails hit the higher row of keys). And I dislike how the function keys have been taken over for system stuff. I can't use my favorite e-mail program's function keys any more, which is really slowing down my productivity. Apple...give us some choice in keyboards...and bring back one with some key depth!

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    Bad for my wrists!

    I tried to be patient and get used to it. I had an under-the desk tray installed, and tried some more. Today was the first day I actually tried typing on it much... and my wrist started hurting a lot. If you have any question about your wrists, I'd say avoid this one!

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    2 USB 2.0 ports, that's exciting!

    I love typing on this keyboard. The quality is great. The price is not too bad. It looks really cool too. The only problem I have, and it's a big one, is that the USB ports can't even power a thumb drive or ipod. So, I asked myself the question,"What else would anyone plug into a USB port?" A mouse, that's about it. Mine's bluetooth, but I thought I'd test it anyway with an older USB mouse. Shockingly, it worked. I had my answer. Now I'm left with another question: What do I use the other USB port for?

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    I am not pleased with the fact that I have to purchase 10.5 for this keyboard to function properly. I am not one to purchase the latest technology. I enjoyed apple products because of their longevity. I should not have to spend $129.00 on a new operating system. When upgrades are made to hardware such as a keyboard, it would be nice if the F11 and F12 did not eject the cd player when they should be adjusting the volume of the audio.

    I use MAC OS 10.3.9 and have no need to upgrade at this time. I guess this forces my hand...I have to spend $129.00....NOT GOOD Apple...NOT GOOD.


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    Error prone

    The combination of short key travel and low resistance makes mistyping far too easy.

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    Numeric pad does not work with Parallels side

    I have spent a good amount of time on the phone with Apple help to no avail. They tell me I have to deal with Microsoft to get it working (not why I bought expensive apple equipment). I hooked up a $10 Kensington keyboard (using it now) and have no problems on the mac or windows side. I moved from a PC to an Apple because I thought it would be easier -- not the case on many fronts (eg heavy ms excel users be warned the Mac Office version does not handle many macros in excel -- that's why I am using Parallels - not a seamless transition).

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Aesthetically pleasing but impractical if you know how to type

    After using this newer board for just a few days, I decided to buy the old style wireless that Apple made prior to this cool looking new board. I found one from an Authorized reseller that stocked the old style. First, why everyone is so happy about this board's layout (or its wireless version) can only be related to its beauty. I'll give it that...it's a work of art. However, since I've typed for over 25 years, I can honestly say that if you know how to type fast and learned how to type on a traditional keyboard, you will be frustrated by this redesigned one. I suppose that if you want to look 'cool' then have the new board on display for guests to see. But if you really know how to type with both hands and need to type in a straightforward manner without necessarily having to adapt your fingering or typing skills (why would ANYONE do this?), I would suggest that you find yourself the older wireless version of the board that is still sold by some Apple resellers. If Apple really wanted to impress me, they would do what Texas Instruments has done with their new TI-Nspire calculators: Have interchangeable keyboards. Then, the beautiful board can be on display when you like, but allow real typists to switch to the older (more practical) keyboard.

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    Think twice

    This keyboard is a triumph of design. Sort of.

    I type a rapid hunt-and-peck; Now I now find that my text is full of typos. And I don't know why! Is the keyboard too sensitive (which cannot be adjusted), or do the keys not always 'hear' me when I strike them? Whatever the reason, the spell checker is working overtime trying to keep up with this mess.

    Interestingly, one of the techs at Apple Care says he has this new keyboard and it mirrors my complaints.

    To add insult to injury, Apple no longer sells the older, better, model

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    Just got this for my Mac mini and after 2 days I swapped it out for a different keyboard. The keys are so close together it's difficult to use if you have big hands.

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