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    I didn't buy it...

    I saw this at the Apple Store and, in spite of how sleek it looks, I didn't buy it.
    Here's why;
    1) I'm waiting on a backlit keyboard!!! You've put the technology into my Macbook Pro, why couldn't you take that best bit of tech to the Apple Keyboard as long as you were re-styling the thing? Until a backlit board is available, I'll stick with the one on the laptop. I'm VERY surprized that Apple isn't yet building a backlit keyboard for its wonderful computers....
    2) I'm rather concerned that the USB's don't really support all devices. One of the biggest reasons laptoppers buy a keyboard is to add USB power to the Book. If this new keyboard doesn't do that for me, it's another reason for not spending the money.
    3)Esthetically speaking...white keys in an aluminum board? Shoulda gone with aluminum keys. Even more sleek that way- it's one of the things that makes the Macbook Pro so appealing. Let's face it; Apple is about LOOKS too.

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