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    Keyboard review

    I have been using this keyboard for about a week and I think it is great. I have read around on the net about people saying that it is too small and like a laptop keyboard but it is nothing like a laptop keyboard. This keyboard is a full size keyboard and the keys are spread out really well. Down side I have found with this keyboard is the placement of the FN key. The placement of the fn key means that I use my right hand to press it and my left hand to select the key. And I also have to move my right hand right over and press it. But I think im just used to my laptop keyboard where I can press the fn key with my pinky. Also they need to make the able longer because not every one has there computer on there desk, then you have to go and buy a cable extender and im not into the whole wireless setup I prefer cords just one less thing having to worry about. Another down side to the keyboard is that the keys don’t have back lighting. They put this in there laptop keyboard I don’t see why they can’t add this in the desktop keyboards (I can see why they can’t put it in their wireless ones) other than that it is amazingly thin and very strong great for my macbook pro and it matches colour. Love the play and pause keys. But in the end I am very happy with this purchase the keys are very soft and responsive but hard enough so you don’t hit another keys. Great Product.

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    Great keyboard (but be warned!)

    had this bought for me as a christmas present to replace my old white one. it took a while to get used to but now i love it. the keys are well spaced out, which makes it easy to type and it looks very slick into the bargain . Having only used it since christmas i was surprised to find the the alt key on the left hand side has lost its springiness and the key has sunk into the keyboard and is now flushed with the aluminum facia.i will be returning it to the authorized dealer that i bought it from and get a replacement. fingers crossed that this was just a faulty one.I'm having to use my old keyboard in the interim and its horrible in comparison very clunky and awkward to use i hope the dealer has a replacement. VP

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    I've had this now for about 6 weeks and still boggle at how nice it is to use. If you are a touch typist you will love the quiet light feel of the keys and the short press that is needed.

    It works out of the box on a MAC Mini and is great for all usual tasks like e-mail, word processing etc. My only gripe is the insistence of retaining the @ symbol in an incorrect full QWERTY location on the number 2 key which makes switching between this and my work laptop keyboard a pain.

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    F Keys set up backwards

    I bought this keyboard because I could not get the old style Apple keyboard which I have used since they came out with it for the production typing that makes my living. I especially liked the old price of the old one, because when keys starting sticking at all or anything else even marginally malfunctioned, I had the pleasure of breaking out a new one always in reserve and experiencing, once again, that smooth as butter newness. With this model, on the other hand, priced at nearly double the old one (which is very hard to find now and pricey as well) and not plug-in programmed for my essential function keys, it took me a while to even want to figure it out. When I did download the software for the second time and get it to install, I found that the function keys still would not program to my specification UNTIL I checked the box in the system preferences Keyboard pane that says it selects the functions printed on the keys (not what I wanted). Once I did this, however, the system preferences allowed me in keyboard shortcuts to set up the F keys for the menu operations I have always used them for, i.e. to customize them. This appears to be the opposite of what the check box says it does, but, oh well, I am off and running with this now. Thought others might want to know this.

    The touch is different, but I find one advantage over the old one is that striking two keys at once when an edge is hit does not happen - these keys have to be struck squarely to register. The space bar is not as responsive, but I'll adjust my stroke for that eventually. Otherwise, I do think this design will likely facilitate increased speed once I get adjusted to it. Another plus on this new one, to be fair, is it is the first keyboard I can easily see the light on for the caps lock - I've actually searched for one that would have an audible tone or some other alert feature to keep me from having to retype strings of text when the caps lock was unintentionally left on.

    In the final analysis, however, I don't think a company should simply discontinue a mainstay product for many users. Maybe I was the only one, but I was buying 2-3 of the old style keyboards a year and quite happy with them. So, that's my two cents worth on the new Apple Keyboard.

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    Great Keyboard, but USB memory sticks don't fit

    Just bought one of these keyboards from PC World for £29. Really nice to use like a MacBook keyboard, but if you use a USB memory stick in the USB port, found most of mine don't fit, because the clearance is too small between the port and the underside of the keyboard. This is a shame, because with the previous generation of keyboard, it just plugged straight into the port on the rear, rather than blindly trying to use the USB ports on the back of the iMac to plug in a memory stick.

    Tried to use the extension cable as a flying lead, but this only works with the USB port for the keyboard, because there is a "V" shape in the middle of the connector. So all rather annoying.

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    It's a go!

    - Most needed keyboard upgrade
    - Beautiful
    - Comfortable
    - Keys feel/sound nice
    - Convenient dedicated keys
    - Love USB ports
    - From a design standpoint, more in line with new Mac line
    - Would love to see a similar version even more in line from a design standpoint with MacBooks (graphite keys with same look and feel, add backlight). That's a second version, keep this one as it's beautiful. A black/white version to match MacBooks would also be great. Same goes for mighty mouse (white, black, graphite). Design, design, design, options, options, options (although too many is not good, options that is)
    - Would love to have 2-3 levels of adjustable tilt. Default tilt works fine though.

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    mmmmm, sweet

    first of: it works with PCs, a few of the keys are swapped (@, ¬ etc.) and the special function keys (dashboard, brightness etc.) don't work, but that's to be expected.

    overall this keyboard is a joy to use, i'm actually rather dissappointed i haven't had to do more typing, as it's that nice to use.

    A lot of people mention the short travel of the keys, some obviously hate it but personally i love it. I think it depends a lot on how used to a normal long travel type keyboard you are, if you have used a traditional keyboard eveyday for the past 10 years your going to have difficulty gettign used to this keyboard, although i think most people will find it quite easy to use.

    I would have given this 5 stars, although as a few people mention, you do get loads of typos for some reason. For example there were 5 in this review (before i corrected them!)

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    Much better than the old keyboard.. BUT

    I wanted to give it 3.5, but I didn't want to give it a 3, so I gave it a 4. The keyboard is great, although sometimes I have a hard time pressing the Caps Lock button. The response is usually good, and I like the style a lot better. Plus it's easier to clean. However. Both I and another person I know have installed the software for the keyboard, and ever since starting to use it, we have had problems with the computer. My friend's mouse will hang up and be stuck clicked on a window, and won't unclick. So when he drags his mouse across the screen the window goes with it. Everytime I quit Safari, a Pop Up window comes up reading:
    Safari has unexpectedly quit!...

    But, it didn't?

    Other than that, certain preferences on my Safari browser were changed, nothing too big. But it's worrisome. Especially since I'm going to back up my computer and upgrade to Leopard. Which, after reading reviews, can only imagine what horrible things could happen. My luck with computers is not very good, although I've always loved Apple software. I'm sure the problem with the keyboard is just minor and could be patched up.

    So all in all it's a good keyboard. Just need to work out a few bugs, I suppose.

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    Great Keyboard design!

    I love the new keyboard, but I want to know if it will work on Windows-based pc's.

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    Why move the buttons around?

    I really like this keyboard, but the change of the volume keys and the eject button to the function keys is rather frustrating. F16 thru F19 are now useless unless I figure out how to reprogram them.
    I love the design, but the buttons should have stayed the same.

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    Back Lights?

    I really like this keyboard, but I REALLY wish it had nice Blue lights under the keys that lit just the letters up like the Green under the CapsLock key.. I mean this is connected with a USB so why not? THEN it would definitely be worth the price it costs.

    It takes a little while getting used too, and if you have big hands it might be the wrong keyboard for you.

    I chose this one over the wireless one because it has the Home, Page Down, Page Up, Numpad, ect keys; which i use a lot when on the web and making websites.

    It works nicely in Windows and Linux.. In Linux the Eject button even works as an Eject button. :-)

    That's all.

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    Great Product, Wrists Disagree

    The keyboard is simply amazing, it is quiet and features a great design. The keys are close together, just like any laptop keyboard, and keys differ from those of a MacBook's slightly. Keyboard features function keys from F1 thru F19. All aspects of this keyboard are top notch, especially the USB ports on both sides.

    Though the product is simply amazing functionality wise, usability lacks in the wrist department. Wrists are slammed to the desk due to the slanted positioning of the keyboard and causing straining after about two hours of use. A gel pad would be nice.

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    The fingers have it

    Like many things the new keyboard takes a moment to adapt to. It is sleek and the keys don't stand as tall as the older keyboards but I've found that it took only a few minutes of typing (actual typing) to acquire the touch needed to work freely.

    You're reading mixed reviews here so my advice is to stop into the store and give it a try. If it doesn't feel good instantly, type a letter to Santa telling him what a good boy or girl you've been and by the end, you'll know if you like the keyboard or not.

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    sexy and sleek

    love this keyboard, although it's very low so i'm still adjusting. i wish the wireless version had the full keyboard. i dislike wires cluttering my desk. i have red polish on; maybe i type too hard but there are some marks on the keys.

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    I love this new keyboard that I got with the iMac 24. At first I was a little worried about it but it seems to just work for me. I do not have the biggest hands in the world but they are not small either. The only problem I seem to have is the delete button seems to be about 5 mm out for me, I seem to either hit \ or eject button a bit to much. But I seem to be adapting pretty quickly. I have a mac book pro as well but I do not seem to have the same issue. I would say give a try and don't ride off this new keyboard too quickly.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    works great with XP too

    Thin, clean and fairly sturdy feeling, this keyboard has good looks too. The slightly oversized keys take a day of getting used to, but overall has great action.
    Works great with XP, and having two USB 2.0 ports built in give the product wonderful value.
    The key's do feel light so only time will tell on how long term durability will be.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Keys in Perfect Pitch

    This may sound a bit silly, since this a $49 part of a $2000+ iMac G5, but I love it like no other keyboard I've ever used.

    I find I make fewer tpyos, er, typos and love the short travel of each key. With previous Apple keyboard (white), keys often got "stuck" or my fingers would seek out wrong key by accident. It had poor tactile feedback. This Al beauty approaches legendary quality of Thinkpad' keyboards.

    I wonder if this 'board works seamlessly with Tiger? I want to get one for my friend.

    Happy Typing...

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    Nice Keyboard

    I just got this keyboard for my MacBook. It is nice. The action of the keys is good and it looks amazing! To the reviewer who complained about the usb ports not supporting the Ipod or hard drives, it warns you it does not before you buy it. The keyboard is an unpowered usb hub, so it is no surprise it does not support devices that draw extra power.

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    Best Keyboard Yet

    After a short adjustment period, getting used to the action of this wonderful little keyboard, I'm ready to buy my second one! The price is right and the construction is high quality.
    Every Mac user should have a chance to try this so they can fall in love with it.

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    My fingers are happy!!

    I was leery when I looked in the box. Skeptical when I installed it. After 1 hour it was pure delight. I love the tactile sensation. My fingers don't slip off the keys and it is comfortable. I often wonder why it took me so long to join the Apple family. ..

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