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    Great new keyboard

    Apple has another hit on their hands and is definitely on a roll. I replaced my original apple keyboard with the new one for my Mac Pro since the original did not have a crisp enough key stroke...it seemed "mushy" sometimes...but now....amazing!

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    Fabulous, an absolute joy to use

    This is the best keyboard I've ever used. A bit like the MacBook keyboard but more positive in use and the keys feel really solid and responsive. It's supermodel sized (wafer thin and no excess around the sides of the keyboard), quiet and is a full keyboard with a proper numeric keypad and cursor key cluster.

    The one I'm typing on is connected to a MacBook Pro and I'm just about to go and order 2 more, one to keep at work to save me carrying this one around and another for my Mac Mini. It's just a shame the wireless version doesn't have all the keys otherwise I'd be ordering one of those too!

    As for the comments about missing anti slip pads, the one that arrived here today has 4 rubber feet underneath and I haven't had a problem at all with it slipping around on my laminated desk here. All the keys work as expected as well.

    Apple, Well done on a genius keyboard, I'm gonna miss it when I'm travelling with just the MacBook pro.

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    Totally awesome.

    You know aside from the design the best thing about this keyboard is that it is very quiet. Much more so than the old ones. I am now finally able to type while on the phone without people hearing the tapping noise!!!

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    Fantastic Product, but why no Wireless Option?

    I love this keyboard, but why not provide this in a wireless option? You already make a beautiful wireless keyboard, but it doesn't have the full size arrow keys or numeric keypad - why not update this product to be wireless?

    Otherwise, this is the single greatest keyboard I've ever owned. I have two so far and am thinking of stockpiling several in case it's ever discontinued.

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    Awesome keyboard for Mac or PC

    I bought this keyboard for use with my main computer, which happens to be a PC and it is fantastic. I was using the $150 Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Desktop 7000 prior to this, and while the wireless was nice, this keyboard is better in every way. I really forgot how nice it is to have a number pad since I had only used wireless keyboards without one. The cord is also very short, which is nice for those of us with USB ports on our computer monitor so there isn't a long cable dangling around (Apple includes an extender cable if you need your cable to be longer). And keep in mind this is only a $49 keyboard, I had used $150-200 keyboards prior to it - this one is the best!

    My one wish is that Apple takes a small amount of time to write a keyboard driver for XP/Vista so that the media controls would work on PCs also - I can't imagine this would be too difficult or take much time. Otherwise , a perfect and affordable keyboard whether you use a Mac or PC.

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    Somone at Apple must be a darn good typist.

    And that person must have had a lot to say about the design of the latest Apple keyboard.

    At first glance, it looks like a touch typist's nightmare. It's too flat! The keys barely move! Where's the tactile feedback I need to get up to speed?

    I scoffed when I first laid eyes upon it, but after a few minutes with one at an Apple retail store, I was hooked. While the profile of the keyboard is low and lean, the keys and their spacing are generous enough for big shovel hands like mine. The touch is reminiscent of a good electric typewriter, not mushy and uncertain like so many "quiet" keyboards. The keys can't bind against each other and the space between them prevents cruddy build-up.

    Since it's also the stock keyboard for the new aluminum iMac, the keyboard provides USB 2.0 support for low power and externally powered devices when connected to other computers, including the white plastic iMac, any MacBook, the Mac mini and the Mac Pro. That won't be a big issue for most users who plug a mouse or trackball into the keyboard. You'll still need to plug your iPod diretly into a USB port on the computer.

    One more thing. . .

    Apple has finally labeled the Command key with its name in addition to that mysterious cloverleaf symbol. For Boot Camp users, the Option key is also labeled "Alt".

    Well, OK, that was TWO more things.

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    Simply The Best - Get This Keyboard Over The Smaller Wireless One

    Received my very first Apple product a few days ago - an iMac (I have never owned any Apple product before, not even an iPod or iPhone).

    This keyboard is beautifully made and is so lovely to use. They have clearly looked at the designs of keyboards and rethought it (eg: why are keys so high on other keyboards? Do they really need to have a tapered shape to them? No they don't). The keys are flat and low, perfectly spaced etc, so they are a joy to use.

    Why would anyone want the smaller wireless keyboard, when this one has the extra numeric keys and the arrow keys as well as the delete key? It is so much better to use and much more useful in everyday use than the smaller wireless keyboard.


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    Great Keyboard but....

    This is a fantastic keyboard, most comfortable i've ever used. I have 3 of them. But.. please produce a wireless version! The smaller wireless one is fine for casual typing, but not so great for when using Pro apps or for number crunching.

    Make a Wireless one and you'll have more of my money!

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    Great Keyboard

    When I took this keyboard out of the box I was not so sure about it, but after using it for about 15 to 20 minutes, I found that this was a fantastic device. I would highly recommend you to get this if you are shopping for a new keyboard.

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    Wonderful keyboard, but what's with the extension cable

    I love Apple keyboards. This is my third along counting my 2 wireless keyboards. I just don't understand why it's so difficult to insert and remove usb devices from the extension cable that connects to the side ports. I'm a big guy and it took me quite a bit of strength, some cloth to improve my grip, and about 10 - 15 minutes to get it loose.

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    Looks Awesome, Excellent Quality, Comfortable & Quiet but...

    I've had all sorts of keyboards, with this being so thin I was concerned it may feel a little bit flimsy like a cheap laptop keyboard, but i was wrong. I think this has to be the best keyboard I've tried to date, it feels solid and it really makes typing a breeze. I actually look forward to typing on it.

    Because the keys are much lower profile than the old Apple and many other keyboards, your fingers don't have to press down as far or as hard. This reduces the strain on your fingers and hands, and allows your fingers to move to the next position/key much faster. The combination of that and the keyboard being virtually flush to the desk, means it feels natural and pleasant to type with your palms sat comfortably on the desk. The new labeled function keys are a nice touch too.

    Whilst it takes a little while (day of so) for your fingers to adjust you soon begin to realize how much energy has been wasted typing on an old keyboard. Plus its quieter too! no more clatter clatter like back in the old days.

    The only issue I have found is the tendency to miss the enter key as it is quite a bit smaller than most other keyboards. They should have made it bigger, (especially as stressed designers are notorious for bashing the enter key lol). This is my only design issue but one that I can live with for the speed gains, aesthetics & comfort. Of course it looks mint, and hopefully thanks to the aluminum will last for a long time.

    Besides a bigger enter key, as a final touch it would be great to to see a backlit option for the keys, however if you can touch type this isn't really an issue, but it would be nice to find those new function keys easily in the dark whilst gaming or watching a dvd / movie etc.

    A few small layout changes compared to the old apple keyboard include the eject key, which has moved from the right corner to F13 so all you fast restart / shutdown shortcut peeps may need to get used to it.

    Whilst it has 2 usb ports they don't provide enough power to power my usb flash thumb drive which is a disappointment (same as old apple keyboard). Finally with no visible way do disassemble the keyboard, cleaning may be an issue, but tbh at such a great price would probably be easier to buy another ;)

    Overall though an excellent keyboard, highly recommended, massive improvement on the old apple keyboards. The keyboard wins on quality & price. Apple design at its best.

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    The best keyboard I've ever owned

    I have to admit, when Apple first introduced this keyboard I thought it would be terrible. However, after using it for about 30 minutes I didn't want to use a regular keyboard ever again. I'm a software engineer so I'm typing all day long and I love this keyboard. The keys are very responsive and require much less pressure than traditional keyboards. The low profile keys make it much easier to type really fast, nothing is getting in your way. I bought one a couple of weeks ago and now I need to replace the keyboard on all of my computers with one of these. One you use this you'll not want to use anything else.

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    Works with Windows!

    Bought this keyboard the other day when I couldn't find any Logitech/other keyboards that met my fancy. I wasn't sure if it worked with windows but it certainly does! For you Closet Mac lovers who still need to use Windows OS, you can have can still have a little part of mac! Amazing keyboard. Feels like each of my fingers is sitting on little clouds.

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    French Apple Keyboard

    Great little keyboard. I use it to enter a lot of numerical data in Number spreadsheets; so the numeric keypad comes in very handy. I love the feel of the keys and the appearance of the keyboard. The convenience of the numeric keypad cannot be understated.

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    Awesome & Dishwasher safe (seriously)

    This keyboard has been great. It performs. What else can you say? It is a keyboard.

    Here is where it shines. We had a MAJOR wine spill on the keyboard. Tried to mop it up as quickly as possible while yelling profanities. Things weren't looking good when the keyboard dried and it started making the computer do funky things (presumably because the command or option key seemed to be stuck). So, we were out of luck and took a gamble with the good old dishwasher treatment. No soap. No heat dry. "Light" cycle. Wrapped plastic baggie around end of USB cable, although I am sure that was just to make us feel better about the whole endeavor. SO, keyboard survived the wash and after waiting 4-5 days for it to dry (since you can't open these keyboards us), the thing works like a champ. No problem keys whatsoever. WORD OF WARNING: Just give it enough time to dry!

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    Why is the 10 key pad not on every keyboard

    I originally got the wireless Bluetooth keyboard for the iMac when I purchased it. Its a good keyboard, but the wired 10 key with USB ports has made work more efficient. I no longer have to go to the back of the iMac to plug in a thumb drive, I don't have batteries to worry about or connectivity. Also adding the few other buttons like home, page up, page down etc just makes life easier. The Keys are spread out just enough to make typing easy. It looks great and the function is 100x better then the smaller wireless. This keyboard should be standard on the iMacs.

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    Nice Keyboard!

    This Nice Keyboard Matches The Power Mac G5 & the Mac Pro!!!!

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    I can't believe I'm buying another keyboard!

    After being disappointed by my wireless replacement, (it *ate* batteries like the Cookie Monster eats cookies -- even the rechargeable ones), I thought I'd just live with the old, dirty, wired keyboard with the sticking key. But then I began working with a company that had the new Apple keyboards and I can't go back. I'm having to buy one of these keyboards for home -- and possibly another to use when I travel!

    I'm a heavy typist, pounding my keys, especially the space bar, but this keyboard takes it. I also have smaller hands and hated those "ergonomic" ones that made me stretch to reach the sides. The low, light profile of the keys and more subtle click seem to make the typing easier and less of a strain for long shifts.

    I honestly can't think of how they can improve on this keyboard.

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    Don't Try This...

    A week ago I moved from one house to another. After the move I could not find my keyboard, anywhere. I was about to buy another. Then, I had to move a bunch of stuff off the back patio to make room for a delivery and there she was, sitting bright and shiny as could be...except...it had rained, hard, for several hours, for several days. I had no hope. I shook off the drops of remaining water and figured I could do no wrong if I plugged it in. Or could I? It worked without flaws. I am typing on it now. Go figure. And I refuse to answer any questions about how I could possibly not see it out there on the patio getting wet.

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    Made my PC more MAC :-)

    I had to switch to PC at work to "conform" to the norm. My keyboard felt like I was working on a 1960's typewriter. I had all the wrist comforts and still wrists sore. So I grabbed one of these and it was like magic! No soreness - faster typing. Just plain better. Like typing on the desk and not a keyboard. Company might be getting these for everyone in the office now.

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