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    Works but not reliable

    I bought this mini display to VGA adapter with my MacBook Pro 13" in July 2011. It was great until April 2012. Just short of 10 months it's not working anymore. This accessory certainly doesn't reflect the reliability of the Apple brand. I still enjoy my MacBook Pro but unfortunately I am not able to do projector presentations and my large screen monitor will be sitting idle for a while. I wonder if a non Apple branded compatible is any better. Well, it is certainly a lot cheaper to throw if it fails ...

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    OK for low resolution

    This mini adapter works well for small external monitor but when it comes to 1900x1200 external monitor, the display start to give an annoying jitter. Proven with 2 separate purchased Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapters and two 1900x1200 24" different made monitors with a 15" MacBookPro i7 QuadCore.

    Note: There is no problem with my Sony notebook VGA output for these monitors.

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    Works perfect, over priced

    The adapter works perfect for projects and presentations with my MacBook, never had a problem with it. The only problem is the price. I use to have the old black MacBook and at that point the adapter was $25, still expensive and overpriced, but not as bad as $34 for basically the same thing for a new computer.

    However, being on Stage Crew for school and running assemblies and doing presentations for classes, this was a mandatory buy because macs do not have ports suitable for projector cables.

    This cable would not be necessary if Apple would put a VGA port on their macs like every PC has, its just a cash grab.

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    connectors cant be secured

    The housing shoulder it to large. when connecting a cable the screws don't even reach the threads inside the housing. this is a very poor housing design. it dose what they say it dose but i would not trust this adapter during an important presentation. you have no way to secure the connector to your cable because the screws just wont reach.

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    Something wrong

    It gives me a buzzing sound when I connect this to my Optoma projector...

    I know this is just a video connection but I have no idea why when I make this connection the audio on my speakers (Bose acoustimass 6) connected through my receiver produces this buzz sound....

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    Works fine, but...

    The metal female threads are set too deep within the plastic piece to receive the male bolt of most VGA connectors. It's frustrating because, without being threaded together, the adapter often falls off the connector in mid-presentation. I think Apple put aesthetics over function on this one. LIke all Apple products, it looks great, but making the female receiver flush and uniform with a thick, white plastic facing renders it useless when it comes to threading. Apple is sometimes guilty of design arrogance and I think this is one example of their purist design philosophy negatively effecting usability.
    End of rant.

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    Works half the time when using as only video output

    There are numerous circumstances where the external display will not work. If you plug it in after you were in a session it will extend the desktop from the laptop display to the external monitor, however if you want to only use the external monitor it will not work reliably. More often than not the display will flicker, go on and off, or will not sync.

    One way to get it to work every time is to power off your MB, hook everything up, power it on, and shut it immediately! If you don't, you will run into problems.

    Lastly, often times when it goes to sleep the display will not wake up. It will initially appear that it is going to work, show the desktop, but then it will go black. It will continue to cycle on and off until you power it off, turn it back on, and shut it immediately.

    This kind of performance with an external display for a laptop as absolutely ridiculous; there are those of us that need to use an external display for work, presentations, and the like. I can't believe after all this time (over a year) this still isn't resolved.

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    Doesn't work on my Sony TV

    I got this cord to connect my 15'' mbp to my Sony LCD TV and when I did (with a double ended male VGA cable to plug into this cable and the TV) my desktop background was the only thing to show on the TV. When I opened apps on the mac and tried to watch a movie nothing other than the background showed on the TV.

    However when I opened window's vista up with bootcamp everything appeared on the TV and I was able to watch movies just fine, so I think it might just be that Sony TVs are not mac compatible and from another customer's review, Samsungs aren't either.

    Bottom line, if you're trying to hook a mac pro up to a TV, try something different.

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    bought two both did not work!

    I have bought two of these in late november 2009. neither of them worked well when I plugged them in, if the screen was pixilated and flickered allot. I did a search on google and found that there was a firmware update in march 2009. It was on a third party site, no mention of it on the apple site. I ran it once and it did not recognise the adapter so I ran it 4 or five times, suddenly the adapter started working fine. I then bought another adapter and had to do the same process to get that to work. These adapters were bout from a flagship apple store, you would expect them to 1 update the firmware themselves and 2 make a patch that actually works properly then charge a reasonable price for these adapters. It's been nine months since the firmware update, I doubt an apple store keeps stock for 9 months, it's a total disgrace.

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    Too expensive

    this adaptor is too expensive for the length of cable. (See other reviews) With all the other problems with firmware and failure to run on some TVs apple developed a clunker. But unfortunately only one on the market, no third party choices.

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    Apparently few users have CRT monitors anymore.
    I was thankful that this device worked but it's a little buggy and I can no longer get the highest resolutions I did before on my Electron22BlueIV. That's very disappointing.

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    VGA Monitor goes blank intermittently with the adapter

    I have connected my 13inch unibody MacBook to an HP 24inch hi res monitor using the VGA adapter. Every 5 mins or so the screen goes blank and then comes back on. This is extremely irritating. Apple needs to have a solution for this -- either new drivers or graphics card software update ASAP. Other than this issue -- the MacBook works flawlessly with the external monitor.

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    Does not work with Samsung TV

    all the LCD TV in the office are samsungs ... there's no way for me to connect for presentations!

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    Trouble with screen re-syncing every 5-15 min

    The adapter works fine and is pretty flexible however after every 5-15 minutes, my connected 26 inch monitor goes blank and re-syncs so I have a black screen for about 2 seconds. I hope apple addresses this soon. I have read a few reviews of this happening with other people.

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    Doesn´t work properly with a Samsung 226BW

    The VGA Adapter makes the screen blank out several times during use.
    The DVi Adapter doesn´t do this. It works properly. So I recommend using the Mini DisplayPort to DVI Adapter if you own a Samsung 226BW.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars


    I just got a $3000 macbook Pro for Christmas and finally got this adapter. I connected it to my 28" ViewSonic which never had issues and it worked right away. But the sad part is, that every so often (irregular) the screen goes black for 2 secs and then comes back. I also experienced the flickering others have taked about.
    Apple, please update the firmware for the macbook Pro soon!


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    Does not work properly

    When I use this adapter with my 24 inch Acer P241W screen, it mostly works but I lose signal randomly every 10-15 minutes. Tried with other screens with the same result. The same screen works perfectly with a Dell laptop. Also the adapter is too expensive for what it is.

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    So it's not just me...

    The adapter works okay, but every so often I get a waver in my display (I am running an HP w2408h like another reviewer, but it works for me). Also, periodically the display will flick off and then on again. It seems to be a resolution issue. When I downgraded to the next-lowest resolution the blink off and then on seems to have stopped.

    I'm a little annoyed that Apple can't get something so simple right. It's a display adapter, people. At the very least get the screws to fit into the adapter!

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    Screws won't attach - also had temporary issue with detection

    The screws of my VGA connector don't reach the embedded nuts of the apple adapter, which are too far below the surface to be engaged by the screws. This is either poor quality of construction in my unit or poor design overall. However the adapter does have a decent friction fit so I'll keep it as trying to get another is a waste of my time (but writing an overly long review isn't, apparently).

    I also had an initial problem with no monitor detection like other reviewers (I have a Samsung SyncMAster 192N) but after I rebooted, the monitor was detected. Furthermore, if I unplug and plug the adapter in, it will remove then re-detect the monitor. So I'm not sure if the detection problem is that of the adapter. Maybe it has to do with the video circuit. Again, works enough for me.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Doesn't work with Samsung SyncMaster 940MW monitor

    No matter what resolution I try, the SyncMaster ignores the MacBook Pro. Like the other reviewers, I guess I'll have to try DVI. This is a 19" 1440x900 monitor which had no problems with the older Macbook and Powerbook.

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