• 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Worked well for 4 Years

    I've owned my MacBook Pro 13" for almost exactly 4 years. The wire on the charger has started to fray for quite a while, but nothing too major until just a few weeks ago. A large, 2 inch hole in the covering of the wires developed. Other than that, it has been very good.

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    What's with all the hate?

    My MagSafe charger on my MacBook 2010 lasted 6 years of heavy use before even taking damage (pulled the powerpoint end out at a bad angle, bent a prong) and the only issue before that was a weak magnetic connection on the computer's end (fixed, FYI). What's everyone else's problem? My mate had one too, and his was fine...

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    People are far too harsh - it's perfectly fine

    My original power adapter broke after three years of continuous use. I'm a heavy user of my Macbook Pro and so the charger got a lot of use also. Bought a replacement and it's absolutely fine. I don't expect things to last forever with such heavy use, and so would consider the Apple Power Adapter to be quite durable on all accounts. It goes without saying that the actual MagSafe feature is brilliant and has saved my Macbook Pro from a nasty fall on multiple occasions.

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    Good Quality Product

    I'm not sure about all the horrible reviews, but I got just over 5 years of use with my charger before it started to break and fray around the top. I move it between plugs all the time around my house and am not overly gentle with it. I don't think it's bad that I need to replace it after 5 years, especially after my previous PC computer needed replacement cords every 8 months.

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    Take the negative reviews with a grain of salt

    Honest reviewer here. I've been using my mid-2010 MBP for about five years now. Overall, a great experience. Now, about this charger... I have ALWAYS been aware that they are fragile and brittle, since I bought the computer new. I'm still using the original charger after five years. This computer goes everywhere with me. Home, work, transit, world traveling, etc. I've been conscious of not twisting the cable, bending it sharply, and store it loosely wound. With that said, it did begin to fray around 4 yrs, and I 'repaired' it with electrical tape. I'll admit, this much care probably should not be *required* of the owner. So I'll only rate it four stars. In fact, if I could, 3.5 stars would be more appropriate. However, I try to take great care of everything I own, every day. Based on my ownership and habits of care, the power adapter has met my expectation for its lifespan. If I have to replace it tomorrow, that's alright with me. I'm pleased enough that the entire computer has lasted this long. I may actually get another few years out of it, which is amazing to me.

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    Thoroughly pleased

    There are a lot of bad reviews for this product and while I agree that some of Apples chargers do not last as long as they should, mine have lasted for a decent amount of time. I purchased my macbook pro in late 2010 so this charger has lasted me 5 years. Taking it to school and uni and now work aswell as on holiday interstate and overseas! It has a few war wounds that are my own fault and the white plastic has come apart around the charger head, but I think 5 years is a fair effort! Especially seeing how much use and travel it has done!

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    Take care of them and they will last!

    I know a lot of people complain about the longevity and pricey-ness of these chargers, but I have had mine for almost 5 years now. If you compare that to any other laptop chargers it's pretty much the same. The way it is designed is for you to wrap the wire after first using the bunny hole technique so the wire doesn't bend then fray easily. I try to always put mine away when not being used. I just bought my new one today and plan on keeping it for more than 5 years. My older sister has had hers for almost 8 and has some electric tape where the wire started to fray (genius idea).

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    Finally redesigned plus extra warranty!

    So not a happy bunny as two of these frayed/broken but store supplied replacements with 3 year extended warranties thrown in. Apparently Apple have redesigned them back to the old T shape and are now issuing 3 year warranties as standard. Had to have the old L shape for my Macbook due to its age but at least I now have peace of mind and money in my pocket for a few years.

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    its not that bad

    I saw the reviews and was shocked, i had to buy a new charger.. but my old one lasted me 5 years ! yes it had tape round it for the last 2 years so the weak points don't break but for heaven sake people its not that bad. Expensive is the only real issue here otherwise the new charger hopefully will last long again i use my laptop everyday so its not like i cant see when the weak points start to break again. But 5 years for one charger ? not to bad really.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    I have two, never had a problem

    One for travel, one for my home office. About 4 years. They work fine, never given me a problem. Maybe I'm just super careful, but four years. So far.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Has been pretty sturdy...

    The cord from the adapter to the MagSafe connector is beginning to fray. I've had it for four years. It has taken lots of abuse but has held up pretty well.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Take Care of It, and It Will Take Care of You

    I don't usually write reviews, but I was startled by the number of negative reviews I saw for a product which has proven to reliable for me.

    I've had my MacBookPro for 2 years and still have the original MagSafe cord that came with it. During that time, it has been toted around in laptop cases, switched between long and short lengths countless times, threaded under, around, and through a multitude of furniture legs, and traveled endless kilometres by bicycle, plane, and car. It still functions as well as the day it arrived on my doorstep: perfectly!

    Yesterday, I had my first problem with it: the casing on cord split. Underneath, the wires themselves were still in pristine condition. I taped it up with electrical tape, and came here to see what it would cost to replace it. Which is when I found the startling number of bad reviews and couldn't help but ask myself, "what exactly are these people doing to their cords?"

    I removed the one star for the short life of the cord casing, but as for the functionality of the cord itself, I couldn't be happier. Always transport your cord in your laptop case, keep it a safe distance from liquids, and don't toss it around like it's indestructible -- in other words, treat like the piece of electronic equipment that it is -- and it will serve you well for years to come.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Good Quality of build and design

    I like these series design and durability, because after almost 4 years of use, the quality of body and white color of the charger are still the same as the first day, this is what I love about Apple products.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Rubber jacket on cord?

    The electronic part of the power supply itself has given me no problems for the three of four years I have owned the 13 inch Mac. My only complaint with it is that the jacket of the cable that appears to be made of a natural rubber which breaks down when it is exposed to the oil found in some hand creams. The jacket is coming off the cable in chunks exposing the spiral shield. I am curently looking for some heat shrink tubing that will slide over the MagSafe connector and shrink down to cover the damages section of the cable.

    One possible suggestion would be to make the cord replaceable with connectors on both ends of the cable and the power supply module. One other review suggested using the MagSafe connector on the power supply and the Macintosh ends of the cable. This would work well.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Not sure why people are having issues.

    I own several Apple power adapters for machines we own, and the only way that these power adapters "don't last" is when people mistreat them. I constantly see people unplugging these power adapters by pulling on the cord, and not the plug. I also constantly see people wrapping the cable tightly around the brick -- DO NOT DO THIS! Leave an inch of slack before you wrap up the power cord! Never in 3+ years of using these power adapters have I ever seen them fail as badly as what people have shown me. It's not a craftsmanship issue, it's just plain abuse and neglect. I see proof of neglect all the time, not just in Apple power adapters, but in PC notebook power adapters as well. Same type of failures. Also, people shouldn't be complaining about a $79 price tag when the Mac that they paid for was $1199. Come on, seriously? Do you people have a job, or something? The only thing I don't like about this power adapter is the little plug that connects to the brick. I will never use that thing. Otherwise, a perfectly fine AC adapter.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    College kids need more durability

    1st charger lasted about 4 months when I first bought the MacPro. The second one lasted well, about 3 years. But, now I am on the third... and it barely lasted 3 months. It seems as the years go buy the quality deteriorates. A big hunk of your buyers are college students. And we are going to have the charger any and everywhere. That's life, Apple. And... as with most college kids, including myself. I'm sorry, but I am leaving you for eBay.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Not as bad as all that

    In my experience this charger has been pretty solid. I broke mine after a year of abuse (running it over with chairs, dropping it), bought a dodgy replacement that nearly set alight, then borrowed my friends 5 YEAR OLD charger for 4 months. Fair enough, they are delicate, but they really aren't as fragile as people seem to think. I also think 90% of problems on here stem from faulty SMC devices in the notebooks themselves- Mine went a bit haywire, but I reset it and it works fine- Minus the battery damage my Imitation charger caused :(

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Good for new MacBooks, bad for old

    When my old MacBook charger eventually broke, I bought this as a replacement, however it didnt work properly and as a result had to buy a new MacBook in the end. It works great with that and this is 3 years after I got it, so overall I am very happy with it

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Good Charger

    I have had my MacBook 13in for 4+years(early2008) and my charger has only started to have issues sense Jan-2013. Though I am careful with my chords and do not wrap the chord around the plastic tabs on the brick. wrapping chords in that manner always shortens the life span of the chord.

    though I am purchasing a new one now and think they should not cost $80 dollars.

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    Ive had no problem

    I read many of the other reviews and I really don't know what the others are experiencing. Ive had my original charger for almost 2 years and I have no fraying or damage whatsoever. Keep in mind, I have been VERY rough with it. It spends most times in my carpeted room but other times its being dragged down marble stairs and being moved from two different houses and being tripped over. The metal charger at the end is scratched a bit, but only from my own fault. Everything is intact and I have no overheating or charging problems. GOOD JOB APPLE.

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