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    Only Half Done Job

    This is a really good speaker set for computers.
    The reason is that it contains an excellent DAC.
    So, if you are going to use the set only with computers,
    it is worth the price. However, if you are also going to use
    ipod, you have to use the audio input jack. And the MM-1
    will be just like normal speakers which should sound lesser
    than $200 speaker set. In this price range, I think that it should
    at least provide ipod interface, so that it can draw digital
    signals directly from ipod and use the DAC to produce
    excellent sound. So, I think that this product is only half done
    at full price. I expect that MM-2 will provide ipod interface.

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    White noise

    I can't really understand why such expensive and quality speakers are doing white noise when no media or music are playing. It is know that mostly all speakers have their level of low white noise when plugged, but the MM-1 can be hear from 3 feet away very easily in quiet room. Something that I find not acceptable.

    The thing to keep it mind also is that the speakers are constantly powered and there is stand-by mode, so the white noise is constant even if your computer is off.

    I was not sure if I was alone after searching on the net (MM-1 white noise) I did found out that many others are having the exact same issue, and after many replacement, still have the same problem. After speaking with the engineers of Bowers & Wilkins in UK, they consider this to be a normal behavior! For a $500 I cannot find it acceptable.

    I did return the speakers.

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    MM-1 vs Sound Sticks

    I've had the HK Soundsticks for many years while using them daily. Last year I purchased the MM-1s and suffice to say, I realized that I stopped using the speakers after about a month because the overall sound quality isn't that impressive when compared to the prior generation Soundsticks. They simply sit on my desk and I use the iMac speakers. I'm not even an an audiophile but I am not impressed with the sound from these at any price. Maybe I have a defective pair, but it's been too long to exchange them out. Needless to say, for $170.00 Soundsticks vs 500.00 MM-1 there is no comparison to me.

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    sexy. but...

    i bought these for my office at my production building as i loved the design. a few days later i was in an electronics store and took a listen to the Bose system 5 as it was almost the same price. the Bose comes with an subwoofer which sits on the floor under my desk while the B&O are only desk top. i played them both and the B&O went back the next day. no comparison.

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