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You might miss your tech support guy but you won’t miss your deadlines.

Right out of the box, a Mac just works. Take it out, turn it on, get started. You also get Snow Leopard, the amazing new operation system with more than 300 innovations that take design, organisation and simplicity to a new level.

Hate losing files? Time Machine2 in Snow Leopard will keep an up-to-date copy of everything on your Mac so you can easily go back in time to recover anything.


Like organising files? You’ll love the fantastic new Stacks feature that lets you see a pile of files at a glance — and helps keep your Desktop free of clutter.

Can’t remember which document is which? With Quick Look you can easily see inside docs without opening them. You can even view PDFs, videos, Keynote documents and other business documents.


Mixing pleasure with business.

A Mac can enhance both your work and life in practically endless ways. For example, most models come with a built-in camera. So you can save on long distance bills by video conferencing with colleagues at the office or clients around the world. You can easily share files with PC-based colleagues. And it takes no time at all to create your own image-building marketing materials, including websites, portfolios, presentations, newsletters, podcasts and more.

Then you can turn around and do fun family stuff, too. Like video chat3 with Mum. Share a holiday photo album with PC-based in-laws. Or make a home movie featuring a post-punk-rockabilly soundtrack you produced using GarageBand. And the software to do everything mentioned above comes standard with almost every Mac.

With a Mac, anything goes.

A Mac is the only computer that can run any major operating system. You can even run PC programs side by side with your Mac programs1. Which means you can run any application you need. And run them fast, thanks to the latest Intel dual- or quad-core processors inside. It’s like getting two computers for the price of one. Not bad.

Plus your Mac will get along just fine with others. So if you need to plug into a remote Windows network, or get behind a firewall, you can easily get connected.


Work without fear.

Decrease your downtime and forget about needing an IT person stationed in the kitchen. PCs were plagued with 114,000 viruses by the end of 2005 and that number skyrocketed to 257,000 in 2007. On a Mac, you don’t have to waste your valuable time keeping up with all those viruses and trying to protect your system from them. Instead, you’re free to amaze yourself with everything you can accomplish.

But if you ever do need a hand, grab on. Check out our fantastic online support pages for step-by-step advice. Have questions about our hardware or applications after the first 90 days of free coverage? You can purchase one of our award-winning AppleCare protection plans to extend support.


  1. Requires additional third-party software such as Parallels Desktop, VMware Fusion and Windows software. Or you can save a bit of cash and run Windows using the Boot Camp software that comes free with OS X Snow Leopard. Windows and other third-party software sold separately.
  2. Requires an additional hard drive (sold separately).
  3. Video chat requires broadband video access; fees may apply.

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