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pedro10blog widget

pedro10blog widget 1.0Freeware

With this widget you will be able to know if there is new content in pedro10blog.
Download 148K

peopleofdesign.feed 0.0 (Universal)Freeware

The target of peopleofdesign project is to find new thoughts, design solutions and young talents from art-workers on the territory of world wide web.
Download 372K

Photocase 1.1b (Universal)Freeware

This Photocase widget alternativly presents the 20 newest or most interesting photos of the well-known photo-community photocase.com.
Download 318K
Picasa Web Album

Picasa Web Album 1.0 (Universal)Freeware

Slide shows from Picasa Web Albums
Download 294K

PinkoCommieRSS 3.0Freeware

Get links to great left-wing news, articles, and resources via RSS.
Download 72K
Pizza Recipes

Pizza Recipes 0.1 (Universal)Freeware

Get pizza recipes in to your Dashboard.
Download 394K
Planet Case RSS

Planet Case RSS 1.0Freeware

An RSS aggregator for the official blog of Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.
Download 712K
Podcast and Videopodcast reader

Podcast and Videopodcast reader 1.0 (Universal)Freeware

Podcast and Videocast player from Channel #mac.
Download 224K
Poets.org Features Reader

Poets.org Features Reader 1.0 (Universal)Freeware

Keep up to date on new poems, features, events, and essays from Poets.org.
Download 874K
Pray365 Quick Prayer

Pray365 Quick Prayer 1.1 (Universal)Freeware

Submit prayer requests to Pray365.net instantly. Forum registration is not required.
Download 254K
PS3 Attitude

PS3 Attitude 1.0 (Universal)Freeware

The latest news from the awesome PlayStation 3 blog PS3 Attitude.
Download 5.6MB
queerspace.com: jamie’s blog

queerspace.com: jamie’s blog 1.1 (Universal)Freeware

About queerspace.com: jamie’s blog
Download 80K

QuickCodes2 1.0.1 (Universal)Demo

With the success of QuickCodes2Go, MsCodes introduces the Demo to the widget formally known as QuickCodes2go, QuickCodes2.
Download 397K
QuickCodes2go: Stealth

QuickCodes2go: Stealth 2.5 (Universal)Freeware

Stealth HTM/CSS on the dash. Build quick html codes, or web pages with the rebuilt widget.
Download 376K
R4G Widget

R4G Widget 1.0 (Universal)Freeware

Reviews4Gamers RSS feed widget for use with Dashboard.
Download 329K
Random Funny Pictures from Lachstation.de

Random Funny Pictures from Lachstation.de 1.1 (Universal)Freeware

Random Funny Pictures from Lachstation.de.
Download 268K

RapidBear 1.0 (Universal)Freeware

Opens several URLs at once. Perfect for opening lists of RapidShare links.
Download 377K
Rapidweaver Forums Widget

Rapidweaver Forums Widget 1.3Freeware

This Widget allows users to take a quick peek at the messages posted on the Rapidweaver forums.
Download 205K

RapidWeaver.fr 1.1 (Universal)Freeware

RSS feed RapidWeaver French.
Download 107K
Real Mac Genius RSS Feed

Real Mac Genius RSS Feed 1.0 (Universal)Freeware

Connects readers with new information from The Real Mac Genius.com accessible through dashboard.
Download 268K

ReefSanctuary 1.2Freeware

ReefSanctuary.com update
Download 2.3MB
ReefSanctuary Update Butterfly Fish Edition

ReefSanctuary Update Butterfly Fish Edition 1.1BFFreeware

Curious as to what is going on in your favorite marine aquarium forum?
Download 2.2MB
ReefSanctuary Update Tang Edition

ReefSanctuary Update Tang Edition 1.1TFreeware

ReefSanctuary.com Update, the Regal Tang Edition.
Download 308K
ReelSmartRSS Widget

ReelSmartRSS Widget 1.0 (Universal)Freeware

Widget for keeping track of ReelSmart.com’s RSS feeds and vast Mac Tip archive.
Download 100K
Refblog RSS Widget

Refblog RSS Widget 1.0 (Universal)Freeware

RSS feed of Refblog.com - soccer from the ref’s perspective
Download 339K
Revolution Forums

Revolution Forums 1.0 (Universal)Freeware

Displays the latest Forum threads to Runtime Revolutions developer forums.
Download 121K
RHCP Forum

RHCP Forum 0.1 (Universal)Freeware

A RSS reader for the Red Hot Chili Peppers Italian Fan Club Forum (in Italian).
Download 597K
Richard Dawkins news widget

Richard Dawkins news widget 1.0 (Universal)Freeware

Receive the latest from richarddawkins.net with this handy widget.
Download 427K

RNMBoard 1.0.1 (Universal)Freeware

Shorten long URLs and copy the URL to Clipboard.
Download 293K
Robert Burch Illustration Widget

Robert Burch Illustration Widget 1.0 (Universal)Freeware

See Robert Burch’s newest images fresh out of the studio and add beauty to your Dashboard.
Download 113K
RSS About iPod

RSS About iPod 0.91Freeware

iPod NEWS, iPod Clubs, iPod FUNs, iPod RSS.
Download 204K
RSS del canal mac del IRC Hispano

RSS del canal mac del IRC Hispano 1.1 (Universal)Freeware

A simple RSS reader.
Download 508K
RSS GamesNetworks

RSS GamesNetworks 1.0 (Universal)Freeware

Disc-based gamesnetworks rss (in Italian).
Download 412K
RSS Quiero un iPhone Widget

RSS Quiero un iPhone Widget 1.0 (Universal)Freeware

About RSS Quiero un iPhone Widget
Receive all news in Spanish which they surround to the world by iPhone, a beautiful interface and a simple design will cause that you become addict to this widget.
Download 235K
Rss Spaziogame

Rss Spaziogame 1.0 (Universal)Freeware

Disc-based spaziogames rss (in Italian).
Download 290K
Rustik Art

Rustik Art 1.0Freeware

Random clips of mixed media created by Rustik of magikglasses.com.
Download 99K
Rusty Joystick RSS Widget

Rusty Joystick RSS Widget 1.0 (Universal)Freeware

An RSS reader for the Rusty Joystick forums.
Download 364K
Safari Tips and Tricks

Safari Tips and Tricks 0.1 (Universal)Freeware

Get Safari Tips and Tricks in to your Dashboard.
Download 597K
Santa's Journal

Santa's Journal 1.0 (Universal)Freeware

Santa’s Journal RSS headline reader and Christmas countdown.
Download 327K
sasakifujika rssReader

sasakifujika rssReader 1.0Freeware

RSS newsreader for sasakifujika’s weblog.
Download 94.5K
Scappo.it News Widget

Scappo.it News Widget 1.0 (Universal)Freeware

Reads www.scappo.it website post’s, a Italian blog dedicated to all those people that would like to run away or those that have escaped from Italy.
Download 94K

SERGOM Viewer 1.0 (Universal)Freeware

Display the current SERGOM comic strip from your dashboard.
Download 9K
Servoy Forum RSS

Servoy Forum RSS 2.0 (Universal)Freeware

RSS widget to read submissions to the popular Servoy Forum.
Download 192K
Servoy RSS Widget

Servoy RSS Widget 1.1Freeware

Widget to display the Servoy forum feeds.
Download 348K

ShorterURL 1.2 (Universal)Freeware

Short your urls more 20 services
Download 129K

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