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d10 1.0Freeware

A die-10 generator for vampire role playing “dungeon masters.”
Download 103K
Daily Coloring Picture

Daily Coloring Picture 1.0 (Universal)Freeware

Features a different page that you can print and color every day.
Download 188K
daily Dominogy

daily Dominogy 1.0 (Universal)Freeware

Get your daily dose of Dominogy — find the unique way to cover the board completely with the dominos.
Download 208K

DashBox 1.0Freeware

3D thinking game, like Sokoban, with a level-editor.
Download 32K

DashClicko 0.9Freeware

The popular game Clickomania: Your goal is to remove all the tiles.
Download 157K
DCSquares Online Scores

DCSquares Online Scores 1.0Freeware

Displays the top 15 players from DCSquares.
Download 80K

Dice 0.1 (Universal)Freeware

A customizable dice that works.
Download 35K
Dice Toss

Dice Toss 1.0 (Universal)Freeware

A 3D dice tossing game/utility.
Download 786K
Do It!

Do It! 1.0Freeware

Because sometime you just got to “do it!”
Download 120K
Dofus Set Widget

Dofus Set Widget 1.0 (Universal)Freeware

This is a nice Widget for any Dofus player. Display with a little encyclopedia with illustrations, stats, data and craft for all the items of any set.
Download 4.3MB
Domino Creator

Domino Creator 1.1 (Universal)Freeware

Create a domino track without the stress of tipping over blocks.
Download 1.8MB

DreamPatience 1.0 (Universal)Freeware

Solitary game redesigned to the theme of the American Progrock band Dream Theater.
Download 519K

DrMac 1.0Freeware

Eliza for your Dashboard.
Download 196K
EVE Coach

EVE Coach 1.0 (Universal)Freeware

Get at-a-glance information on training time remaining for your EVE Online characters.
Download 970K
Fantasy Names

Fantasy Names 1.0Freeware

Excellent random name generator for roleplaying games. Generate names of elves, dwarves, taverns, towns and more.
Download 269K

Flappie 1.1 (Universal)Freeware

A virtual pet. Keep Flappie flapping and help him evolve.
Download 1.7K
Flawless Cowboy

Flawless Cowboy 1.2 (Universal)Freeware

A Halo 3 statistics widget used to monitor rank, highest skill, total experience and next rating requirements.
Download 1032K
Flip a Coin

Flip a Coin 1.2Freeware

Heads or tails? Question your fortune and make decisions based on the fickle nature of money.
Download 36K

FlopCruncher 1.5 (Universal)Shareware

Our advanced Texas Hold’em odds calculator. Choose up to ten hands, and get win and tie percentages, or play famous hands in “playback mode.”
Download 3.7MB
FlopCruncher Lite

FlopCruncher Lite 1.4 (Universal)Freeware

A simple poker odds calculator. You can choose two hands and calculate the probability winning or tying.
Download 515MB
Forza Motorsport 2 Counter

Forza Motorsport 2 Counter 1.0 (Universal)Freeware

The unofficial Forza Motorsport 2 counter.
Download 159K

Frantic 1.0 (Universal)Freeware

An addictive fast-paced mouse clicking game for your Dashboard.
Download 14K
Free GTGames Widget

Free GTGames Widget 1.0Freeware

Latest Garbage Thief Arcade flash games, free games on your desktop.
Download 228K
Frenzic Scoreboard Widget

Frenzic Scoreboard Widget 1.0 (Universal)Freeware

An easy and quick way to check your high score and rank for the Frenziverse right on your desktop.
Download 206K

Fruitz 1.2 (Universal)Freeware

The new must have dashboard widget for those 5 minute coffee breaks.
Download 1520K

FuguBowl 1.3 (Universal)Shareware

Try for a strike, and don’t make a splash.
Download 7233K

FuguFlip 1.0 (Universal)Shareware

A 3D Reversi board, for two players.
Download 1.3MB

FuguMaze 1.3 (Universal)Shareware

A randomly generated 3D maze. Find your way out!
Download 3131K

FuguTilt 1.4 (Universal)Freeware

Keep balls rolling and bouncing above a 3D table.
Download 12.4MB

FuguType 1.1 (Universal)Shareware

Type fast, splash as many words as you can.
Download 3.7MB
Gallery Solitaire

Gallery Solitaire 1.0Freeware

Intelligent solitaire game. Concentrate on decisions, the computer helps and makes obvious moves automatically.
Download 172K
GameKnot Widget

GameKnot Widget 1.0 (Universal)Freeware

This widget lets you know when it’s your turn to play.
Download 212K

GamerCard 0.7Freeware

View your Xbox 360 Gamer Card.
Download 40K
Games Search

Games Search 1.0 (Universal)Freeware

Search computer games in the Game UK online store.
Download 114K
GameSquat Widget

GameSquat Widget 1.4 (Universal)Freeware

Browse GameSquat’s massive catalogue of the webs best free games and store your favorite’s using the widget too.
Download 176K
Gems Preview

Gems Preview 5.0 (Universal)Shareware

Addictive match-three game with gorgeous graphics and a simple interface.
Download 6.4MB

GinTris 1.0Freeware

Gin and Tonic based Puyo action. Match four coloured bubbles and they burst and disappear.
Download 252K
Go Widget

Go Widget 1.0 (Universal)Freeware

Lets you play Go on a 9x9 board against the GNU Go engine.
Download 2.1MB
Gogo: The game

Gogo: The game 1.0 (Universal)Freeware

Experience the fun of flying with Wi-Fi in this game from Gogo: Wi-Fi with wings(tm).
Download 144K
Goozex Monitor

Goozex Monitor 1.0 (Universal)Freeware

Tracks your Library and Requests lists on Goozex.com.
Download 326K

Hangman! 1.1Freeware

My version of the popular puzzle game Hangman.
Download 270K
Heroes of Newerth DashStats

Heroes of Newerth DashStats 1.1 (Universal)Freeware

Brings all your Heroes Of Newerth Stats to your dashboard.
Download 714K
Hexley's Rock, Paper, Scissors Game

Hexley's Rock, Paper, Scissors Game 1.0Freeware

Play against Hexley, the Darwin-OS mascot, in a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.
Download 165K

Hopyon 1.0 (Universal)Freeware

Challenge your friends.
Download 535K
HyperBowl Classic

HyperBowl Classic 1.3 (Universal)Freeware

The futuristic Classic lane of the HyperBowl 3D fantasy bowling game.
Download 12.6MB

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