Make college even more rewarding. Be an Apple Campus Rep.

Apple is looking for Campus Reps. This is a great opportunity to represent Apple, have some fun, drive change on your campus, and gain experience that will last a lifetime.

Being a Campus Rep takes an understanding of technology and the ability to represent Apple. It takes someone who can lead, inspire others, move fast, and get things done. You'll work with the Campus Rep Program and Apple Account Team to tailor program initiatives to campus-specific opportunities.

You’re an ideal candidate if you are comfortable planning and frequently presenting, already connected with groups and organizations on campus, and are excited to expand your network even further. This is more than just a college job—it’s a chance to get your resume off to an incredible start by helping Apple transform education.

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What Campus Reps
love about their job.

Being a Campus Rep has given me the opportunity to go beyond learning in a classroom. The most rewarding aspect of the job is knowing that after an event, a workshop, or a one-to-one demo, you'll have given people knowledge they didn't have before. As a Campus Rep, you’ll inspire and educate students, faculty, and staff by giving them a positive experience with Apple technology.

Avianne Tuano
University of Delaware