iTunes U courses. Your materials. Your lessons. Together on iPad.

iTunes U courses give each class a completely customized learning experience that’s easy for teachers to manage. iTunes U Course Manager is a web-based tool that lets you build a course just the way you want — by bringing together your most successful teaching materials all in one place with the iTunes U app that comes on every iOS device.

What’s in a course? Whatever you want.

Course Manager lets you build courses with anything that inspires you and engages your students. From Multi-Touch books, news articles, and handouts to dynamic apps, videos, and websites, you can curate and upload all sorts of materials that let different types of learners interact with and master your subject.
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Inspire. Or be inspired.

Course Manager makes it easy to share ideas, materials, and even course management tasks with other teachers in your institution, district, or around the world.

Work together.

Collaborate on course creation, management, or enrollment with up to five course contributors, like the other teachers in your department, your own teacher’s assistants, or curriculum developers at your institution. Whether it’s Algebra One or State Literature Standards, iTunes U courses can be built by a group of educators working toward a common goal.

Learn from the best.

Inspire other teachers just like you by pushing them a copy of your course — including the outline, posts, assignments, and materials — as a template to help them get started. Or, learn from educators in other countries or grade levels by requesting a copy of their course to customize for your class.

Get started with iTunes U Courses.

No matter what subject you teach or where you teach it, you can create a course that lets you bring your lessons to life — for free.

Enroll as an Institution.

K-12 school districts, universities and colleges can distribute courses and collections of education content.

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