Piecing together Tudor history. History teacher Sophie Post uses books and apps on iPad to make complex material vibrant and engaging. Her lesson on the Tudor family history is a visual, hands-on experience that her fourth grade students won’t forget.

Introduce the topic. A custom iBooks Textbook makes it easy.

Central to Post’s lesson is the textbook she’s created using iBooks Author. By making her own material, she’s able to use its interactive features to bring the complex history of the Tudors to life in a way that’s customized, visual, and personalized for her students.

A walk through the past

Post and her class review the detailed Tudor family timeline from her iBooks Textbook. Post created the timeline using an interactive widget, so it’s a comprehensive and visual exploration of the many branches of the family tree. It displays key events — from the royal line of succession to major battles — using interactive text and images. And because all students have Post’s textbook on iPad, they’re able to review the timeline at their own pace and revisit events until they understand them.


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”We’ve taken a dry collection of dates and, events and with the help of iBooks Author and iPad, transformed them into an exciting adventure where students can independently explore, discover, and ultimately have a much clearer understanding of the subject.” Sophie Post, Elemntary School Teacher, Falkner House School

Build student understanding. All the tools students need to explore

Once students have a grasp of major milestones in the Tudor family’s history, the class breaks into smaller groups to investigate the details. Using iPad, they research locations, discuss events, and create materials that deepen their understanding.

Tracing key moments in time.

Post splits the class into groups, and provides each with a worksheet that focuses on a different section of the Tudor timeline. Groups use the GoodNotes app to highlight the events they believe are most important. Through debate and collaboration, students agree on the key events and use them in their next assignment.

GoodNotes 4 - Notes & PDF

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History takes shape.

After they highlight and select the most important events, Post has her students recreate them. They act out the events and characters with interactive puppets in the Puppet Pals app, add voices to historical images with the Morpho app, or film their reenactments using iMovie. They create rich visuals that leave a lasting impression of the historical events and the family tree.

Puppet Pals

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Pinpointing the scene.

Students use Apple Maps to target specific locations of historically important events like the Battle of Bosworth. Once they’ve found the location, students compare it to the same location in the History: Maps of Europe app, giving them a glimpse of how it looked during the time of the Tudors. By comparing their current-day world to the Tudors’ historical one, students gain context around important places and events, making the material more relevant and relatable.

”iPad can help tailor lessons to each child, so they can learn the very best way possible for them.” Sophie Post, Elementary School Teacher, Falkner House School

Apply Learning. Students create a memorable timeline with iMovie.

After working in groups to understand a segment of Tudor history, the class comes together to assemble their individual projects into a single timeline that brings the entire Tudor family tree and history to life.

Seeing the bigger picture.

For their final project, the class uses iMovie to place each group’s recreations into chronological order. Using the timeline in Post’s textbook as a guide, they create a dynamic, multimedia interpretation of Tudor family history. They demonstrate that they’ve mastered the subject matter through a fun, collaborative, and unforgettable learning experience.


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”If students have a great idea how to demonstrate what they’ve learned on iPad, I’m always open to it, because their idea is usually far better than anything I could have imagined.” Sophie Post, Elemntary School Teacher, Falkner House School