Choreographing a vision in Bollywood.

A young woman sits alone at an outdoor cafe. A handsome man steps into view. She glances at him shyly. Seconds later, everyone breaks out in extravagant song and dance. Welcome to a typical day for famed Bollywood choreographer Feroz Khan. Armed with his imagination and his iPad Air, Khan is able to shape almost every aspect of his epic dance scenes, from finding the perfect costumes and props to perfecting every last gesture and twirl.

“As a Bollywood choreographer, I don’t just direct dance movements. I also scout locations, help choose costumes and props, and stay in touch constantly with the team. I depend on my iPad Air for all of it.”

Feroz Khan, Choreographer

For as long as he can remember, Feroz Khan has been fascinated by the power of dance. As a young boy growing up in Mumbai, Khan was mesmerized by the storytelling that flowed from the steps, the turns, and even the most delicate hand gestures featured in iconic Bollywood films. Pursuing his passion for dance, Khan started his career as a backup dancer and worked his way through the Bollywood ranks. Today he is one of India’s most sought-after choreographers. Often juggling multiple projects at a time, Khan searched for a simple way to coordinate all the different ideas and sources of inspiration critical to shaping his dance routines. Khan found everything he needed to craft and share all his ideas in a single tool: iPad Air.

Photographing references.

Scheduling rehearsals.

Scouting locations.

Studying the title song.

Staying in touch with his crew.

From listening to songs on iTunes to collaborating with his team using shared photo streams, Khan can do more in less time with iPad Air.

“An idea can hit me at any time. It helps that my iPad Air is always with me. So I can capture everything that inspires me.”

Feroz Khan

Endless inspiration together in one place.

From the moment he’s handed a script, Khan begins to think about all the ways to weave dance sequences into the narrative.

Picking costumes and props.

Bollywood dancing is all about the details. And Khan knows that every detail, from prop to costume, can tell a deeper story. While walking among the tightly packed stalls in India’s many outdoor markets, he pulls out his iPad Air to snap photos of colorful finds perfect for a particular dancer or scene. Then he quickly and easily shares the images with his costume designer and prop master to begin collaborating on his vision.

Replacing clippings, fabric swatches, and scrapbooks, Khan exchanges ideas with his preproduction crew using shared photo streams.

In Khan’s world, he is always working. Because inspiration can strike at any time — and it often does — Khan’s iPad Air functions as a portable, digital mood board that he carries with him everywhere. When a new idea strikes him, he pulls it out to review his thoughts in Notes, or pore over his photos to reconsider the look and feel of a scene. He might stop at a local cafe to browse Pinterest for new ideas, or open iTunes en route to a meeting to hear the film’s title song again and reimagine dance steps. With all the moving parts of a film, from wardrobe to set design, Khan’s days used to be consumed with endless meetings and discussions with his director, producer, and crew.

Khan found it not only incredibly tedious but also challenging to share a clear vision across multiple channels and team members — especially when things were moving fast, which they inevitably were. With iPad Air, Khan is able to adopt an entirely new approach that enables him to save precious time and share his input more simply and cohesively. Khan can set up a shared photo stream and invite his team to view photos and videos in a single, organized album. His colleagues can add comments and their own content. This way, everyone can receive updates instantaneously and get on the same page more quickly.

view finder



Choreographing a dance used to involve lugging around cameras, sketchbooks, and stacks of three-ring binders that documented every dancer’s steps. Today Khan uses the one-pound iPad Air.

Perfecting the dance, step by step.

An obsessive perfectionist, Khan is not satisfied with a scene until each dance move is precise. His iPad Air helps him analyze every single movement.

Watch a clip of the dance in slow motion.

The slim, lightweight design of iPad Air allows Khan to maneuver easily around his performers to capture the subtleties of the dance better than he could with a traditional camera, lens, and tripod. Then he uses the SloPro app on iPad to slow down each frame and analyze movements more carefully. Instead of watching the footage at home on videotape and

meeting with his dancers the next day, Khan gathers them around for in-depth, on-the-spot feedback. “Watching my dancing slowed down on the iPad lets me see what Feroz is seeing, and I can understand better what he wants changed,” says principal dancer Heena Panchal. “It’s so much easier for me to adjust my movements this way.”

After the costumes, the props, the acting, and the dance steps, it all comes down to one single thing the audience sees: the shot. To help get his vision across, Khan experiments with different lens options using the Artemis HD app on iPad, then sends his suggestions to his director of photography before filming begins.

Framing the shot from every angle.

Painstakingly choreographed movements. A bright red scarf and other perfectly handpicked props. Once all the elements of a sequence fall into place, Khan uses the Artemis HD app on iPad to frame his dance scenes from all the right angles. Before, Khan would have to wait until the day of the shoot to share his input.

Now, with Artemis HD on iPad, Khan is able to select the same camera his director of photography uses and experiment with lens options ahead of time. The two go back and forth as much as needed in preproduction. And the director of photography has all the information he needs to frame the scene once shooting begins.