Long ago — say, last decade — “going to work” meant sitting at a desk in an office from morning till evening. For many, this approach was restrictive, inspiration-killing, and difficult to integrate with meetings, travel, family obligations and generally having a life.

With the mobile business tools available today, the question isn’t “what can you do away from your office”, but “what can’t you do?”

MacBook Air

Things have changed. With mobile tools such as Apple’s MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, business users can accomplish a dazzling array of tasks in an equally dazzling array of settings.

The latest generation of Apple notebooks, with their lightning-fast Intel Core Duo 2 processors are portable powerhouses whose computing capabilities are comparable to many current desktop systems.

They can run both Apple OS X and Microsoft Windows, and handle even processor-intensive tasks up to 60% faster than the original Core Duo-based MacBook Pro.

With up to 4GB of memory and hard drives up to 250GB, these notebooks make it possible to get real work done anywhere.

Flexibility = Productivity


These days it’s hard to find a successful professional who doesn’t do at least some work on a notebook. You can bring your own virtual office to a client, manage complex projects on the road, work flexible hours or telecommute from a remote location. Having more say in the when and where of work can translate into greater productivity, less burnout, and more creative business solutions.

Keeping business commitments aligned with the rest of life will always be a challenge. But with powerful, portable devices like the MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and iPhone, you’ve got a mobile office that’s up to the job, no matter where the job takes you.


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