BlueLounge Studio Desk for Notebooks

BlueLounge Studio Desk for Notebooks

Product Information

  • Overview

    StudioDesk’s sliding lid allows all your equipment and excess cables to be stowed away under the desktop in a neat storage compartment. An elongated slot across the width of the desktop lets you connect all your power-strips, AC adapters, hubs, external drives or routers, keeping the clutter off your desktop. An opening discreetly located below the StudioDesk’s rear corners means that only a single cable is needed to connect everything to a power socket, keeping your floor-space clean too. Solid mahogany legs support a white laminate desktop surface, while cables and peripherals are kept beneath a sliding faux leather mat.

  • Highlights

    • Perfect for your Apple notebook
    • Solid mahogany legs and white laminate surface
    • Storage compartment for peripherals and cables
    • Elongated strip keeps your workspace clutter-free
  • Did you notice?

    Only a single cable will exit your desk to the power socket on the wall. Everything else can be stored inside.
  • Apple Recommends For

    Designers, video editors or anybody who has plenty of cables and peripherals such as hard drives, graphics tablets or chargers, and wants a neat workspace.
  • What's in the Box?

    • BlueLounge StudioDesk
    • Build instructions
  • Tech Specs

    • Height: 75 cm/29.5 in.
    • Width: 120 cm/47.5 in.
    • Depth: 70 cm/27.5 in.
  • Manufacturer Information

    Part Number

    • UPC or EAN No.: 689076838023


    • Note: Applen yhden vuoden rajoitettu takuu ei koske tuotteita, jotka eivät ole Apple-merkkisiä, vaikka ne olisivat samassa pakkauksessa Applen tuotteiden kanssa tai myytäisiin niiden kanssa. Muilla kuin Apple-merkkisillä tuotteilla on mahdollisesti tuotteen valmistajan myöntämä valmistajan takuu – katso lisätietoja tuotteen pakkauksesta ja dokumentaatiosta. Valmistajan takuun edut täydentävät kuluttajalainsäädännön takaamia oikeuksia. Katso lisätietoja osoittamalla tähän tähän.

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  • Worth Every Penny for Design, Function and Quality

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    This desk is worth every penny for the design, function and quality. It far surpasses the images on both the Apple and Bluelounge This desk is worth every penny for the design, function and quality. It far surpasses the images on both the Apple and Bluelounge websites. It is a beautiful piece of functional furniture built to a high standard. All of the ugly cables, powerstrips and other "stuff" are totally hidden in a spacious area under the desk which is easily accessible when necessary without any effort or moving things on the desk via the sliding desktop central portion. The long access strip for cables allows cables to pop up at the right place for where you need them.

    My Macbook Pro 13" with Retina and this desk totally complement each other in fantastic design, functionality and quality.

    • Written by from London

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