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    This is not the easiest thing to get hold of, I eventually found one after much searching and I also found the product line somewhat confusing.

    There are two of these types of stand from Twelve South. The early model has interchangeable inserts to suit the MBPro, MB, or original first generation MBA.

    This one is designed solely for the 2010/2011 MBA. The BookArc Air is its full title.

    I have to say the packaging is superb, unnecessary but superb. A very fancy box indeed.

    Other than that its what you would expect, well made, nice quality, virtually the same colour as the MBA. Feels quality weighty and sturdy.

    The MBA slots in nice and snug, it doesn't overpower the small stand (I have the 13" MBA). Its just right.

    The cable tidy slot in the rear allows the two Thunderbolt cables to come up behind the MBA and loop to connections on each side of the MBA.

    My only minor gripe, and it is minor, is that the cable tidy slot is not quite the same diameter as the thick chunky connection you find on the Thunderbolt display cable. I knocked off a whole star for that!

    All in all, delighted with it. So much better than having to lay my MBA on the work surface with cables all over the place.

    Buy it - if you can find one in stock!!

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