• 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great sound, well designed headphones, silly packaging

    • Written by from ABERYSTWYTH

    I have several sets of headphones and my AKG K701s set the standard. My old apple - ear headphones were great, but kept on falling out of my ears. Research paid off and these Sennheiser OCX 685i 'phones are really good. They are comfy to wear with a clear, full sound (with plenty of bass for me and I play bass - DB and guitar) so top marks for the sound. They stay in your ears, ideal for running and exercise or just listening chilled out in your arm-chair. Adidas / Sennheiser really ought to sort out the packaging and the silly little bag they store in! Apple packaging is so much better!

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Not up to Sennheiser quality

    • Written by from Solihull

    I was very disappointed with the overall sound. Very poor bass definition I thought and the sound was far too tinny for my ears, lacking detail compared with other ear phones I use. The sound was particularly tinny when listening to the radio rather than my own music. The description of the phones also gives the impression that the loop around the ear can be made to fit but it's just flexible rubber and cannot be bent into shape. The loop was too big for my ears and did not support the phones in the ear so no better than normal in ear phones as far as I was concerned. I was expecting a lot more for the money. Thankfully, I got a refund with no quibble.

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