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    Since buying, my ipad's not been seen in the nude.

    • Written by from CARDIFF

    A friend who was extolling the virtues of his ipad also recommended buying this cover. Having followed his advice both with regards the ipad and cover, I can confirm I'm very happy and impressed with both.

    Accessories can sometimes let down the hardware, and it's not always because they're cheap- just cheaply made or of a terrible design. This cover beautifully complements the kit. Its smooth matte surface is not only smart but has proved stain and grease resistant. The hard, reinforced edging protects it from drops, and the foldable cover also acts as a stand (2 options here, unless I'm being unimaginative - only had it three months!), and a kind of handle. It must be the only product of any kind that I've owned that I've used everyday and yet still looks brand new; not a tear, a stain, not one sign of wear. And as a result of using it, the ipad is in similarly pristine condition.

    I don't tend to write reviews but then, it's not often you think complimentary thoughts about the makers of a product you own, is it? The creators of the Smart Cover should very proud in all but the rather boring name of this great product (how refreshing: something that's better than its name suggests, not vice versa). Since buying it, my ipad has not been seen in the nude.

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    iPad Smart Cover

    • Written by from salford

    I struggled with various options for my iPad 4, I wanted a Smart Cover to protect the screen but I also wanted some kind of protection for the back. I looked at various covers for the back, transparent cases, coloured cases etc, I looked for days, then my wife bought the smart case from Apple store, this resolved all the issues in one affordable bundle, this smart case is just that...smart, thanks Apple.

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    Really good cover

    • Written by from redhill

    This cover works very well. I leave it connected all of the time; just flipping it back to use it. A nice feature is how opening the cover turns the iPad on and closing it turns it off. My only concern is that the back of the ipad might get scratched, but it's pretty obvious that the cover is only for the screen.

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    Magically Perfect

    • Written by from GRANTHAM

    Amazing what magnets can do.

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    • Written by from san jose

    I like the nice look of the dark gray one because it's cheaper than leather and looks closest to black than the others

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    Love it, great colour

    • Written by from London

    Love this cover, is really clever how it knows exactly where it sit on the ipad. love the colour also, is really durable.

    The only thing i would like would be a similar case that can protect the back of the ipad.

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    Worth Every Penny.

    • Written by from DERBY

    I've had my iPad 2 since May of this year but only just recently invested in a Smart Cover.

    And Smart it is! The cover works a treat; just remove it from the packaging and attach it to your iPad 2.

    The magnets automatically align themselves so there's no fuss or frustration involved whatsoever.

    In use the Smart Cover excels itself. Being able to use it as a stand is great; from watching TV on Demand to the photo slide shows... and it comes into it's own when using it as a keyboard rest; typing on the iPad 2 is made even easier.

    There are many different covers out there for people, and what one person likes another person may prefer another brand.

    But for me this cover from Apple really is 'smart!'

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