What’s New in Final Cut Pro X.

Final Cut Pro 10.2 takes motion graphics to the big screen with incredible 3D titles, advanced masking tools, and effects enhancements that make it faster and easier to get the perfect look. Final Cut Pro X also adds support for cutting-edge camera formats and includes a number of other improvements, making the best-selling version of Final Cut Pro even better.

3D Titles

Create beautiful 3D titles that you can customize and animate in a few simple steps.

The 3D titles in this video were built in Motion and published to Final Cut Pro X.


Choose from a range of simple animated 3D templates to get started fast. Or use cinematic templates with built-in backgrounds to create stunning looks in one click.1


Create a new title or make an existing 2D title 3D with a single click. Mix and match materials, lighting, and edges in hundreds of combinations — and save your creations as custom text styles — right in Final Cut Pro.1

Open in Motion

Instantly open any title in Motion to take full control. Add multiple lights and cameras, then track your text across the frame. You can even create a scene in full 3D with multiple objects featuring custom shadows and reflections.1

Advanced Effects

New controls for color grading, masking, and more let you get the perfect look in record time.

Color Grading

Simultaneously view up to four scopes with preset layouts to maximize screen space on any display. The Color Board is now part of the Color Correction effect, which you can add to any clip with a quick keystroke or double-click. And you can even reorder color correction by simply dragging in the Inspector to change where it’s processed in the effects stack.


Every effect — even third-party plug-ins — now includes Shape and Color masks so you can precisely target which areas of the image are affected. And when masking videos or photos, use the new Draw mask to create a custom outline with options for linear, bezier, or B‑spline smoothing.

Cutting-Edge Camera Support

Work natively with a wider range of formats and edit faster than ever with GPU-accelerated support for RED RAW.

More Video Formats

Final Cut Pro includes support for the entire Panasonic AVC-Ultra family in addition to Sony XAVC S and JVC H.264 Long GOP. And now you can directly import Sony XAVC and XDCAM formats without the need for a separate plug-in.


Fly through RED RAW footage with GPU-accelerated playback, rendering, and transcoding — including support for dual GPUs on Mac Pro. Final Cut Pro also automatically displays RED RAW anamorphic formats in the correct aspect ratio, so you can work effortlessly with widescreen footage.

Additional Features

Custom Effect Presets

Create a custom look from one or more effects, then easily save it to the Effects Browser for quick access later.

Library Smart Collections

Smart Collections can now help you organize across an entire library. Every new library starts with a useful set of Smart Collections created for you, and you can make your own in a few quick clicks.

Single Import Window

Importing media is faster with media management, transcoding, keywording, and image analysis options consolidated in the single import window. See at a glance where your media will go and how it will be analyzed on import.

iTunes Store Package

Use Compressor to package your film for the iTunes Store. Add your movie, trailer, closed captions, and more to your iTunes Store Package, which you can send to an Apple-certified delivery partner for sale on the store. Learn more

XML 1.5

Final Cut Pro X XML version 1.5 supports the new features in Final Cut Pro 10.2. And Final Cut Pro can now export to the prior version of XML for improved compatibility with third-party software.

Faster Export

Tap the power of the GPU — or two — to render projects faster than ever when using “Send to Compressor.” And when exporting to H.264, take advantage of hardware-accelerated encoding for ultrafast delivery on compatible systems.

Native MXF Support

Import, edit, and share MXF files with Final Cut Pro X and Motion. Native support means there’s no need to transcode or rewrap MXF files from asset management systems or third-party apps. Included Compressor settings make it simple to export OP1a MXF files in a variety of frame rates, frame sizes, and codecs.  Learn more

Enhanced Optical Flow

Create gorgeous slow motion that replicates the look of footage from a high-speed camera. The new optical flow features even faster analysis and more realistic results than before.