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With new apps added to the App Store everyday, there's no limit to what iPad can do for your business. See how apps on iPad can transform how you work.

Office docs are just the beginning.

On iPad, you can review and edit common office documents such as Microsoft Office and iWork files. You can also create beautiful presentations from scratch, craft complex spreadsheets, annotate PDFs, and access important files on your corporate network. Keep on top of your most important documents on iPad.

Say goodbye to clipboards and binders.

iPad can go almost anywhere with your employees. And with powerful apps, iPad can transform a traditional paper-based workflow to improve the way employees record and track vital business information. From operations managers to surveyors, logistics supervisors to technicians, iPad can help workers log, process and share information. Sorry, clipboards.

See your business in a whole new light.

iPad can provide you with business intelligence information that’s not only accessible, but also visual and actionable. Flick through financial charts and graphs. Zoom into specific data sets. Tap to organize key performance indicators. Better access to information means better decisions.

No great idea left behind.

When inspiration hits, you can use iPad to capture, record, and share it. Mockup websites, draft process flowcharts, craft free-form sketches, and record voice memos. And iPad apps give you the power to capture brainstorms and ideas wherever you are, so you’ll never reach for another sticky note or notepad again. With iPad you’ll always have your best ideas with you.

Your office away from the office.

When you’re out of the office, iPad can keep you connected, on-schedule and in-the-know, whether you’re across town or across the world.

Access your Mac or PC for quick lookup of information or documents. Attend online meetings with colleagues, complete with VoIP connectivity. Track to-do’s, organize notes and media, and assign tasks and reminders while you’re on the road. And use iPad to create and deliver compelling presentations, anywhere.

A healthcare revolution.

iPad is transforming healthcare. With instant-on power and a full-day battery, iPad gives doctors the power to provide faster, better care anywhere. Apps on iPad connect securely to electronic health records, manage paperless prescriptions, and enhance patient interactions with visual examples and explanations. And medical students and professionals can quickly refer to on-demand educational and reference materials throughout their day.

Discover more apps for healthcare in the App Store.

Take IT to go.

Apps for iPad can display rich IT dashboards, access remote desktops and manage servers and network resources. You can quickly view the status of your IT infrastructure, access office computers and mobile devices, and troubleshoot and solve IT issues.