KOSÉ Corporation

Creating a beautiful future with iPad.

“iPad improved operational efficiency, so it allowed us to spend more time with customers. This is leading to higher customer satisfaction.”

Rie Miki, Beauty Training Section, Selective Brands Sales Department at KOSÉ Corporation

KOSÉ Corporation manufactures premium makeup, lotion, and beauty products for the global market. With high-end brands like Cosme Decorte, Prédia, Sekkisei, and Esprique in its portfolio, KOSÉ has delivered top-quality cosmetic products and beauty advice for more than 70 years. The company combined its history of aesthetic expertise with the unparalleled power of iPad for the ultimate marriage of fashion and function.

“In the cosmetics business, it is our belief that delivery of value to the customer is possible only by integrating inspiration and technology,” says Yoshinori Haratani, who manages Corporate Strategy at KOSÉ. The company’s mix of data-driven wholesale distribution and emotive retail consultation requires an elegant, secure, and intelligent sales system.

iPad and a custom in-house app give KOSÉ the perfect combination of beauty and brains it needs to pamper customers and drive global growth.

Embodying iOS

Using a pair of custom apps, retail consultants are able to deliver a personalized shopping experience for customers directly from iPad, from identifying skin tone to matching them with the best products to point of sale.

KOSÉ created a custom app called Tone Check that recommends products to customers via an interactive experience. “The staff will have the customer actually touch the iPad to answer questions or to explain the product,” says Rie Miki, who works in the Beauty Training Section at KOSÉ.

With a custom app called K-PAD, a retail consultant can review a customer’s skin data and purchase history — providing better advice and increasing the value of in-store consultations.

Finally, retail consultants can use K-PAD at the point of sale to complete a purchase — updating customers’ history, as well as the store inventory management system. K-PAD also automatically triggers an order to replenish stock when inventory falls below a certain threshold, improving back-of-house operations.

With iPad and custom apps, KOSÉ is not only able to automate reordering, it can generate sales reports and analyze marketing effectiveness, keeping retail partners stocked with people and products.

In the past, retail consultants managed store inventory with a pen-and-paper system. “Now reports on sales by store or top-selling products are all created automatically, so there is no extra work necessary,” Miki says. “iPad improved operational efficiency, and has allowed us to spend more time with customers. This is leading to higher customer satisfaction.”

Revitalizing the Sales Process

Sales representatives who sell KOSÉ products to retail locations can monitor productivity and in-store performance in real time, analyze marketing effectiveness, and present product information in a more engaging way. This keeps retail partners stocked with people and products.

“Before we had iPad, we would enter into discussions with the retail store clients using paper product brochures and materials,” says Ogura, who oversees IT Management at KOSÉ. “Now, all of this information can be shown to the client with iPad, even including a video of a product commercial.”

KOSÉ was able to build an environment where information is available to everyone as soon as it is created. “This is a huge advantage,” Ogura notes. “Sales negotiations take less time and are more efficient.”

The Perfect Formula

With mobile reps and distributed retail outlets, KOSÉ needs secure devices and reliable solutions no matter where they’re being used.

“When we decided to deploy iPad, issues surrounding security were the highest priority,” says Ogura. “By combining iPad with a highly secure communications network, offered by a network carrier, and a cloud-based service, we are able to deploy an extremely secure, complete system environment.”

“iPad offered the built-in advantages and third-party flexibility KOSÉ needed to build a fast, safe sales system.”

iPad made it possible for KOSÉ to deliver expert, real-time consultation and improve its business operations — creating more value for customers and clients.

“We want to maintain a business platform that is as simple as possible as we expand our business activities around the world,” Haratani says.

With iPad, KOSÉ’s future looks simply beautiful.

Company Snapshot

  • Multinational cosmetics manufacturer founded in 1946
  • Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan
  • 6,595 employees
  • 6 domestic and overseas factories and research laboratories
  • 30 domestic and overseas subsidiaries
  • www.kose.co.jp

App Recap

  • K-PAD securely stores customer information and purchase history, provides mobile point of sale, automates inventory management, and organizes transaction information and reports.
  • Tone Check is an interactive questionnaire used by retail consultants to collect customer information to help recommend appropriate products.
  • KDDI File Storage provides KOSÉ with a cloud-based file storage solution, allowing sales representatives to remotely access sales tools and information.
  • View all consumer apps from KOSÉ in iTunes

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