• 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Look! Quick to crack..

    • Written by from Melbourne

    Under 2 months in of light use on my Mac Air 2014 and the corners are cracking. Love the clear finish and the whole look. Not sure why it's cracking as it gets bagged in a soft shell cover when traveling also. Either way its worth investing in a cover like this to keep your machine looking smart for the later resell and nasty mishaps in the office. Peace..

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Well... It does its job.

    • Written by from Cape Coral

    The case certainly protects the MacBook Air, that's undisputable. There are a few flaws with it though:

    - The case tends to hold on to quite a bit of dirt/dust/sediment The case is very flexible where the cut out to open the laptop is, so there is a lot of stuff that tends to collect in that area especially. However, this is to be expected from any case.

    - The corners on this case and the snaps that hold the case to the MacBook tend to break off rather easily. This isn't a huge deal and Speck will replace them under warranty.

    - Putting the case on and taking it off for cleaning can be a major pain, I keep thinking I am going to gouge my MacBook or break the case itself while doing so.

    - The top of the case, for some reason, tends to scratch easily. Within the first week I got my case, I was beginning to notice scratches on it. I am extremely gentle on my laptop, if it's not out on a table and actively being used, it's inside of a padded laptop compartment in my backpack, so it's odd that it would be scratched at all. Although, I suppose it's better that the case be scratched than my MacBook.

    Overall, I wouldn't ever get rid of this case as it does a great job of protecting the MacBook, there are just a couple of flaws you must be made aware of before buying it. I do believe the price point could be just a little bit lower considering it's just a piece of plastic, but I'm not one to spare a nickel when it comes to protecting my Mac.

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