We keep you informed

How will Apple keep me informed
of the progress of my order?

1. Order Processing

Once your payment has been received and Apple accepts your order, you will receive an order acknowledgement email with the details of your order and the estimated delivery dates. If you have not received this email five (5) business days after making your payment or after 24 hours in case of a credit/debit card order, please contact the Apple Store Customer Service team. Please note for credit/debit card orders, we may ask you to provide additional documentation before confirming your order.

2. Shipment notification

Once your order has left our warehouse, you will receive a shipment notification email, advising you of an estimated delivery date and information about how to track your order. Orders shipped via DHL can be tracked online and a link will be provided in your email.

3. Order Shipped

If you ordered a personalised product or a customised Mac, and you provided us your mobile number, we will send you an SMS advising when your order should deliver. The SMS will be sent one day after your shipment leaves our warehouse.

4. We aim to contact you via phone or email if:

  • We require further information from you to process your order
  • We need to make changes to your order (e.g. availability dates, product upgrades)
  • We encounter problems during delivery
  • You made changes to your order using our online Self Service

I have not received my order acknowledgement
or shipment notification email

Please make sure that the email address on your order is correct and that the email has not been directed to a spam folder.

  • Your email address can be changed via our Self Service website.