• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    I wouldn't bother

    • Written by from Newcastle upon Tyne

    I purchased this product thinking that i would need it as it would run better then Page, Keynote and Numbers but i was totally wrong.The product is quite expensive and i don't see the point if buying it now that you can download the iWork apps for free. In my opinion, its a waste of money and you get exactly the same type of stuff that Apple give you.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Really handy to have Word on a Mac

    • Written by from London

    Decided to go for this option rather than the annual subscription (£80 per annum!). It was simple to download and now allows me to view and save all my word documents in the same format. You also get Excel and Powerpoint in this package.

    At first, I did try just to use 'Pages' which is free and comes with all new macs but I still needed to send Word docs for work reasons. It was quickly clear that opening a word doc in pages didn't always work (losing some formatting); then when I saved it I couldn't re-save it as a word doc but only as a pages doc. Which meant saving it and then creating an export document in the word format. It was time consuming and meant having a couple of copies of each document.

    So spent £110, but it was well worth it and immediately saw the benefit of doing it. Until the world is all on 'pages', then 'word' is still needed!!

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    random issues, losing work done

    • Written by from london

    yes I've switched on recover and now set to 2 minutes and I unconsciously key 'cmd+s' regularly while typing - something I had to learn for office on windows.

    the problem is that you get random errors - at the moment it seems to be around using multi-level bullets - so I stopped using those, until MS release yet another update.

    word in particular is not optimised for Mac, even selecting a range of text with the touch pad doesn't work, so you have to place the cursor at the start of the selection and use the up/down keys to reach the end of the text to be selected.

    word for mac still remains a non-scalable product - the bigger the doc the more difficulties you incur. if you want to do docs of 1-15 pages it's generally OK apart from the above. once you start getting above 20 pages, then please be prepared for extra effort. I have a mid-range, latest spec macbook 15" and it's incredible that I have to wait 2/3 minutes for word to open a 60 page document - minimal formatting.... and don't get me started on templates - the implementation in word for mac is just pathetic, so much effort in attaining the doc format you really want in shot time despite having a 'template' that should do most of the work for you (apart from the words of course!).

    I use word solely for the interoperability with word for windows users - pages, although with its own issues, is a much better product for large docs, but the effort to make interoperable with word users doesn't cut vs struggling with word for windows.

    the point is, word has been available for at least one human generation and on the mac for at least 10 years from memory, yet there are still basic issues.

    perhaps MS should employ some coders and team leaders who take pride in their work OR at least know what they are doing and what people want to do with their products..............

    the joke is that you have to pay gbp100+ for office for mac, ha, ha

    good luck!

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Very Disappointed with Word:Mac 2011

    • Written by from Thurmaston

    Very unhappy with Word:Mac 2011. It’s glitchy and has lost much of the refinement regarding text-boxes, as demonstrated by Word:Mac 2008.

    Within the first hour of using 2011 I lost my formatting toolbar and had to go into my computer’s library to delete files to get it back (with advice from online help).

    I am now really fed up with 2011 because I can’t get 2008 to become the default again, for opening Word files. I go through the correct process, I’ve checked this out on forums online, but still Word 2011 hijacks the Word files.

    Here’s why I’m so disappointed with the new text-box functionality in Publishing Layout View:

    I'm a poet and like to play around with text layout, including overlaying portions of text. I was really impressed with the smooth operation in Word:Mac 2008 ... the only downside was you couldn't turn text upside down, nor could you angle lines of text. So, I upgraded to 2011 just so as to gain that extra rotation function with text boxes. Very annoyingly, now as you go to move a text box it creates a blank ‘ghost’ of the text box, with a grey frame, which can be moved ... but ... the text remains with the original positioned text box. Once you position the ‘ghost’ of the text box and click, only then does the original positioned text box disappear, and then the text shoots across to relocate in the new position. This is very awkward for fine alignment, as well as being difficult to describe! - where as in 2008, the process can easily be described thus: the text box moves seamlessly and uncorrupted, as if it were printed clearly on acetate and was being slid easily across a page.

    But ... even worse, in 2011, when you move text boxes containing substantial sections of text, portions of the text either disappear, not momentarily but for considerable time, and often text also becomes visually garbled, especially when the top halves of letters on a line are cut off... this is pretty rubbish for such an expensive piece of software.

    Also, the text-box movement is jerky, whereas in 2008 it is smooth.

    And also, you can no longer place text-box text behind non-text-box text ... why was that ditched?

    And generally, why would Microsoft ditch all the smoothness of 2008 ... ?

    I've tried my partner's Word:Mac 2011 on her Mac, and the same problems persist.

    I’ve tried it on my son’s Mac, and again the same problems persist.

    And on Mac Forums I’ve also read a report of the same problem, in reply to my announcing it.

    If you use text-boxes, and are impressed with Word:Mac 2008, then don’t upgrade to 2011.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Northwich

    I've been using Office for many years on a PC and eventually decided to get it for my Mac back in 2010. I tried really hard to get on with Pages but it lacked the intuitive feel of Word, and sadly, whilst I liked Keynote, I found it not so compatible with PowerPoint which everyone else I wanted to share files with, used.
    I am sold on the Office Suite although I do use Calendar to sync with my iPhone as I've not found a very reliable and suitable way of syncing with Outlook.
    I use Word and PowerPoint all the time and do not regret in the slightest paying for the Office Suite. I have certainly had NO reliability issues as reported by others; indeed, I have NEVER had a problem with any part of the suite freezing or suddenly closing down... I use Word almost every day too!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Wellingborough

    Knocking Microsoft can be an enjoyable pastime, especially on a competitor's site, but credit where credit is due. This is excellent software.

    When I bought my first Mac about 5 years ago, I felt as though I'd left the dark ages behind and stepped into a bright new future. For the most part, I found Mac software to be more intuitive, more fun to use, than anything the PC world offered. However, as someone who spends a lot of time writing, I could never get on with Pages. There was just something I didn't like about it - the paper aligned to the left of the screen, the way new pages would suddenly be added without wanting them to be, the delete button removing more content than I intended etc etc. I found it annoying.

    I've used the excellent Scrivener software for most of my writing since moving to Mac, but I also need software that is compatible with the PCs where I work. So, I finally took the plunge and and bought Office 2011 Home Edition for Mac. And I'm glad I did. As someone who has used PC Office for years, the Mac version is obviously different, but at the same time is also instantly familiar. I know what this software can do and I'm very comfortable with it. I also love those little Mac touches, such as the full screen view and the textures that give the feeling that your writing on a vertical wooden desk.

    I think this will now become my main writing tool. A great purchase.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Holte

    If you want stability go for PAGES instead. Microsoft word is unreliable and making strange things like shutting down when you are in the middle of a work flow.
    I am working with several people and we all say: WORD IS STRANGE and the workflow is : WYSINWYG. What you see is not what you get. This is such a weird program.
    Powerpoint and Excel works fine but avoid Word.
    Best Regards

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Does exactly what I'm used to on a PC

    • Written by from London

    I needed a productivity suite for my new mac and since I've been using office 2010 on a pc, I decided to go for office for mac, and it was a great choice. Looks and feels very similar, integrates with my mac very well. All my documents transfer without issues, so I can use it for work confidently. And I didn't even know there was office for mac.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Looks nice enough, but missing some advanced features and unreliable

    • Written by from London

    Interface is pleasant and easy enough to get to grips with for anyone still using Word 2003 and above. The new ribbon feature works well from an ergonomic point of view. There appear to be a number of advanced functions missing from this version of Word but given it's price there had to be some differences from the full version. However, the product as a whole fails due to poor reliability. Almost everyone considering this 'Home' suite will be doing so primarily for Word. I've had my iMac now for about six years - this is the only software on my system that crashes regularly - almost every time I use it, in fact. Several critical updates from Microsoft later, the problem remains. I would say that if you're on a Mac, it's still worth taking the time to get the hang of Pages for this reason alone.

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