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    Works well for my purposes, but...

    The lightning to VGA Adapter does what I need it to, and its a great little tool. The front of the classroom space I teach in once a week is dominated by a gigantic SMARTBoard, so I wanted something to present my own keynotes and videos without having to use the laptop in the classroom or bring my own and mess around with software or wifi passwords. I can display keynotes and videos directly from my iPad to the SMARTboard with no issues, but be aware that the VGA end of this is just for that... Video Graphic Array, as in, no sound.

    The volume turned up on the iPad works, but I wish that by using the additional lighting plug spot on the adapter and a USB cable I could plug in the sound to my speaker. The iPad believes it's sending everything to the SMARTboard so the sound will not play through a second source. I am wondering about the HDMI Digital Video Adapter cable though...I bet that would work if the SMARTboard had speakers.

    My one star removal is because of the price. At the time I bought this adapter, it was literally half the price of an Apple TV. Really? I will say this though...one of the other teachers tried mine and liked it so much he bought himself a non-Apple version...and promptly sent it back because it did not work at all.

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