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    Works For Me

    This is just what I needed to connect my new iPad Pro (9.7") to a digital projector.

    I was a bit concerned to read from other reviewers that the adapter was not working for them after updating iOS. However, I can confirm that it works absolutely fine for me with iOS 9.3.1 installed.

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    A perfect device for playing my live visuals on my iPad.


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    Works perfect

    A easy way to connect your ipad to a proyector to teach classes

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    Worth it!

    Ive used this for 4 moths and it has worked absolutely brilliantly.

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    I've used AirServer in the past for presentations using the iPad and while the wireless route is great, it was spotty and very unreliable at times (not to mention you had to have your laptop running with the program as well). This adapter was provided at a hotel where I was presenting so I used it instead of Air Server and it worked perfectly. No delay in response like with AirServer, and easy plug and play use. I will be purchasing one of these to use for all my future presentations.

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    I have used this product in my class to give lecture. I have installed powerpoint apps in my iphone 5S. I have loaded all my lecture slide in my iphone and use this cable to connect my iphone to a projecter. Superb. I don't have to bring laptop or netbook anymore. The iphone is sufficient. Its easy and user friendly. easy to carry, small in size and less hassle. The best of the best.

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    Plug and play

    Bought this on the way to a short notice public meeting. I had only bought my iPad Air a couple of weeks before the meeting and had no idea what I would find at the meeting as a projector. So fingers crossed and flip chart as a back up. Needn't have worried! Simple plug in and test five minutes before the meeting was due to start and the Keynote presentation went effortlessly (can't guarantee that the content was as good!)

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    Perfect for the Classroom

    I use this adapter to project apps from my iPad air to the projector in my 4th grade classroom and it works beautifully. I also plug in a portable speaker for sound. It works on all apps, but will not project iTunes content. This is disappointing, but does not take away from its effectiveness in the classroom. It is expensive, but for how much I use it, it will worth the price.

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    Very Useful

    Excelent for presentations and classes!

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    ipad mini and pico pix 1430 projector

    if you download the free app 'image out' by apparent etch, then connect your projector to your mini via a lightning vga adapter- turn on the projector when the app is open and you will be prompted to choose a pixel setting. Choose the one in the middle and exit the app. Screen sharing should now be in full screen mode rather than a green margin down one side

    I use my mini with a pico pix 1430 and the phillips dual vga cable although i don't plug in the audio lead as speakers work better connected to the mini then this cable connects to the adapter and then to the mini and voila after the app steps above. The cables cost a bunch but the adapter was the cheapest at tescos especially if you have coupons!

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    Great accessory

    Purchased this for a presentation. Worked exactly as described, no setup or adjustments required. Quality of picture was excellent.

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    It Does What It does ! Good Job Apple ! :)

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    Works great!

    In the college classes that I teach, I use this VGA adapter to connect my iPad mini to a data projector for displaying Keynote presentations. It has worked flawlessly thus far. The adapter mates firmly with both my iPad mini and the VGA cable. When connected, the projector recognizes my iPad almost immediately and mirrors the image on the iPad screen. As with all VGA cables, this adapter carries a video signal only. But it's easy to export the audio signal from the iPad's headphone jack to external speakers using an inexpensive standard 3.5 mm stereo audio cable. The only negative about this VGA adapter is its fairly high price. But it has worked so well in my lectures over the past month that the cost was well worth it for me.

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    Work on Iphone 5 and Ipad 4

    previous can not use for iphone4 , now can connect projector both iphone 5 and Ipad 4 , Great !!

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    re VGA shut-off

    I read an earlier review stating that during a presentation using the VGA adapter with his new iPad, the device would shut down after five minutes of inactivity. The user said only unplugging the connector and reconnecting it would "wake up" the connection. I asked Apple about this, and the shut-down has to do with one's Settings. On the iPad, re-set the shut-down for inactivity to a longer time period (say ten or fifteen minutes) and that should solve the problem.

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    Works very well.

    Bought to connect Power Point projector with iPad. Works slick - actually set-up smoother than with connecting a laptop to the projector. Able to screen YouTube downloads and other materials for a class setting.

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    Works great

    I bought this adapter to use it with (a) my new iPad and (b) iPhone 5, both of which have a lightning connection. The primary purpose was to be able to display a Keynote Presentation from these devices on a large screen. However, in the process I tested other applications also. They included (1) YouTube, (2) Safari, (3) Videos and Photos. They all worked Well. You see them on the screen as it looks on the device. However, as soon you put the application in the full screen mode or landscape orientation, you get a high resolution picture that covers the entire screen. However, there is a difference between the iPad and iPhone projected displays here. The picture from iPhone fits the entire HD screen (16:9 aspect ratio), whereas the one from iPad fits more like a 4:3 aspect ratio picture on a HD screen, presumably driven by the native resolution on their respective screens. Though both the devices have a retina display, the picture from iPhone is crisper and better looking. I am not sure why. Maybe, because iPhone is newer. I do not know how the projected display from iPad mini will look like.
    I am writing this review by connecting my iPhone to a 22 inch monitor with this adapter and using a Apple wireless bluetooth keyboard to type. It is hard to tell that I am working from a iPhone. Though I was going to use my iPad for my presentations, I will now use the iPhone becuase it displays better (not to mention looking cool).
    The design of this connector is carefully thought through. The short (~3 inch) cord from the phone to the VGA connector is long enough to do things on the phone while holding it in the palm, without having to lift the entire wiring. The lightining connection in the adaptor helps power the phone when presentation is made. I plan to make presentations with my iPhone-5 and iPad using this adaptor, and do not forsee any problem doing it. I would have preferred the lightning to HDMI adaptor, but my video projector does not support HDMI. Overall, an excellent product.

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    Teacher's Best Friend!

    I got mine from the iStore and I'm so happy with the product!

    Instead of carrying a laptop during sessions (classes are in the 5th floor!), I purchased an iPad mini plus this useful gadget. It is a GREAT help for me since I can just easily plug in the VGA Adapter and it works well in all educational apps installed in my iPad - even videos/movies!

    Thanks for creating this teacher-friendly product :)

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    Keep in mind

    The other lightning plug is only power not for a computer or anything else and VGA is video only no audio

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    Works great!

    Worked flawlessly for me. Using it with my iPad Mini and the a/v gear at the school where I work.

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