Apple Regional Training Centres.

Apple Regional Training Centres.

The Regional Training Centre programme builds on the experience and achievements of many teachers already using Apple technology in the classroom. The programme covers Europe, Russia, Middle East and Africa, offering schools the opportunity to attend a course relevant to their curriculum interests and needs.

iLife BoxRTCs focus their training on the curriculum-enhancing opportunities of using iLife, the multimedia software that comes with every new Mac, and features Apple’s award-winning iMovie, iPhoto, iDVD, GarageBand and iWeb applications. Teachers are also introduced to more advanced software applications, including Final Cut Express and Logic Express to help give older students a headstart in preparing for careers in the creative industries.

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Complete support from Apple

Apple is committed to fully supporting every Regional Training Centre, to ensure that the quality of training meets its rigourously high standards. Many Regional Training Centres partner with Apple Distinguished Educators to provide the added value of a practising teacher with real-world experience of integrating Apple technology into the curriculum.

Apple encourages Regional Training Centres to share iLife course content and lesson plans among themselves, and gives them access to a wider classroom experience through an international training network that shares best practices in teaching and learning.

Teachers who attend a course at a Regional Training Centre will discover that the Mac platform offers robust, stable, easily integrated solutions and that Macs can work seamlessly alongside PCs. Apple technology is famously easy to use, and beginners can learn quickly and intuitively. With Apple, the technology never gets in the way of the creative process.

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Apple’s reputation in education is synonymous with creativity. At Regional Training Centres, teachers can discover how the Mac platform offers digital solutions for all subjects in the curriculum; learn how Apple’s creative tools can help children learn more effectively; and explore how technology can break down barriers between different ability groups and between the classroom and the outside world.

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