iOS and the new IT.

Progressive IT organisations everywhere are prioritising productivity by empowering employees with iPad and iPhone. Because it’s easy to manage iOS devices on corporate networks, IT can focus on what’s most important — enabling users and driving innovation.

Delivering the best user experience.

Hear what forward-thinking organisations around the world are doing to put users at the centre of their IT strategy.

Transitioning to the new IT.

A new business landscape has emerged. Now IT departments recognise they need to focus on delivering the best possible user experience. That way, employees feel valued and empowered, finding more ways to be productive.

“IT traditionally was about supporting the back office. Now it’s about enabling the front office.”

Glenn Morgan
Head of Digital Business Transformation, International Airways Group

Watch British Airways talk about how IT has changed its role.

Enabling users to set themselves up for success.

IT organisations are leaving behind centralised system imaging and large service operations to manage device rollouts. With iOS, employees can set up and personalise their devices. This gives users a stake in the deployment’s success and frees IT resources to focus on innovating for the organisation.

Boston Scientific shares the benefits of enabling personalisation.

“In terms of deployment, we did not fully image the iPads as we moved them out. Instead, we wanted individuals to use their own iTunes account.”

Rich Adduci
Chief Information Officer, Boston Scientific

Designing user-centric apps.

Mobility isn’t about monolithic applications anymore. It’s about approaching apps from a completely different angle — designing for users, and making apps intuitive and task-specific. With the new IT approach, apps are enthusiastically adopted by employees, spreading virally inside organisations, driven by word of mouth.

“The user experience is of the utmost importance. We wanted to find people who could focus on industrial design.”

Michael Nilles
Chief Information Officer, Schindler

Schindler talks about the importance of design supporting the user experience.

Delivering productivity for all.

Traditional IT is all about using a “one size fits all” management philosophy. The new IT manages with a light touch and empowers users to discover solutions that work best for them. As a result, organisations can still have granular control over company data without locking down features or disabling functionality. With the freedom to work, employees can be more productive than ever.

Hear SKF talk about its approach to enabling users.

“We decided to limit as little as possible and enable as much as possible because we know that one user is not like the other.”

Christoffer Malm
Head of The Connectivity Room, SKF

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