Discover how great productivity can be.

Make the most out of your day with iPad and amazing apps for work. With iOS 10 and the new iPad Pro, you can do even more — from powerful multitasking across apps, to sketching ideas with Apple Pencil. Uncover entirely new ways to create content, collaborate, stay organised and analyse data.

Meet your new office.

iPad is now even more capable with iOS 10. Simple yet powerful multitasking features and keyboard shortcuts make it easier than ever to work with popular productivity apps like Microsoft Office. So even when working on a big presentation or document, employees have the tools to do their best work.

Powerful multitasking.

With multitasking on iPad, users can work in two apps at the same time. Now they can refer to a document while updating a presentation right beside it, or easily respond to email without leaving the app they’re in.

Microsoft Excel

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Microsoft PowerPoint

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Microsoft Word

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Commands at your fingertips.

The built-in Shortcut Bar on iPad lets users easily copy and paste — even bold, italicise or underline — with just a few taps of the on-screen keyboard. And with the Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro, users can perform even more commands — like switching between apps or bringing up search.

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  • Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro is only available in a US English keyboard layout.

Discover new dimensions of creativity.

Now your employees can get their ideas across even faster and with greater precision. It’s easy to design in detail, provide feedback with clear annotations, and whiteboard big ideas using Apple Pencil and iPad Pro.

More ways to work with your favourite apps.

Apple Pencil adds productivity, creativity and versatility to nearly any business task. Users can mark up documents in familiar apps like Mail, and discover new workflows with more
control and flexibility.

Adobe Comp CC

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Incredible precision.

Apple Pencil provides accuracy down to a single pixel, enabling users to interact with iPad in entirely new ways. Lightning-fast responsiveness separates Apple Pencil from other creative tools. And its pressure sensors make way for precision and creative effects like nothing else.

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A smarter way to meet.

Business meetings just got more interactive — and more efficient — with iPad. Whether employees are sharing content across the hall or brainstorming with teams around the globe, it’s easier than ever to share files, provide feedback and update content instantly.

Simple collaboration.

iPad makes it easy to collaborate with team members in real time. And with apps built for sharing content and holding virtual meetings, there are now more ways for teams across the business to contribute ideas.

Share files, anywhere, any time.

Files are always within reach on iPad. With apps designed for file storage, it’s simple to access, edit and share content even while on the go. And with iOS technologies such as Extensibility, users can share documents easily between apps.

Better ways to stay organised.

Organised projects, schedules and to-do lists help employees be productive. With planning apps, they have even more ways to stay on top of their day. And no matter which device users start a task with, they can pick up where they left off, thanks to built‑in features like Handoff.

Stay on track.

iPad opens up better ways to stay on top of tasks and projects. With planning apps that can sync across devices, add sketches, create checklists and include attachments, users can keep track of just about everything.

Work without interruption.

Handoff lets users work seamlessly across devices. Employees can start an idea on iPad and pick up where they left off on their Mac or iPhone.

Work with data effortlessly.

Manipulate data, analyse reports and create stunning graphs on iPad. The intuitive Multi-Touch interface lets users interact with data simply, and the 64-bit architecture built into iPad provides the performance to process data quickly and effortlessly.

Power for the most demanding tasks.

Even the most demanding apps run effortlessly on iPad. It’s never been easier to run reports, transform data into visually stunning graphs, or process large files on the fly.

Desktop-class performance.

The latest technology built into iPad Pro makes it possible to take on tasks that were once reserved for workstations and PCs. This means that even the most complex tasks, like rendering and manipulating designs, are faster, smoother and more engaging.

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