Mobile enterprise. Full speed ahead.

Apple and Cisco are creating the very best app and voice experience for iPhone and iPad on corporate networks. With new features in iOS 10 combined with the latest networking software and hardware from Cisco, businesses everywhere can take full advantage of their infrastructure to deliver a great user experience for apps, calling and collaboration.

Maximise your network potential.

For years, Apple and Cisco have supported the latest standards in Wi‑Fi connectivity. Working together, we’re taking that even further by optimising how iPhone and iPad communicate with a Cisco wireless network. Now every employee can get the best possible experience, wherever they go.

Get up to speed quickly.

iOS devices and Cisco networks will now recognise each other, so iPhone and iPad can perform a quick “handshake” with Cisco access points to provide an optimised connection for users. This paves the way for other advanced networking features such as fast roaming and Quality of Service (QoS).

A network that predicts your next move.

It’s easier than ever to deliver the best connection to employees on the go. Cisco wireless networks are now automatically configured to use 802.11k, r and v standards with iPhone and iPad, allowing users to move seamlessly between access points on the same network. iOS devices “talk” to the Cisco network to determine the best available wireless access points, then transition between them automatically without interruption. This makes the performance of voice and video apps that rely on a consistent network connection even more reliable.

Fast-track your apps.

There’s a lot of data moving through your network and not all of it has the same importance to your business. By enabling QoS to cover iOS business apps, you can now classify and give top priority to your most critical apps and data.

Prioritise your users’ most important work.

Whether it’s voice, video or content that’s essential to your business, you can now automatically deliver the best network service for iPhone and iPad. Developers specify which features in their apps, such as voice and video, should be optimised for your network. And by using a simple configuration profile, you can set up iOS devices to prioritise specific apps, putting them in the fast lane. This ensures the most important app data always gets the best possible bandwidth, even if the network is congested with other traffic.

Bringing all business calls to iPhone.

Users love making calls with iPhone because it’s familiar, easy to use and always with them. With iOS 10, apps like Cisco Spark seamlessly integrate with iPhone. Now you can deliver enterprise voice services where employees want it most.

A first-class calling experience.

Cisco Spark, a collaboration app that provides voice and video capabilities, will use new iOS APIs to directly integrate with iPhone. For users, the experience is just like the native calling capabilities of iPhone. Users can tap a contact in their address book, favourites or recents and instantly make a call without having to launch a third-party app. They can also answer calls straight from the Lock screen, use connected headsets, and take advantage of call waiting to switch between calls whether they’re VoIP or mobile.

Take your desk phone with you.

Users no longer need to forward calls from their desk phone to their iPhone. By using Cisco Spark to route calls to both iPhone and the desk phone, users can pick up the call from whichever device they prefer. Your users will also have a consolidated record of calls whether they were received on their desk phone or iPhone. Routing calls over the corporate network also helps your company save on costs, so everybody wins.

Teamwork to go.

Finding new ways to help people collaborate from anywhere is more important than ever. Cisco offers a variety of native apps for iPhone and iPad that can transform how teams work together while taking full advantage of Cisco’s networking and calling capabilities.

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