Will the Magic Mouse run on rechargeable batteries, like lithium batteries?

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    Make sure you check the rated voltage on your rechargeable batteries. I have Energizer NiMh AA's and the Magic Mouse will not work with them (two sets). After reading the posts here I checked and they're only rated for 1.2V, not the standard 1.5V. The mouse constantly connects and disconnects. I didn't have any issues with standard batteries.

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  • Yes. From the actual Magic Mouse documentation: "Your Apple Magic Mouse comes with two AA betteries installed. You can use alkaline, lithium, or rechargeable AA batteries in your mouse."

    I took that quote from the document that shipped with my Magic Mouse. I have just placed an order for rechargeable AA batteries myself.

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  • It will work with two AA batteries. It doesn't matter if you choose to use rechargeable or not.

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  • Yes, I've tried it and it works. As mentioned, low self-discharge rechargeables such as Eneloop, Imedion, or other "pre-charged" NiMh would work best. Interestingly, the positive contact on my Imedions is a bit too short and I had to fill in the recess with a tiny bit of foil to make it work.

    Bravo for wondering if there was a better way than filling the landfills with spent AA batteries!

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  • It WILL definitely run on rechargeable NiMH's (AA) but most likely will NOT run on rechargeable Lithium-Ions (14500 / 17500 / 17670 / 18500 / 18650 / RCR123 ).

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  • We just ordered NiZn 1.6 volt rechargables from PowerGenix. They work beautifully in both the mouse and keyboard..no disconnects. 1 hour charger...nice!

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  • I'm using Energizer NiMH. They do work. Downside is that i'm not getting ANY warning when the batteries are low. My mouse simply starts working intermittently.

    Honestly, if they had a corded magic mouse, I'd be there in a heartbeat. The mouse is awesome, but batteries are a pain.

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  • Yes and no. The Magic Mouse does work with rechargeable batteries, but I have to replace my batteries (Energizer NiMH) about every two days. Also, unlike regular batteries, there isn't any feedback of how much charge is left in the batteries. Really wish Apple would make USB-tethered mouse.

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  • I read about people having trouble with lower-vlotage NiMH, so I decided to try 1.6V Nickel-Zinc (NiZn) rechargeables from PowerGenix. They work just fine.

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  • I find that Duracell's AA rechargeable NiMH do not seem to work so well. They drain pretty fast compared to Duracell's non-rechargable AAs (not sure what technology those are). But, more strangely I encounter a huge number of disconnects (maybe every 10 mins or so?), then I click it 4 times and it reconnects. The batteries are still shown at 80% when this occurs so I'm hard pressed to see how the mouse could behave differently, but that is what I observe.

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  • No. The magic mouse will run on any size AA battery. (either one or two.) But, there are no Lithium rechargeable batteries made in AA size. Rechargeable AA batteries include NiMH at 1.2 volts, and NiZn at 1.6 volts. The magic mouse will run on primary Lithium batteries, which are 1.5 volts, but they are not rechargeable.

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  • Thanks JS for the tips that to add the foil in the battery recess. I was thinking my rechargeable batteries were going bad and was considering to get new batteries. With the foil tricks, the magic mouse works again with my current batteries.
    Happy New Year

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  • If they are AA type.

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  • Yes I use bought a couple packs of rechargeables to keep them in constant recharge rotation.

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  • My Rayovac NiMh rechargeable AA batteries do not work. Maybe the positive contact is too short?

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  • Yes it will work with 1,5v rechargeable batteries

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  • Mine older Apple wireless mouse didn't work with the Eneloop batteries. It connected but I couldn't move the cursor. I switched back to AA lithium energizers and they work fine. I guess I need to try the 1/5 volt rechargeables instead. Too bad I spent $20 on the Eneloops!

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  • Yes, and they appear to hold the charge at a higher level a little longer than alkaline. On the other hand when they start to fade, they decline faster than the alkaline.

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  • Duracell HR6/DX1500 NiMH 1.2V keep disconnecting after first overnight recharge. Mighty Monitor app shows battery strength at 80% immediately after charge (including 2nd overnight attempt). Still disconnecting.

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  • Yes, it would.

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