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    QuickTime 7 Pro - Should be withdrawn

    • Written by from Sheffield

    I have just wasted my money on QuickTime 7 Pro for Mac OS X.

    I bought it to encode Cinepac AVI files as I had read misleading information indicating that it would be capable of that. It doesn't create avi files (even though it will create cinepac mov files).

    As far as I can see there are very few people who will get any value from this old and now useless software. In fact I think it is a con. There is too little information available about what it can and can't do - and don't even think you can get a refund if it doesn't do what you need it to.

    Apple: Please withdraw this from sale (offer it for free) rather than upset your loyal fan base.

    I feel ripped off!

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    • Written by from Providence

    I upgraded to Pro to unlock the export feature which I wanted to use for my home videos from my digital camera. Well, it says it converts to the format for iMovie, so I bought it. When I export, it does not take my audio from the video. I wish I knew this before I spent $30. This is messed up.

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    • Written by from Ashtead

    Apple have really screwed up QuickTime with the latest version 7.3.1! Since installing it I upgraded to Pro. However, it won't work with .mpg files... you cant make a selection because the selection 'handles' are not there! So, you can't copy, cut or paste... which kind of defeats the object doesn't it? The really stupid thing is... if you've previously saved an mpeg using the previous version of QuickTime... and with the selected frames in 'Play selection only' mode... your movie will happily play the selected frames... except you cant see the selection or the selection handles, or gain access to them!

    SO BEWARE... ONCE YOU INSTALL THIS VERSION, YOU CAN'T GO BACK TO THE PREVIOUS VERSION... SO YOU'RE STUCK WITH SOMETHING THAT NO LONGER WORKS PROPERLY! Man... I love Apple too, but who is overseeing this kind of rubbish that you'd only expect from Gates?

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    waste of money.

    • Written by from Liverpool

    OK, maybe I didn't read all the details but I upgraded to quicktime pro and have found out after wasting most of the day that it doesn't play dvd's. Apple have to make that a lot clearer than they do. Buyer beware!

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    • Written by from Edinburgh

    like loads of folk before me I got Pro to help with loads of issues I had with getting movie files to my iPod. It didn't resolve them, there was no one to talk to about it AND as soon as there was an upgrade my key was invalid. complete rip off. Don't buy. There are better programmes out there.

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    • Written by from Epsom


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    i want video's on my ipod.

    • Written by from macclesfield

    dont buy this product its useless.alot of my files where named mpeg1 muxed.i thought pro would help me sort this out and enable me to put videos on my ipod.but it still doesnt work.why do apple bring out these products without any software to go with it.its all a con.

    all i want to do is put quicktime movies on my ipod n watch them.but apple wont let you do this.u even have to pay for the upgrade,and when you get it,it only lets you put selective file son.its not worth it.

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    • Written by from Morpeth

    Bought i-pod.Movies would not download so I bought QuickTime Pro which I thought would solve the issue.
    It didn`t so I have wasted money on totally useless software which does not work.
    Has anyone out there EVER managed to contact a human who might be of help in solving any issues with i-pod or whatever or does Apple get away with selling a product and having no support whatsoever when you cant get it to work.
    Best advice is DO NOT GET CONNED>DONT BUY IT

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    Buyer beware..

    • Written by from FALMOUTH

    Don't by Quicktime Pro unless you really need it in the near future, because every time Apple issue a new free upgrade to Quicktime (eg from Quicktime 6 to 7) your Pro purchase will be invalidated, and you'll have to buy it again. Even if you've only had it a short time.

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    NOT the be all and end all for file conversions

    • Written by from Glasgow

    I wish I knew the limitations of QuickTime Pro before I paid for it. I bought it to enable conversion of my many MPEG movie files to a format that can be played back on my iPod.

    The problem being that QuickTime Pro can playback MPEG files that it can’t export properly. A lot of MPEG files are 'Multi-Plexed' (the sound and video tracks are weaved together). When QuickTime Pro exports these Multi-Plexed files it tells you that there is "No audio track in source movie" and the resulting file plays back with no sound, even though it plays the original file with sound.

    Another big problem is that QuickTime Pro is very choosy as to what files you can cut and paste with. To my annoyance, you have to perform time-consuming conversions before being able to cut and paste.

    For me QuickTime Pro is utterly useless, I just hope Apple will resolve these issues in a future update.

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    Confusing to instal

    • Written by from Llanelli

    a product key is sent almost straight away but contrary to the instructions on the website, no instructions are given as to where to shuv it! very frustrating, i am no novice yet nowhere does apple tell you what to do- they say you get the key and your ready to go, but how?

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