• 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Bought this with wireless keyboard

    This does exactly what it says although it did take a bit of fiddling around getting the h bar and trackpad to fit together but was worth the hassle

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    I feel like a wizard with this!!!

    This morning I was just a normal avid mac user, with crippling Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) due to heavy xcode use as well as using my disfigured hand to reach for the '#' key. Now I sit with a shiny new hand, model in tow - all thanks to the MagicWand™. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin...

    A typical dreary tuesday morning; I clawed myself out of bed. Despite my deformity I am now accustomed to the simple tasks: holding a spoon, drinking latte, typing '#'. Driving past the sole glimmer of hope in my day - the apple store - my eye catches upon it's magnificence. Displayed atop a pedestal in the window out front, it seemed the very shining baton passed down previous knowledge of ergonomics, no, the entire apple race! Entranced, I step into my haven. Not to be sullied by first-time buyers I rush past the confused peasants to reach for what will be my ergonomic rod of the future. Safe in the knowledge after the re-financing of my house so that I can afford such accessorial requisites, I stroll to the store's emissary, indicating my desire to purchase the Twelve South MagicWand™.

    Clutching my prize to enforce high sanitary needs, I hurry back on my abode. Along the way I notice that the uphill climb was strangely downhill. Upon further investigation I became aware of an aura emanating from the Twelve South MagicWand™ - it was warping the very fabric of space-time with it's ergonomic properties! I shed a tear for our lost messiah, Steve Jobs™, whose sacrifice made our lives all the more worthwhile.

    Long story short, leaving you to tread your own path, I now have a comfortable Job™ and a very satisfied wife - all thanks to the Twelve South MagicWand™! Who knows what else you'll be able to mount on future iterations of the Twelve South MagicWand™

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    Really bad design

    The wand couples together the keyboard and magic trackpad (obviously). However, in doing so they become a single unit. This means when pressing down on the keyboard to type or on the return key, the trackpad can be inadvertently clicked, moving the point at which you want to be typing. This is beyond annoying. Received and returned in the same day.

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    Simple and effective

    A really simple and well designed product that is the perfect complement to any mac based home cinema setup.

    The customer service from Twelve South is fantastic also, having lost a part of the kit one email to their customer services and they sent two spare pieces out to me for free!

    well recommended!

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    Really impressed by this simple piece of kit. Save me having to pace my track pad on a hard service to work it easily.

    Down sides. Ridiculous amount of packaging for such a small item. Also? By the time you add p&p on to the cost is it really worth £30? Bit of a premium price for what it actually is.

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    Worth Getting

    This morning I have just received my Twelve South MagicWand and I must say that I am very pleased with it. It is very durable and the simple idea of keeping your Keyboard and Track Pad together is fantastic. The fit together is very easy and tidy and makes having both together easy. Also, been as I have this on my lap it is now wider so that it fits on my lap better than just the small keyboard when it was on its own.

    There are a few things to note though although they are small and should not put you off to be honest but I will mention them either way...
    Firstly, and maybe this is just me not being clever at what I am doing, but the 'H Bar' was very difficult to put in and I had to spend some time fitting it in and although I don't get through my batteries a lot, when changing them, this may be an awkward experience every time.
    Secondly, The keyboard now is off to the right (or left, if your right handed), though there is nothing you or the company can do about this, you may take a while getting used to laying your arms over a bit more, but you can get used to this!!
    And lastly, and this is only if you use this on your lap, you have no way of using the clic button on the Track Pad, simply because you need a hard surface, i.e. desk, to utilise the clic method. However, over the years Apple have integrated ways for you to not have to use a clic, such as 'three finger' scrolling to resize the window or mover a window around. I am sure there is a way to do other things without using the clic, over time I have found ways not to use it at all.

    Please don't let what I said above put you off because they are in my opinion very very small things, but I wanted to mention them to give a fair review. Otherwise, this product is amazing, like others said, it is very very durable, even if it's plastic, it's a simple concept to utilise the two devices together and (Simplifies life). (Maybe they should use that as their motto).

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    Very good BUT be aware.......

    If you use the Mobee Magic Numpad with your Trackpad, the stick on surface makes it almost impossible to fit the supplied 'bar' between the keyboard and Trackpad as it seems to be perfectly fitted to the 'bare metal' of the keyboard and Trackpad.

    You could force it into position but for me it either started to lift the stick on or seemed to cause a permanent mouse press on the Trackpad.

    However, as I have no intention of using the keyboard free hand and just wanted something to stop the trackpad and keyboard going off in separate directions, then it works fine without this bar connected and also makes it easier to remove the devices when battery changes are required.

    Overall I am very happy with the MagicWand.

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    I spotted this today in an Apple Premium Reseller store and grabbed the last one they had.

    I've had the trackpad since launch and only just moved to the wireless keyboard. Using the two devices separately has always been a bind especially when changing my seated position.

    This fixes that problem vey simply.

    It's a bit expensive for a piece of plastic, but it has to be plastic so as not to block the Bluetooth signals.

    Both devices snap into it positively and there are a couple of separators that slot in between the two devices to stop them grinding together. These grip the edges of the keyboard and trackpad tightly and won't fall out.

    It has four long rubber feet which grip the desk as good as the original feet which are now hidden.

    I thought it might have been a bit flimsy but the keyboard and trackpad feel like one solid unit now.

    Love it.

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