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    Doesn't work on iPad 2

    I teach iPad classes to adults. I've had iOS 8 since it came out.
    Suddenly my projection won't work anymore... I'm not paying another 30€ for a 0,30€ cable.
    Two of my students have already switched to my Android classes after my anti Apple rant ;D

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    VGA accessory fails in iOS8

    Questionable business ethics in this event. Planned obsolescence or built-in obsolescence in industrial design is a policy of planning or designing a product with an artificially limited useful life, so it will become obsolete, that is, unfashionable or no longer functional after a certain period of time.

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    External VGA Monitor does not work with IOS 8

    I use the Mac and iPad to connect to external monitors for presentations, videos and showing Internet sites. I upgraded to IOS on my iPad 3. Now I am shocked to learn it will not support the Apple adapter that I used with IOS 7. I cannot find any information on whether Apple intends to fix it. I also cannot find any information on a viable alternative. I am stuck.

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    Doesn't seem to work with 8.0.2

    I have used this VGA adapter for over a year and never had issues. I could use a variety of apps, YouTube, iTunes, Keynote, and Google Drive to display documents.

    Since downloading the 8.0.2 update, I have not been able to use this. Either nothing at all happens or I get a message saying it is not supported by this device (iPad 2). I have had the same issue with my generic HDMI adapter which worked fine before the update as well.

    Meanwhile, my three-year old Toshiba laptop connects just fine and displays whatever I want it to.

    Apple is roaring into the 1990s like no-bodies' business.

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    Doesn't Work with iOS 7.1.2

    Worked very well up to the latest upgrade of iOS 7.1.2, now just gives "this accessory is not supported by this iPad error". Completely useless and a waste of money, much like the Camera Connection Kit I bought. Avoid this or avoid updating your iPad. Utterly pointless spending more money for official Apple stuff when it doesn't work.

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    Device not supported?

    I just tried to plug my new ipad air into a fairly recently purchased VGA monitor. The connections fit perfectly, and I did plug them in in the order recommended. However, as soon as I plugged in to the ipad, it said "this device not supported by this ipad" What does that mean? Anyway, it wouldn't work. Am I missing something???

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    Stay away apple has realy let everyone down with this really over priced piece of wire. Don't bother

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    Past bad reviews are missing the mark!

    There has been a lot of negative reviews about this VGA adaptor, saying it can't be used to mirror iphone or ipad screens, not so! It works just fine with iphone4S and 2nd gen Ipad. does eveything it is supposed to. I hooked it up to a monitor with external speakers and plugged in the VGA cable and adaptor and plugged in the speakers to the earphone jack on my Iphone and it worked beautifully! Don't let the negative reviews deter you. It might not work on older equipment, but IPhone 4s or newer it works just as you would expect!

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    30 pin VGA adaptor

    the adaptor is not worth the money because it does not work.

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    Brilliant, completely mirrors screen, ipad and iphone

    I'm really pleased with this adaptor, it works brilliantly with my iPhone 4S and ipad 3, it allows you to completely clone your screen to an external display, brilliant for keynote, apps and much more, thank you

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    Doesn't work with new iOS 7 as before

    Buyer Beware.
    This product doesn't work anymore with Netflix app on iOS7. This is what I bought it for. Sadly the product had once worked wonderfully with all these and the rest of the apps on my ipad and iphone before I updated the iOS to 7. In fact, I loved it before updating the OS to 7 since it essentially did what it was advertised to do...mirror my video on either my ipad or iphone 4 onto my TV or projector connected to VGA. It no longer does as advertised now that I upgraded to iOS7. For everyone's information and clarity, my wife still has iOS 6 on her phone and this connector works perfectly with Netflix and other apps for her. I, however, upgraded my ipad and iphone to iOS 7 and it no longer works with Netflix on those devices that were upgraded.

    Shame on you Apple for selling a connector that YOU designed and sold that doesn't work as advertised with an upgrade to the iOS YOU also designed.
    For those thinking this is a Netflix app issue. My wife's iphone with iOS6 is running the same Netflix app version as my iphone with iOS7....and as I wrote, her's works with Netflix and mine doesn't.
    In addition, how can Apple support Netflix when someone is connected with Apple TV, but not when using this connector? I suppose this is a way for Apple to try to pry an additional $60-$70 bucks from me for the Apple TV device.
    Again....shame on you Apple. I'm getting really sick of your greed.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Mirroring works

    Not sure what all the complaints are about re: mirroring. Was able to successfully mirror my iPhone4s and iPad2. And by mirroring, I mean everything. Home screens, videos, games. For those with an older plasma TV (like me) or for those who don't want to pay for an AppleTV (mind you you need to connect the headphone jack of your iOS device to separately), this is such an affordable option. I use the cable to connect to both my monitor at work and TV at home. Very happy.

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best purchase ever!

    I was a bit worried about purchasing this product after reading the reviews but then I realised most the negative reviews were from years ago and were due to the limitations of the ipad 1. I had already brought a knock off version of this adapter, and it was extremely temperamental so I needed something reliable.
    I use my apple adapter daily and haven't had a single issue. Works perfectly and has made me life so much easier.

  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    A liitle short and too pricey

    I have used this cable now for some time, first with an iPad (first gen) then with my current iPad (3rd Gen). My wife has also used it with her iPad 2 and I have tried it with my iPhone 4S. Works with them all.

    I use this to connect my iPad to a data projector when giving lectures, sometimes for slides using Keynote but more often when I am showing video clips. I have only two criticisms. The first is that it could do with being a little longer and more flexible and the second is that at £25 it is rather expensive.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great for the occasional presentation.

    I bought this product for University business presentations and it has worked perfectly every time, the iPad immediately recognised what it was required to do and switched into presentation mode within keynote. The cable means little time is required to connect up the inputs and get everything running, very efficient.

    Great product, lovely design.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Good. Works as expected.

    It just works as expected. It mirrors my iPad2 and iPad3 to projector, both my iPad are IOS 6.1.3, no special steps to connect it, no need restart iPad, no need connect VGA cable first, ... just connect it and it works. In iPad iTunes, since I do not have account, I am not sure if I purchased a movie it will work or not. But when I play the movie trailers in iTunes, the iPad shows "This video is playing on TV", the trailers show on the projector. Thanks.

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    bought it to project movies

    Useless. The only program so far it will project is Hulu.None of my movies i've pad good money for thru Itunes. No amazon movies i've bought. Ridiculous. All "protected".

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Works well.

    I have no idea what all of these reviews are talking about. I have used this adapter for training and presentation for a long time with great success. Everything I do mirrors perfectly onto my monitor/projector immediately, and my iPad is not jailbroken. Only a few apps don't mirror, but that's typically because those apps have their own built in restrictions (NFL Mobile, Xfinity, etc.).

    I have an iPad3 with a 30pin connector. My only reason for not rating it five stars is that I would like to be able to charge at the same time as I'm projecting.

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    iPad Unplugged

    As soon as I rehearsed a presentation with my new cable, I realized that it does not stay plugged into my iPad 2. A really sloppy fit that makes a reliable presentation impossible. I'll return it as soon as I get back into town. I'm not using an elastic band to hold it in place while trying to show off my new ebook at promotional events.

    But, the reviews here only begin to mention the unplugging issue starting August 2012, so I wonder if this is a new phenomena. Maybe its a bad batch of plugs.

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Waste of time and a con

    This cable does not do what it says. You cannot play most iTunes purchased movies or tv shows on an external display because of some dodgy protection mechanism which is baked into the iPad not the movie. If th movie can be played using the composite cables then the protection is against the use of the vga nt the actual content.

    Apple is conning us with this cable.

    What a waste of time and money. I want a full refund and compensation for time wasted in purchasing and downloading the movies I have done.

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