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    quality not as good

    just ordered me 6th or 7th Bumper. Great idea but they seem to last less and less time. not as strong as they used to be. £25 is a lot of money for them.

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    iPhone 4 Antenna issue

    I have iPhone 4 price since 2010.I have antenna issue with iPhone 4.So,Since I Bought this bumper case,My iPhone 4's antenna issue is now FIXED.Thank you

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    Becarful when you take it off and put it on.

    As a protective bumper it works when it's on your phone but you have to handle it with care when you're putting it on and taking it off. The case has 2 layers a hard plastic which sits in between 2 pieces of rubber.

    The hard plastic that holds the volume up and down button as well a the power button isn't very durable so you can't bend the case to much when you're putting it on or the hard plastic will snap leaving just the 2 pieces of rubber to keep the bumper together.

    The weakest point on the case is by the 30-Pin connector on the bottom of the case, the plastic there is thinner to allow for the 30-Pin connector to make contact with the iPhone which is where you'll notice the break.

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    Bumper - Black loose change

    I've had mine for about a year and the rubber is now beginning to tear and get loose around parts of the frame. The sort of typical frequent use I put it through included slipping it in and out of my trouser pocket. It has saved my phone from damage after a few accidental drops, but one thing to be aware of is that it can pull out your money notes, coins or bank cards from your pocket at the same time without you noticing this. I've lost a few quid over the year I reckon!

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    Newest Bumper Case Is Too Small For 4S

    Same experience as everyone else. I wish I had read these reviews before I bought my newest Apple bumper case. The bumper case has always been overpriced but, at least in the past, the case worked well and the rubber edging kept the phone from sliding on shiny surfaces like glass, etc. Now the case's rubber edges are more like plastic so the case is more slippery on shiny surfaces. Also, and this is the worst "feature," the case is so tight at the top that it actuates the sleep/wake button whenever you touch any part of the top of the case. This case now appears to be so cheaply made that its actual value is probably less than $1 but it still costs $30. I think this is the first time I've ever felt cheated by purchasing an Apple product.

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    Bumper does not fit phone

    Same experience as other reviewers. The bumper's power on/off/sleep button constantly pushes down on the phone's power button, causing the power off screen to appear. Unbelievably bad quality from Apple and really maddening, especially when you buy it in a store and have to go all the way back to the store to return it.

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    Actually glad I purchased these having dropped my iPhone 4 out of my pocket twice: once on a tiled floor at the gym and one on the road, both times landing flat on the rubber and protecting the glass from any damage and scratching as it's meant to.
    With normal wear and tear, they last about 1 year before the rubber starts to fall apart and need changing over so I'm about to purchase my 2nd today after I got the freebee bumper Sept 2010.

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    biggest rip off

    it only lasted 9 months and although it was never dropped, it is now torn apart. considering the price, this is not a good product. I've been using a dollar bumper case off the ebay and it works the same. do not waste your money.

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    Alright Case

    I got the black bumper as my first case for my iPhone 4S. It was great for the first two or three months, but after me taking it off time after time, the middle of the bottom broke in half.

    If you don't take your case on and off constantly, it works fairly well.

    It doesn't necessarily protect the back/front of the phone, but it does a good job of protecting the sides. It also provides a good grip, for both holding and sliding in and out of pockets.

    I would recommend this case as a first case for iPhones, but not as anything else.

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    Good protection

    Worked well as long it lasted, but i expected it to last for more than 8 months even though used it with out much of care ( more of rough use).

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    GREAT product !!!!! Must buy Bumper !

    This bumper is GREAT had it for sometime now and had no problems with the bumper coming loose or scratching the phone! It also makes my iPhone looks great and fits prefect on the iPhone 4S. I have got an front and back screen protecter on my phone as the bumper does not cover these areas, However the bumper does have a rubber rim which stops the front and back glass touching the surface! Another great product from Apple and would recommend to anyone who is thinking about buying one!!!!

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    Ignore bad reviews!

    I only got my bumper a few days ago but I absolutely love it. The colour is really nice and bright and it has a plastic coating with a rubber edge so I don't understand how it can get too dirty. I thought it was slightly pricey but because I love it so much, the price isn't a problem. And if it gets a bit dirty I will buy another! :-) it fits perfectly too . Most other cheaper brands do not fit properly and can be quite bulky. This bumper one is perfect size and secure. :-)

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    Favorite Case

    I love this case. Here's why: it is a bumper so most of the phone is still visible. Also, the buttons are still metal. The bumper wraps around the front and back of the phone so I can set it down without fearing it will get scratched. Finally, it provides enough protection to keep the phone safe. I dropped my phone with the bumper on. Although there are a few signs of the drop on the bumper, the phone it self is in pristine condition. I love this bumper. I was hesitant to buy it because people said it starts to look bad and scratch your phone - neither of which have happened to me.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best iPhone protection ever

    I'm from NZ and just got my black bumper for iPhone the other day.It looks great on the phone and compliments it rather than spoil the phone like some other cases.Looking at the comments,the more negative comments are from 2010.We pay $55 here but its worth protecting an important investment.I've tried other cases from either online and town stores but nothing compares to this as I got tired of rubber bricks or loose leather cases that flip open.

    -Less of a case is better.Truly Apples genius design.
    -Has no back cover but this is good anyway because it shows off the glass on both sides.99% of other cases cover the back glass up.
    -It raises the glass just enough for protection but its not too thick and every edge is protected.
    -Some say its to loose but mine feels rigid enough and comfortable in my hand.
    -Black on a black phone makes it look as professional, if not more,than no bumper at all.
    -I'm keen to try more colours as time progress but for now its awesome.
    -The silence switch requires long fingernails but its not a deal breaker.
    -I havnt had any stainless steel scratches that others report in their reviews.
    -Stick with genuine Apple products.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Worked well for me.

    Must admit I thought at £20+ that it seemed expensive at the time. However 20 months on and it's only in the last couple of weeks that the rubber has split to the extent that it needs replacing. Took the bumper off the first time since I put it on and not a scratch to be seen around the sides of the phone!

    Works well in combination with the apple screen protector as the bumper just covers the edges of he protector, meaning it hasn't peeled since I put it on at the same time I got the bumper.

    I agree that it limits the choice of headphone jacks etc.

    My reasoning when I bought it was why have one of the smartest looking phones available and cover it in a bulky plastic case? Will be buying another for 20 more months of phone protection.

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    Apple iPhone 4 Bumper - Black not compatible with my iPhone4s

    i bought an iPhone 4 and this "black bumper" from apple store online. i have no problem using it on my iPhone4 but seems not compatible with my new iphone4s, the mute toggle switch seems not align with the bumpers slot for that switch. its odd that the website says its compatible with iPhone4s

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    Needs to be updated with better materials.

    To put it in brief terms, this bumper does its job, but is not durable itself. It does protect the phone from falls (I dropped my phone in a parking lot once and it even SLID underneath another car....not once scratch on the iPhone itself!). Those who complain about the phone being scratched by the bumper should practice taking the phone out of it every night or so just to wipe any dust particles off of it. That being said, this will eventually lead to the bumper's hard plastic area around the 30-pin adapter to tear, ripping the soft rubber with it. I've had the bumper since October '11, and it started to tear like that maybe a month and a half ago (middle of February).

    Apple needs to make a more durable hard plastic that can withstand the tension of being removed and put back on constantly. While keeping the price intact (that way maybe the value will actually match that steep $30 price point).

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Should be cheaper.

    I've had this bumper case for about year and it's life span is running short.

    In my opinion far to expensive my friend found a better Bumper Case for a £1 and fits a lot better and is more durable.

    My one has now broke and is hold together by a bit of rubber.

    I chose this product since it didn't spoil the iPhone's elegant look.

    But I will be going else where for my next case.

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    It doesn't protect your iphone

    hi guys i just remind you don't buy this case this case doesn't protect your iphone.
    it cost $40 but still doesn't work i really like my new iphone 4s case which is twelve south book book case cost $80 but it's very nice/
    when i dropped my iphone with my iphone 4s bumper to the concrete it shattered the rear glass.and i have to repair it for $40 so i think it's more worth to buy good case.

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    It scratch my iPhone!!!

    Because of the "protective" bumper there is A LOT of black spots and scratchs around my iPhone... what a piece of junk!!

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