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    Under-powered USB

    These seem to have a design flaw with USB powering - devices stop working or fail to work - measured with USB meter and it's just underpowered. Not what you expect when paying £900 for a screen.

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    No anti glare

    The display is very glossy with high colour saturation and can tiring on the eyes if you look at it for more than 2 hours.
    If you are professional user and need the display for work this is no good for you as you will need an anti glare screen not currently offered by Apple.

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    Died after 2.5 years of almost no usage.

    Bought this in spring 2012 and initially used it rather happily for a while, but then mostly started doing my computing on my laptop on the move and left this display on little to no use. Now, inexplicably, it just went black and won't wake up. (Won't even charge any device plugged in.) I very much regret this purchase and apparently have hard time recommending Apple displays to anyone.

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    Initially bowled over by this admittedly gorgeous display to finally being completely disappointed by having bought what is essentially a giant vanity mirror. As you duck and dive to find the best position to view the display, your back and eyes will scream in agony and beg you for something better.

    Save yourself.

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    First disappointing Apple product

    Purchased the Display with a Mac Mini in preference to the new iMac.
    Hook up was easy with only one lead and the display looks very nice but...
    There is a visible non uniformity to the brightness.Brighter at the centre of the picture and in the bottom corners.
    There is a constant electronic hum.
    Most annoying though is the very obvious audio hiss.Any sound played is accompanied by this hissing which then ceases ten seconds after the audio finishes.
    These are fairly minor niggles and may not bother others as much as me, but knowing that these issues affect every display and Apple not doing much about it (according to the apple forums etc) makes me a little jaded with the brand now.

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    Doesn't daisy chain withMDP cinema screen

    You may have the impression that if you buy this display, you can use your old cinema display with its mini display port (MDP) as a second monitor, as long as it is the last in the chain. You can't! For some extraordinary reason, and as admitted by Apple themselves, although the cinema MDP plugs into the Thunderbolt port on the back of your new display, there is no pass through and it doesn't work. How on earth could Apple allow such a basic lack of functionality to happen?

    There is a work around involving an expensive Seagate disk drive adapter, which suggests that other companies know more about how to configure Thunderbolt than Apple does.

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