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    VESA Mount 2015 27" iMac issues

    Caution !

    It is not at all clear to consumers that this mount cannot be fitted to a store bought 27" iMac .

    After purchasing a new iMac to replace an old 2010 model i discovered that the new models foot cannot be removed and therefore can only be ordered online with the VESA mount attached by the factory.

    Thankfully the store allowed me to return my mac the same day but i still cannot arrange fitment via the online store .....

    Very frustrating !

    This is a great product with very poor product support ..

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    Didn't come with the screws?

    I had been waiting for this to come in the mail and was excited to set it up. Unfortunately Apple does not include the screws to mount it to the VESA arm. How ridiculous is that? No one around me carries them so I have to order and wait another 5 days for them to show up. Lame.

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    Over-engineered & poor QC

    I must have gotten a dud. You have to put a lot of force on the center set bolt, so much so that the torx points started to strip so I gave up. Only one side bolt would align correctly, and with it in place, I could easily see that there was no way the other side bolt was going it due to the NASA-like tolerances milled in this thing. Come on Apple, we're not putting wings on the space shuttle!

    …hoping the replacement works

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    Horrible to mount.

    If you don't have a good torx screwdriver, you're up for a challenge.

    I had the same issue as some others here, I had a lot of problems to align the mount so that the two last screws would fit.

    I had to use two credit cards and the card that is included in the box for dismounting the foot of the iMac, to be able to get the last 2-3 millimeters that were needed to align it perfectly. I had to put these under the bracket that you mount in step 3 or 4. It takes some focus and patience but the cards will fit under the bracket. And when the two last screws are in place, you just remove the cards.

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    I'd say that Apple dropped the engineering ball on this one. Working with a 27" Thunderbolt display was not so easy. Getting the stand off was fine. After that it got more difficult. Getting the bolts to line up to mount the flange was tricky, and then getting the bolts into the end for the actual mount adapter has so far proven to be impossible. One end will bolt in perfectly, but the other end will not. Once the mount adapter is removed, the bolts bolt in perfectly. Definitely not Apple's engineering finest.

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    24: iMac works great, 27" iMac a hassle

    I had my iMac 24" mounted on a monitor arm using the Vesa mount. Set up was easy and quick.

    I just bought a 27" iMac and the set up took me 5 hours. I finally figured out that when you mount the flange to the back of the 27" iMac, the side bolt holes for the mount adapter don't line up with the flange. I tried over and over but the side bolts would not fit into their holes.

    I did two things to make it work:
    First, I removed the plastic protective pieces on the edges of the mount adapter.

    Second, I placed about 2-4mm of thin folded cardboard underneath the entire length of the flange, under the side facing the top of the machine. This lifted the flange up enough so that the holes aligned properly and the side bolts could be inserted.

    This was a very frustrating experience. I am not sure why the flange sank down a tiny bit once mounted.

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