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    Works great on Retina MBP

    Works perfectly fine on the new Retina MBP.

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    Exceptional with the 2011 Macbook Air 13

    Installed the new Driver / Thunderbolt 1.2 Update from Software Update, plugged it in, and zoom. Works great, no longer wasting a USB port, and its super fast! Will be perfect in those hotels with no WiFi. No compatibility issues with my 2011 MBA 13 inch I bought last year.

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    Works if you can find the Thunderbolt 1.2 update

    This adapter requires an update to the AppleBCM5701Ethernet plugin to work. That update was present in the thunderbolt software update 1.2 package. Said update was pulled from the automatic update list due to it crashing non-thunderbolt systems such as old macbook pros. I haven't read a report of any problems for us macbook air users, and it works great on my 2011 macbook air. If you're lucky enough to have grabbed a copy of the update from apple's KB article before it was pulled from there as well, you should be able to use the adapter. Presumably apple will fix this big error in a day or so with a newer thunderbolt update.

    If you know what you're doing, you could always backup your IONetworkingFamily kext before applying the update, and then restore just that kext it if your system crashes from the update.

    Nice performance with this dongle - I get 900Mbps throughput. Driver (and broadcom's specs) indicate jumbo frame support, but I haven't tried it. Jumbo frames not really necessary IMO since the CPU is beefy enough to handle high packet/second data rates.

    Finally a cheap way to get data on&off a macbook air at speeds above USB 2.

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    Works great! (But don't buy it for MBA!!!)

    Why? This is nothing wrong with the product at all and it works great! The problem is... if you are using Macbook Air and you need to connect to extra monitor with thunderbolt you are out of luck. Either have this or the thunderbolt to DVI/HDMI adpter. I never thought of this until I bought it went home and had the "Ahhhh moment". Get the USB version instead. If you never care about extra monitor ever at all or you don't need to do presentation on bigger screens then sure go ahead.

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    Windows 7 Problems

    I have a Macbook Air that I installed bootcamp on and primarily use Windows 7 64bit for many reasons (one being my job). I purchased the Thunderbolt to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter and assumed it worked flawlessly with Windows 7 and the Mac OS X. First I would like to clarify for the Mac OS X side, it works great, wish I could say the same for Windows. Here are the list of issues with Windows 7 and the Thunderbolt Ethernet adapter.

    1) If the computer is already turned on and booted into Windows, Windows will not detect new hardware, even if you search for new hardware under device manager. To get around this issue, you need to either plug in the adapter then reboot the computer into Windows or shut down the computer then plug in the adapter and then turn it on and boot into Windows.

    2) Windows 7 does not automatically find the driver, even if connected to the internet. For me this wasn't a problem as I am in the IT industry and was able to find the drivers in a short time, but for the average user, this can be problematic. Hopefully Apple will include the driver in a future patch for the Windows 7 Bootcamp Installer. I downloaded the driver directly from Broadcom's website (NetXtreme Desktop/Mobile drivers)

    3) Having the Thunderbolt to Gigabit Ethernet adapter plugged into the computer disables sleep mode. Even if you plug in the adapter, use it then unplug it, the only way to re-enable the option to use sleep mode is to reboot the computer. Hopefully Broadcom will write a new driver that is S3 Sleep compatible.

    Hopefully this issue will be addressed shortly. I most likely will be returning this item and getting the USB to ethernet adapter which I'm not excited about since it has slower speeds then even 100Mbps due to the limitation of USB 2.0.

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    Try checking for a Thunderbolt update if it doesn't work

    When I first plugged the Thunderbolt to Ethernet adapter into my Macbook Air nothing showed up in the Network Preferences. Tried rebooting, etc. but nothing.

    Luckily I had a wireless connection available so tried Software Update and lo and behold there was a Thunderbolt Update available. Installed that and rebooted and the adapter worked perfectly.

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    Expensive and flawed

    I can understand the removal of ethernet ports if it was for reasons of size (since the Retina is quite thin and I'm not entirely sure Ethernet would fit too well), otherwise not a very good decision.
    That said the adaptor does what it's mean to do, but it has some major flaws.
    First of all, the price tag. After having purchased a rather expensive computer, having to throw in another 30 just to be able to go online isn't really ideal. They could've thrown one in for free, but I guess that's not how Apple rolls.
    The second problem is that, despite being light and portable to bring behind when out, the cable part of the adaptor is quite thick and not very flexible, which can be pretty annoying if you're trying to work in cramped spaces (or just don't have 15cm to the left of your laptop). The cable part can, obviously, be bent, but I wouldn't be surprised if it would soon destroy the adaptor. I try not bending it as much as possible, and having had it for just over 4 months I can see it's getting pretty ruined.
    But the last, and definitely most annoying problem, is that the adaptor does not fit snugly in the port and wobbles. The slightest twitch can cause your connection to drop, forcing you to disconnect and reconnect the cable for it to be recognized again.

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    'Garbage' & 'Junk' Come to Mind

    As many others have noted, this ethernet adapter is full of unpleasantries:
    -Cable far too stiff, causing dropped connections if bumped
    -Adapter runs far too warm
    -Does not hot-plug in Boot Camp Windows. This wouldn't be a major issue except that it drops connections often, so you can't just hot-swap-resume.
    -When plugged in, Boot Camp Windows will not wake from hibernate.
    -Occasional kernel panics when hot swapping in Mavericks
    -Does not work on 1st Gen Thunderbolt Macs (in my case, on a first gen thunderbolt MBA)
    -When plugged in, noticeably reduces battery life

    It seems odd that Apple - who pioneered hot-swap with the Bondi iMac way back in 1997 - would release a half-baked ethernet adapter, particularly since those users who might need it the most are corporate entities, which predominantly use Windows. There's nothing portable about a huge dongle hanging out the side of a sleek MBA.

    0 stars. Pure garbage. Try again, Apple.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Works perfectly

    Excellent addition to my Mid-2011 MacBook Air 13'' i5 4GB-RAM 128GB.
    I did install the Thunderbolt update from Software Update before first using this adapter, but all works fine, great product and good use of thunderbolt connectivity, about time such an adapter exists.
    Simply plugged it in to an ethernet cable and it worked instantly. I turned off wifi before first using just as a precautionary measure, to prevent any glitches or hiccups etc. after reading a few negative experiences first using this adapter, but all is fine.
    All we need now is a thunderbolt to thunderbolt x 4 hub or a thunderbolt splitter to take full advantage of the blazing fast speeds offered.

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    It works, but

    It works out of the box on my MacBook Air 13' - 2012, but sometimes it will hang the Mac when hot-plugged.

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    Stopped working after 20 days.

    Bought it at Bestbuy. And it stopped working after 20 days.

    The size could be smaller. And it quality could be more reliable.

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    Doesn't work with macbook air

    Apple broke this functionality in Yosemite and has refused to add it back in subsequent updates. They really should pay us all back for the $30 wasted on this crud. This is the first Apple component that ever made me consider that I should give up on the company.

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    Doesn't Last

    Worked great at first with no issues and then after about 2 months it became unreliable. If my internet cable was moved at all it would disconnect. Now it doesn't work at all. The port also gets very hot.

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    Not working after 10.10.2 Update? WTF?

    This worked great when it was on 10.10.1. After the update, it stop working. So, I tried it on my other Mac to double check, which was on 10.10 and it works perfect on that. WTF?

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    Fried after only a few weeks

    My thunderbolt-ethernet adaptor just died in the middle of transmitting data from a brand new Retina MBP, 2 months after I bought it. Shame on Apple for removing time-proven robust and reliable internal Gigabit Ethernet and Firewire ports for the sake of unreliable Thunderbolt interfaces and slower WiFi.

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    Loose thunderbolt ethernet adaptor after five months

    I have been using the Thunderbolt ethernet adaptor for five months now. While it worked well till up to this week, the connection to the laptop is getting loose and I lose connection to the internet. This is very frustrating. I miss not having the ethernet port directly in my new laptop. The price for the adaptor is high, considering that it loosens up and behaves unpredictably. I may have to purchase a new one every six months. I will try the USB adaptor, since it is a little wider and hopefully more stable. I also do not like the length of the adaptor. If it is not supported by a table, it puts quite a torque on it. I wish that it was smaller and without any movable parts. I love my new retina display laptop and if this bit of an inconvenience was resolved, I would be thrilled.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Requires OS X update. No instructions for Win7.

    I couldn't get mine to work until I downloaded the update for OS X.

    In boot camp (windows 7) it's not detected at all. The one thread I found explains how to load the drivers but they are buggy - BSOD.

    Only buy this if you REALLY need gig speeds in OS X and have some understanding of how to load drivers in Win7.

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    1 step forward 2 steps back

    Well Apple has the amazing ability to ignore the little things.. And they did it again.

    Got a new Macbook pro with retina a few weeks ago, love the machine.. But,,,

    First,,, why did Apple take the network port out? REALLY?? The world is NOT wireless yet.. Right now us IT folk still dwell in the data center with lots Of wire, and most network switches, power strips printers etc need some direct connection attention once in a while..

    Second,,, The Lighting Bolt network adapter ,,, its NOT an adaptive port like the older model MacBook Pro's had. So if your business is working with hardware you get to carry a hub with you or a flipped ethernet cable.. BOOOOOO! They had it right then "fixed" it..


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    Very good product!

    Now I can have ethernet port when my wifi is not working or when I am in hotels with wired connection only. At first it did not work, gave it a few minutes, plugged it again and then it is connected and ready to go! I have a Macbook Air 2011.

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    Doesn't work - get USB 3.0 to Gigabit instead

    Got one from apple store, had trouble getting it to work with Windows 7 or Windows 8 (worked on Mac side fine though). Since i use bootcamp a lot and needed a full gigabit speed - ended up returning and buying a USB 3.0 one from usb3gigabit.com. This one worked on mac and on Windows without any issues plus it left my thunderbolt usable for the display or storage.

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