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    Works.... Then doesn't

    I got the iPhone 5 for a couple of week thes original cable worked perfectly until the bit of wire towards the lightning adapter starts to crimple, eventually it just doesn't work after more weeks off the cable working and not working constantly vibrating when trying to sleep, can drive someone mad!, I then bought a new offical cable and yet it worked perfect and the same problem occurred, I am sick of paying £15 each time the cable fails to get it replaced!

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    I have had 4 of these in the past month and have had the same problem with each. They work fine until i suspect a wire comes loose in the top of the cable (where it enters the device), then it will only work when it is pulled or pushed into certain directions, until eventually it will not work at all. Im sick of wasting money on these cablels. A new cable must be brought out.

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    £45. Yes. £45! I've bought THREE Apple cables in the past 4 months! I'm absolutely disgusted with the quality of them. They just seemed to break! I'm always, always very careful with things I buy and these cables are just expensive and nasty. I'm just utterly disgusted with Apple. Horrible quality and far too expensive! Get it fixed!!!!

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    ive had this for just over 3 months and the cable near the lightning end is all scrunched up and now it won't charge my phone unless i spend 5 minutes maneuvering the phone into a specific position so that it will charge and then i can't even touch it otherwise it will disconnect. i like the idea of the lightning over the 30 pin, but in terms of quality and implementation, i am very disappointed by this piece of s product i received.

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    I would like to see Apple offer multiple length options with this cable. I need a longer one: 5-6 ft for charging and a shorter one 6"-1 ft for connecting to my MacBook for syncing and updating. Don't know why this hasn't been done much sooner!

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    Verified to be 3.5 foot long cable - works with existing wall and car plugs

    I just received my shipment of 3 of these cables directly from China. I measured my cables to be exactly 42 inches long. So they are about 3.5 feet long. About the same as previous Apple charging cables. Really, Apple should make them all 6ft long, which is why I am giving this 4 stars.

    Since 3.5 feet is not usually long enough for most uses, search amazon for "white USB extension" from C2G in 3ft, 6ft or 9ft extension cables for about $2 to $5 dollars, which can then be put in between the wall power brick (or car port adapter) and this cable.

    Existing power transformers with a USB jack on them (for home or car power port) that worked with your iPhone 3gs, 4 or 4s, should work fine with this new cable and the iPhone 5. 1 amp (1a = 5 watts) is standard for iPhones. 2 amp (2a = 10 watts) is standard for iPads. But it's well known, that if you buy 2 amp (10w) power plug then your iPhone 5 will charge in about 60% of the time. I like the PowerGen brand 10w chargers from amazon for $10.

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    Charges quickly BUT...breaks quickly too.

    My wife and I both upgraded our iPhones to 5's in January. Since then, three lightning USB charging cords have simply stopped working. No signs of external damage - they just don't charge anymore. I continue to buy replacements because there aren't really any alternative options. But the repeated drain on my bank account irks me.

    Given the many similar stories on this site, I think it's fair to question the quality of the product. Apple - are you paying attention?

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    After 4 months say goodbye to your charger...

    You gotta end up bendin the cord several ways just to get the dang thing to charge after about 4 months. I wish I never upgraded to the 5. What a terrible decision. And I'm sorry but it ain't worth 21$ dollars, if it breaks after 3-4 months. Change the price and fix this apple, you call yourselves a top company? Right...if I were a new customer, or repeat customer, buy multiple chargers or you're basically s.o.l.

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    I've had my iphone 5 for four days and my lightning cord has already stopped working. It doesnt recognize the wall charger when i plug it in and it says my iphone is drawing too much power from my computer when i plug it in there. I saw hundreds of people with the same problem on forums within the last hour of troubleshooting, proving that this is a widespread issue. Do NOT buy this product. Apple needs to realize that you cant half step this stuff just because of high demand. not cool

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    SOOO Much Smaller & Better!!!

    Yes, they changed the connector. Yes it's kind of a hassle. But that's progress for you & I prefer this cable. No more fumbling in the dark - it just slides right in the right way every time. Apple does need to get a few more in the stores though. But love the new cable and love the new design.

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    Faulty cable within a week

    Cable went faulty within a week. The network carrier can't get them for three weeks. Poor Apple quality control. Now I have to order one at my own expense because of no stock by my carrier (it's on backorder).

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    sort yourself out apple.

    this has got to be the WORST purchase i have ever bought in my fifteen years of living on this planet. i have bought 5 Lightning to USB Cable's in the space of 3 months. in other words, piece of rubbish. you would think that because apple is such a good company they would actually make something that would CHARGE your ipod/iphone/ipad instead of it breaking instantly, my recent Lightning to USB Cable lasted four hours, your products are not reliable in any way at all. you should definitely make some new sort of USB. i will stick to banana's from now on. i am now going to buy a docking station (THAT IS NOT APPLE) to charge my ipod because apple is this unreliable, if you don't put my review up you obviously just can't face the truth, goodbye. oh and i had to rate this a 1 star or it would not let me do it, so don't think for one minute i wanted to make it one star. YOU MADE ME DO THIS.

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    I purchased my iPhone 5 the day it came out and I'm already on my third cable. When it starts to go the cable has to be bent in crazy ways just to get the phone to charge and eventually stops charging all together. I never had any problems with the old charges for iPhone and iPod I have tons around my house that still work from 5-10 years ago. Clearly people are having problems with the lightning cable so I'm not sure why apple hasn't made any changes to the design. It's awful ! :(

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    it has poor quality!

    I just got a new Lightning to USB Cable in Apple Store, but it is not working!!
    it has poor quality!

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    I'm going to say the same thing as everyone else - was great at first then started messing around unless it was at a certain angle, then just stopped.

    I will try to call apple to see what they say, but I'm going to Apple to buy a new one first just in case - then at least I'll have a spare because that's likely to stop working as well.

    In fairness to Apple, the problem is probably because it does charge very fast. Could be too much for the wires inside and this would make them overheat/melt. But I would rather it didn't charge at lightening speed but LASTED.

    Thanks for reading.

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    too short

    length is barely long enough to reach nightstand. it's inevitable it will fall at some point due to being too short. why isn't it available in a longer length option?

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    Really??? I have 3 iphone 5 cables and all are broke!!

    I have owned my iphone 5 since it was released and I bought 2 extra charging cables just to have extras. Well glad I did because each one broke FAST at the end that plugs into phone. I have several old cables from other apple products and they all still work great! PLEASE PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM!!! Consumers shouldn't have to buy charging cables every few months!!! I love the Iphone 5 but simply because of charging cable problem, I would take my Iphone 3gs back right now!!!!

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    This item is the worst product ever! I'm sure i was not aware that I would have to go through 4 wires and now the charger has overheated and the top end of the plastic has melted and burnt onto my duvet, what if it was to damage the charging area of the iPhone 5? Not My Fault! I am not happy with the lightning cable, a new improved version must be brought out. And i am sure i speak for the majority of iPhone 5 users! Rubbish charger!

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    Offer a multi-pack, make it easy to get back to normal.

    I've gotten used to having about five unique docking cables, each of different length. I conveniently stash them in the places I use them. Work(super short), home(normal length), in a my cars and a travel accessory dock cable (super long 6'). I had my cable needs taken care of over the years with a few odd apple purchases and from a few other vendors. I'm not griping because you have made this proprietary/authenticated, I just wish there was a way I could get back to normal with a reasonable selection of lengths to get my e-kit back up to speed. If you offered a reasonably priced multi-pack in the let's say $50 range with five cables of multiple lengths that would really make me happy.

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    the i phone 5 cables are terrible and are NOT robust. What is Apple going to do about it?

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