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    • Written by from Windsor

    I got the cable when I got my iPhone 5s which was only 7 months ago and already my cable has to be at a certain angle to charge other wise it doesn't , it's so annoying because I can't charge it while using it , I have to leave it on my table to charge . They should really fix this

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    Two Start Only Because 3rd Party Alternatives Are Even Worse

    • Written by from Saxmundham

    Not sure why nobody has been able to come up with a better design. I'd say the Apple cables last on average a year before needing replacement, and that's when looking after them. My kids aren't so diligent in storing them as I am and get through them much quicker. If it's supposed to be 'disposable' then fine, but sell it for £2.50 not £15 if that's the case.

    I've tried Belkin and other alternatives and they all break even sooner. Sometimes it's the wiring inside the cable where it joins the lightening connector, other times it seems to be the contacts on the lightening connector that fails in the power adapter.

    Can't say whether other phone chargers are better as I rarely use my Android devices beyond my desk so the cable is almost always connected to the docking station and never manipulated. The chargers on my iPads never failed (the none lightening older style), so I think it's a problem with the lightening cables. I guess the situation won't be improved until Apple have sold all their stock...

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    • Written by from Barnsley

    I have had this phone for 1 year now and It is absolutely shocking the amount of new chargers that I have needed in the past half a year! I have have around 5 new phone chargers over the past 3 months and that's £75!!!

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    Stays in tact when not bent or folded

    • Written by from Sale

    Mine has only just stopped working properly after a year and a half, probably because I only started carrying around in my bag every day these last few months- which I presume has caused the wire to bend, However, I still think a wire should be durable enough to be carried in bags and folded!

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    The usual argument - fails!

    • Written by from BRISTOL

    As every one else has commented before these just don't last and are also infuriatingly short!

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    Annoying, surely Apple can do better.

    • Written by from Poole

    I've gone through 3 chargers in an incredibly short space of time and know others who have gone through as many as 9!(with the problem being the same as everyone else's.)
    Come on Apple! Give us something worth paying for that is robust enough to handle charging a phone!

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    Really Apple!

    • Written by from Jessup

    With four of us using I phones it seems like I’m buying a couple charging cables a month. While the Apple plug lasts longer than the cheap rip-off brands they still don’t last. You’ve had three years to make a more durable plug but haven’t. I’m sure for a few dollars more you could build a charging cable that will outlast the phone.

    When we went to pick up my wife’s new iPhone 6 at the first glance of the cord I realized there was no effort to improve it. I was planning to upgrade to the iPhone 6 plus but couldn’t. I miss my iPhone but I’ve upgraded to an Android phone until Apple makes a better charging cord.

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    Charging Cables

    • Written by from Hardwick

    Apple products e.g. Iphone 5s and ipad are very good and reliable

    chargers are not!

    they break so easy and are expensive to replace please make strong cables that last.

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    Bad cable, good service

    • Written by from Chorley

    I have had the same problem as many people on this page: cable breaking for no significant reason. However, before you buy another one.....

    My cable was from an IPhone, well over its 12month warranty. I took the cable back to the apple store, they inspected it and as there was not visible damage they replaced it for free.

    Terrible cable, great apple service.

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    • Written by from Cardiff

    Mine also broke after just over a year, thankfully I'd already bought a spare when I was on holiday in the States (they're marginally cheaper over there). When I went to the Cardiff store to see if they could fix it they said that it breaks when it twists if you use it while it's charging. But I agree Apple should make a product that is sturdier and able to withstand this sort of usage.

    So moral of the story - don't use it while it's charging kids! ;-)

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    Works then...Doesn't

    • Written by from ashington

    I got the iPhone 5c for Christmas, The original cable worked perfectly until the bit of wire towards the lightning adapter starts to crimple, eventually it just doesn't work after more weeks off the cable working and not working constantly vibrating when trying to sleep, it vibrates constantly! I then bought a new offical cable and yet it worked perfect and the same problem occurred, I am sick of paying £15 each time the cable fails to get it replaced!

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    12mths and gone

    • Written by from Farnborough

    I had the original cable from Apple when I purchased my iPhone 5, worked beautifully - left it at home and only plugged it in next to my bed so no travelling but after 12 months the cable has come away from the lightning jack and now keeps flicking on and off - making an annoying noise each time!
    Would expect something of this price to be of much better quality and last longer than 12 months with very limited use and movement - never even rolled it up etc! Will not be paying £15 for a new one - Apple seriously need to work something out with the prices of their cables!

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    Poor Quality and Much too Expensive.

    • Written by from Castleknock

    This product, unlike some of Apples other products that are well made and robust is of a very poor quality construction and is easily damaged/broken. That and the fact they charge €19 for it is a poor way to thank its customers for supporting their products, let's face it everyone who buys one of these cables has already spent a considerable sum of money to purchase an Apple product, iPad, iPhone5 ect where the supplied cable has in all probability failed or broke. Apple could sell this item for less than a tenner and still make a profit. Very disappointing.

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    rubbish quality

    • Written by from Caithness

    love my iPhone, but these cables are rubbish!! They work fine for a while then they just break! Apple really need to sort this problem out, really annoying!

    Bare in mind though, Apple will replace the cable if your phone is still under its one year warranty

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    Poor build quialty

    • Written by from London

    The wire near the lighting connector eventually crumples breaks and opens u, it's literally imploding to death. Its shocking considering the price! Steve would be ashamed of this Tim!

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    • Written by from Richmond

    So I got my iphone5 in December and in April/may the end of my charger started to bend then a couple of days after it started to bend, it wouldn't work at all. So I had to go without a phone for 2 days before I could order a new one, £20 including postage and VAT. So to my discust last week my phone charger broke again! So I had to pay another £20 for a charger, lets hope this one dosnt brake!

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    Very fragile.

    • Written by from Braintree

    I've had mine since October, and only in the last month did it start to go downhill. iPhone 4 chargers before this generation last for years. I'll buy one more cable, maybe it's how you handle it.

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    FRAGILE! Dont pull on the wire when removing from the phone

    • Written by from Horsham

    My cable stopped charging, as many seem to,... the reason i discovered is the wires at the phone connector end come loose inside the plastic lightning connector (in fact the wire came out completely from the connector).

    Basically when you tug the cable out of the phone you MUST grip the plastic lighting connector not the wire, otherwise over time by pulling on the wire the wiring inside the lightning connection will fail. ....

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    • Written by from Northampton

    Since I got the iPhone 5 I've brought 4 cables now, it such a bad quality it only last up to few month then breaks? You need to make them better quality.

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    Not Happy

    • Written by from Perth

    I got my cable along with the new ipod touch at Christmas and my cable has already broken, even with me being careful. Disappointed at Apple

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