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    cable brakes

    i'm having same problems as other where the cable just breaks.

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    Never had one break!!

    I've never had a charger cord break. You all must be really rough on your cords. But my complaint is, they stop charging. I've only had apple chargers for my apple devices (5 chargers for 5 devices) only one works. Why is this happening?! I have one charger to charge all 5 devices. Lord forbid that one go out. I'd be screwed. I'm afraid to buy anymore, afraid they're all cheaply made now and are going to break or it's not going to charge my devices. APPLE, fix this!!! I'm not ok with paying $20 for a cord and however much for a box and it still not work. Help!!

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    overpriced and poor quality

    for a $29 cable you'd think it would be high quality! but no, it just falls out of the connection on my phone, making it vibrate when i move it every so slightly. i was replacing the cable which came with my phone originally which frayed! you'd think apple would listen to all these negative reviews and fix their cables!

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    tubing material is not good, otherwise cable works fine.

    Apple has of course given everything best in quality, but charger might not tested on various atmospheric conditions i.e. temperature and humidity.
    I have this phenomenon in me to reach at perfection, and keep things in most perfect way. Still it doesn't last long so there has to be some reason in material. I have lived in different continents of the world for sufficient duration of time to judge this issue, and what my conclusion is, outer tubing material deteriorates in atmosphere with high temperature and/or high humidity. It includes India, mexico, UAE etc. In Canada, USA same cable stays perfect for long time with same habits to use it.

    I would like to request Apple to concentrate on the polymer material of outer most layer in lighting cable. Apple could just oversee other mobile charger materials in these regions. For reference, Belkin also has good quality of cable, I have that cable and that works really good in every aspect.

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    Bad quality compared to other non original brands

    The original lightning cable stops working after a year. Everytime it breaks down at the Lightning adapter and starts to beep and say that there is no supported Apple accessories. The only thing that is working for me is to take the spring out of a pen and attach the spring to the wire over at the Lightning adapter. That way I can use the phone during charging without the cable moving at the Lightning adapter. My current chargingcable had his first 1 1/2 year anniversary last week :)

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    Badly manufactured

    I have been using this cable for my iPad . When I am charging my iPad while using it the charger often bends at the joint at the head of the Lightning side. The charger stops working after only a couple of thousand bends which is terrible and I am sick of buying 3rd party chargers which don't work. I will admit it breaks because I move around when it is charging but this is not the case with any other devices.!!

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    needs to be improved

    I love the idea of the lightning cable, the fact that it can be plugged in without it having to be specific of a side of the lightning connection. But the same problem with the 30-pin charger is the same problem with the lightning cable, that some how it becomes damaged at the end of the connection and then no longer able to be charged. I am almost required to buy a bulk purchase of these cables or risk my chances with 3rd party cables. I have purchased at least 10 of these things.

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    Great but not that great

    The Apple Lightning to USB Cable looks great, but it has a major flaw. Let me start with what I think is pretty good about the cord. I personally own an Apple Lightning Cable and a non-Apple Lightning Cable. Using the Apple Lightning Cable, it takes about two and a half hour to charge from 20% to 100% from a wall outlet, whereas the non-Apple Lightning Cable takes about two hours and forty-five minutes or more to charge from 20% to 100%. Despite its fast charging time, however, I’ve encountered a problem that has been happening over and over again. The problem with the Apple Lightning Cable is that it breaks really easily. When the edges of the cable bend on both sides, the wires that are attached inside the cable break, which then result in the poor contact of the wires, and eventually the lightning cable breaks and stop functioning. I’ve replaced the lightning cable four times now, with each one lasted only three to four months maximum. So if you are thinking about buying a new iPhone charger, think about purchasing the cable from another brand or company. It probably won’t charge as fast as the Apple lightning cable, but the cables from other brands last longer and are not as pricy as the Apple lightning cable. Your choice to pick now: do you want a durable cable and is not as pricy as the Apple lightning cable, or do you want a fancy Apple looking Cable but not that durable?

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    I got the cable when I got my iPhone 5s which was only 7 months ago and already my cable has to be at a certain angle to charge other wise it doesn't , it's so annoying because I can't charge it while using it , I have to leave it on my table to charge . They should really fix this

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    One side of it works sometimes. Sometimes it won't charge or say it is not supported!!!! The other side works, will have replaced.

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    Two Start Only Because 3rd Party Alternatives Are Even Worse

    Not sure why nobody has been able to come up with a better design. I'd say the Apple cables last on average a year before needing replacement, and that's when looking after them. My kids aren't so diligent in storing them as I am and get through them much quicker. If it's supposed to be 'disposable' then fine, but sell it for £2.50 not £15 if that's the case.

    I've tried Belkin and other alternatives and they all break even sooner. Sometimes it's the wiring inside the cable where it joins the lightening connector, other times it seems to be the contacts on the lightening connector that fails in the power adapter.

    Can't say whether other phone chargers are better as I rarely use my Android devices beyond my desk so the cable is almost always connected to the docking station and never manipulated. The chargers on my iPads never failed (the none lightening older style), so I think it's a problem with the lightening cables. I guess the situation won't be improved until Apple have sold all their stock...

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    I have had this phone for 1 year now and It is absolutely shocking the amount of new chargers that I have needed in the past half a year! I have have around 5 new phone chargers over the past 3 months and that's £75!!!

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    Very poor quality - reflects badly on the whole Apple range

    I've had to buy several of these over the past 3 years as they inevitably split and fray at the lightning plug end. All of mine now have black insulating tape holding things together or have been thrown away. My latest one is doing the same thing so from now on I'll forget about buying expensive but badly made Apple cables and go for the cheap non-Apple ones you can buy everywhere.
    I was amazed by the number of people with the same problem and really can't understand why Apple is prepared to tolerate this. Apple - sort it out please, you've got a lot of unhappy customers here and doing nothing really does nothing for your reputation.

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    Works great...for about 3 months

    Great could for three months, then it gets scrunched up and the iPhone says the accessory is not compatible. These cords either need to be $50 with a lifetime warranty, or a dime a dozen because they're not with $19+ tax. Seriously Apple! Make a cord that lasts!

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    Our family uses a number of Apple products which rely on he lightning cable for charging. Like others have mentioned, the cables are unreliable and seem to stop working. I do not abuse the cables and they are not frayed. Not having a reliable power source renders the greatest iPhone or iPad useless. Apple, please consider more quality testing or consider switching to another cable such as the Motorola.

    Thank you!

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    Could be better

    Charger works fine but these newer cords can't hold a candle to the reliability of the older 30 pin cords. But I've never had a problem walking into an Apple store and getting a free replacement. Still, it shouldn't be that way. Get it together, Apple.

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    Stays in tact when not bent or folded

    Mine has only just stopped working properly after a year and a half, probably because I only started carrying around in my bag every day these last few months- which I presume has caused the wire to bend, However, I still think a wire should be durable enough to be carried in bags and folded!

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    Not a Long-Lasting Product

    I an very disappointed and discouraged with Apple's cables, especially the Lightning to USB Cable. I have been using them for a long time and have spent hundreds of dollars replacing them after a couple of months-and with normal use. I don't even take them anywhere and am quite careful with them. They are cheaply made; the plug-in ends either burn out or twist and break no matter how carefully one treats them, and they are expensive considering the short time they last. Apple wants the owners of their devices to also use their accessories but continually change them and never improve on the quality. T'aint fair fellas. Cheating your users isn't good business.

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    Poor Quality

    I have only had my Iphone for 4 months and the charger no longer works. If you look at it, it looks brand new. When you plug it in... nothing... and now I have to order a new one. Hopefully this one lasts longer.

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    The usual argument - fails!

    As every one else has commented before these just don't last and are also infuriatingly short!

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