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    As expected

    An 8 pin connector, OEM, not a knock off obviously.
    Inside is a braided metal shield around the wiring (a red, a green, white, and bare) and silicone injected near the connector for stress relief.
    A lot of people break these because they pull the connector out by yanking on the cord. Then, they complain about the product because it broke as a result.
    If you notice the cord looks scrunched up just below the connector, it's because you've damaged the cable removing it that way. Remove it while holding the connector itself, not the cord (hard plastic bit that goes into the phone. Can't miss it).
    The yellow staining on the cord is NOT electrical burnout or an issue with the cord. It's from your fingers, oils and grease that gets left behind when you pull on the cord instead of the connector.

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    Cords are good and bad on all brands

    Ok I have 3apple products. Go through lots of cords. Agreed. Doesn't matter if I buy from Apple or Office Depot or similar. Ok have Samsung android phone and well my cords are bad on that too but not only on Samsung did the cord go bad but and several phones the charging connection breaks. That's there weakness. So I bought extra battery and have change battery twice day. Won't charge and I gave oh 20 great Samsung cords . They take beating keep on ticking but the actual connection on phone doesn't.

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    Works great!!

    The lightning cable works great for a while until it breaks price should be lowered

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    Awesome Possium

    I bought my Iphone in April of 2015 and i have yet to have a thing go wrong with it. my charger cable works fine (when i can find it ). I dont pull or tug it out of the socket when i am finished with it. My cable is a tough little thing as it has had juice split on it, fallen out of a window and left out in the rain and it still works.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Haven't had a single problem.

    I have 5 lightning cables from Apple. I've had one of them since the 5s. I think there are a lot of falsified reviews floating around, because I've not had a problem in the 4 years I've owned a cable. I've had one replaced under warranty because it shorted out because of a cheap charging brick. Happy it was the cable and not my phone. I think that I've been relatively rough on them too. But I can see if you tugged, wrapped, bent or chafed the cable how it would degrade. But I just haven't seen how they can become so broken by others. Maybe it's me.

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    Decent Cable - Much Easier To Use

    I've had my iPhone 5 for well over 2 years and I am still using the same charging/sync cable, the one that came bundled with the phone. I've had no issues with it during that time, and it is still holding up very well. I really like the newer lightning connector, very handy when plugging it into the device. Now if they could engineer a USB 2.0/3.0 connector to do the same....hopefully that will be released soon. Though my cable has held up well for me, I understand that many people have had quality issues with theirs. I must say that the wire and the 2 areas where they are attached to the respective connectors seem to be of a lesser quality than is usually found on an Apple product. I can see where the wire could be broken off of its connectors or just become bent enough to where it would no longer work properly. This is something Apple should have improved a LONG time ago, especially at the price they charge for these replacement cables. Yes, I'm sure some people may not use proper care when removing the cable ends and storing the cable, but it still should hold up better than it sometimes (maybe more than sometimes) does. Better quality cables are available from many 3rd party suppliers and for less money! I would have given this cable 5 stars if it weren't for the seemingly poor quality materials that Apple uses in the manufacturing process. Not bad, but could be a LOT better. Or, just cut the price, at least in half! Just an idea....

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    No Problems Here

    No problems after a year with this cable to my iPhone

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    Sturdier & Lower Risk of Damage than 30-pins connector cable

    Since the introduction of lightning interface/connector, the frequency of damaged cable/connector has greatly reduced. Out of the 10 cables I have (at home, office, car for both own use as well as guest-use), only 1 became faulty (joining sleeve cracked and exposed internal wires) due to inappropriate use -using iPad while connected and charging by 8 years old kid.

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    Cables seem fine to me

    I'm not sure what all the problems are, maybe folks need to take better care of their stuff. I've purchased dozens of cables in support of business and research: I have lots of iPads out to staff, each with cables, and all the cables are fine as far as I can tell. No complaints. My wife and I have cables at home, in the car, in purse and briefcase, they are all 1 or 2 years old and all are fine. Four stars because it is...a cable. It didn't change my life, but none have failed.

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    No problems for me

    I have the iPhone 5 for over 3 years and I am still using the original lighting to usb cable. No problems. Seeing all the negative reviews makes me wonder if it's only people who have problems that will write a review.

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    Good Product and it does Last

    As you would expect from apple the cable looks and feels of high quality.

    Lots of reviews saying the cable doesnt last, but Ive had an Iphone 5 for 2 years, and currently an Iphone 6 and never had an issue (I take it to work and its travelled to several UK destinations and been in 7 countries and is still going!)

    I think if you try and look after it then it will last!

    Only given 4 stars as I would price the 1m cable at £10.

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    If it's broke, replace it

    I have seen a bunch of reviews of people having their lightning connector break and having to buy a new one, many claiming once a month since they goethe phone or a few months after, and the great expense this is.

    However, I just confirmed with Apple that my cord is covered under the warranty, I got Apple Care, so I can just get a replacement if it fails. The cable does seem kind of cheap in that it doesn't hold together too well, but they are backing their product if it fails, so not sure what all the hate talk is on this.

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    Easy to use and Practical

    After having the same cable for about 2 years, The Lighting cable still works just fine. down side about it that is white (gets dirty very fast) 19.99 is a bit high price and to upgrate for 2m is even more expensive.

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    Seems fine what's the issue

    This product perfectly exemplifies why average star ratings are pointless. If a product is less than perfect (let's be honest this ISN'T the most durable cable in the world), you always have the issue where dissatisfied buyers are exponentially more likely vent their spleens than buyers who are satisfied, and so it's impossible to look at the average star ratings and get the real truth. As I type this, the average rating is 2.5 stars, but I'm sure a huge quantity of users have no problems with their cables, just like I don't. Treat it with respect and it won't break. My lightning cable is plugged in and out my phone several times a day and has been for two years. I'm still using the same cable. Obviously I'm doing something right that all the whiners writing one star reviews are not.

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    Not bad. :)

    I've been using the first cable since I bought my phone. It's been working well until I found it broke today.
    It seems that most people are facing this problem tho, I hope Apple can make improvement on this.

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    Works fine - don't coil tightly though

    I have two of these. My first one developed a split and stopped working. After use I was coiling it up to keep it neatly in the drawer. Despite being supplied like that, I don't think it did the cable much good. Since then I coil loosely and have had no further trouble with either cable.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars


    I got my iphone 1 year from today and the cable is about to break

  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Look here's the thing

    Lets say we are talking two pronged power cords that plug into wall outlets. If you yank the plug out of the wall every time by the cord, it's going to overtime, become damaged and possibly even cause a safety hazard. Same holds true with lightning cables. If you grasp the cord by the the connector when disconnecting you will find it doesn't become damaged. I have plenty of lightning cables and used properly they seem to hold up pretty well. Though I suppose you should be able to disconnect your cord however you see fit and so I will hold back one star and give this product a four star rating.

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    iphone cable

    You guys are stupid. Learn how to use a cable properly. Dont bend the end repeatedly, and it wont come apart. This is the best cable design and fittment for a phone in the world period. Only gets 4 stars because it could be one foot longer.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Decent quality!

    I have used these lightning cables for almost 2 years now. Since the original iPad mini. Using the cables daily with the 5S and iPad mini retina, I have yet to have a problem. I have used after market ones, due to a longer size and have found that the non apple cables take longer to charge my devices if they even work at all. Overall I would say the price is a little High but the quality during use is totally worth it.


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