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    Another badly thought through apple products

    I got this with my new Apple iPhone and apple case all sold by the apple assistant in an apple shop only to find this is useless as you can't use it when the phone is in the apple case!! £25 down the drain. Don't buy if your phone is in a case.

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    Do It YOURSELF !!!

    Whatdya mean the adapter won't fit because of your precious iphone case ?!
    Got a drill ?
    Got a drill bit just slightly larger in diameter than the thickness of the adapter ?

    Take the phone outta the case and gently grasp the empty case and ream the lightning hole from side to side until the 30 pin adapter willnestle in tight to the phone when you put it back in.

    This also works to allow most charging and sync cables to fit with case on.

    YES, You CAN do it !!!

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    Apple rip-off

    One would have thought that when Apple changed IPads to a lightning connection they would have designed an adaptor that allowed the IPads to function on existing audio docking stations. THEY DIDN'T!!!. And as a result I'm left with this over-priced useless adaptor. You Apple guys are getting a bad reputation as this isn't the first time this has happened.

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    Just bought the lightning to 30 pin adaptor cable to play music from my iPhone 6 through my Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin. Where the do I put my phone??? The cable is too short for the phone to rest at the side of my speaker. I knew it was short but not so short as to have to find a pile of books to put immediately next to the speaker for the phone to sit on! £35 for that! Apple are now becoming too greedy for my liking! They need a good kicking up the backside by Samsung. Jeez...its not as though my speaker is that old.
    APPLE - sort yourselves out ...you've become too greedy and it will be your downfall if you don't stop it now!

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    Fed Up

    Bought my first one of these in February of last year. Within a few months it had stopped working. Got a replacement under warranty at the Apple Store. Now this second one has stopped working and I find myself needing to buy a new one. This level of unreliability isn't something I expect of Apple and I'll be making the staff aware of my unhappiness when I go and buy the replacement. It may not do any good but it might make me feel a little better.

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    love it

    works perfect in my car so I can listen to music.

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    Doesn't work after iOS 9.0.1

    BEWARE! Stopped working after upgrading to 9.0.1. Worked fine after 9.0. NOT worth the $30 we just paid. AVOID!

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    Lighting to 30-pin Adaptor - Dissapointed

    I bought this adaptor, so I could use my Iphone 6 plus in my car, I have a Hyundai and there is a special charger that comes with the car, so I needed this piece so I could plug in my new phone to charge. However, it will not fit now that I put my otter box protective cover on it. Does anyone have a solution to this problem? The charging pin needs to extend out further. Also, the retail outlet store I bought this from should have been aware of this problem, as they sold me the case as well as the phone.

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    Does everything I need

    I just got this adapter for my Bose Wave radio ipod dock. At first my ipod wouldn't come up on the screen for my Bose radio. It said no ipod found. As soon as I took my ipod out of its case it worked just fine. I am not sure why people gave it a bad review. If you are having problems its because you are probably trying to use it with the case still on your phone or ipod!

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    Works for Bose SoundDock.

    I would remove a star for price, because this little gadget is totally overpriced but it works. Saved me from having to buy a new SoundDock (I have the old Series II). I tried buying a knockoff and should have saved my 15 bucks because that POS did not transfer audio. I don't really understand why the ratings are so low on this thing. I can see how it would not be super sturdy, but I got a stabilizing piece (called the Lightning Adapter Support from Ruark - works perfectly!) and they work in conjunction. Now I don't have to spend a bunch of money for a new sound dock! :)

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    I needed an adaptor for my radio and I was very sceptical about this product because of all the bad reviews, but my iphone doesn't have a hard case, so there was no problem making it work as promises. So, the product works fine.

    But I find the price too high for what it is. Should be a $15 gadget...

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    It's Great

    I purchased one of these adaptors some time again to suit my alarm/clock radio so that I can wake to my music. I have found that it does an excellent job with no faults at all. I strongly recommend this for anyone that that require a different type of adaptor for the older ipods.

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    Will not work if your iPhone 5 has a cover!!!

    The length of the lightning adapter is too short if you have a cover with your iPhone.

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    If you have an AUDI Music Interface this one works

    I lot of people moan about the cost of these.

    I have found the cheap Ebay fake ones only last a couple of months before failing. This one is in my car and has still not failed after 2 years of use.

    The reason it is expensive is because there in some A to D circuitry inside. I have an AUDI with the old style iPhone type lead attached to the stereo. This is the only adapt that will work with the stereo. All the fake ones do nothing. I don't know what other cars are like, but I was more than happy with the price when I found out it could be used in my car.

    The fake ones are OK for charging and using in USB stereo inputs.

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    A good choice for me

    Worked with my Bose sound dock using new iPod nano and iPhone 6. Very happy with purchase and the fact that I can still use accessories that I bought before the lightning upgrade.

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    Incompatible with any case

    As many have already said, it is POORLY designed as it doesn't work with any case anyone buys to protect their $800 phone. If only Apple knew a thing about design...

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    Zero Stars not an option: 30 pin to Lightning

    I bought the small corded 30-pin to lightning as I noticed that the port plug on my Lifeproof case was pretty slim. The standard charging lightning plug works fine, so I figured this old/new adaptor would do the trick for my car and motorcycle systems. Mistake!!! The fitment is fine while using the case so that is not the issue. They will both allow charging of the phone, and you can "hear" that it is connecting through the speakers, but there is no audio support.

    Apple has gone down the road of too many changes, while not maintaining the level of product quality.

    SO I am left with two choices: Return the iPhone 6 and keep my perfectly functional 4S, or carry around a phone that works, and the iPhone4 for just audio purposes. Neither sounds like a particularly great plan to me.

    I have been a avid Apple user - Mac, iPods, Nanos, iPhone4, 5, 5s 6 and now I am wondering if the lack of direction and "holding users hostage to their whimsical changes is really worth the troubles.

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    I think this a nice adapter

    Many people are saying this does not work if you have case on your phone and giving it a bad review but they should look at the pictures.

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    Flaky and No Other Choices Out There

    I recently upgraded to an iPhone6 so I had to use one of these adapters to continue using my phone, maps and music in the car with a Kensington 2 in 1 charger/aux cable (which is a great product by the way). The adapter worked great for two weeks then one day just suddenly wouldn't pass an audio signal. It still charged the phone but when connected, audio would only come out of the iPhone's speaker. I tried the adapter on an older Bose speaker dock and the same thing happened there, so I know it has nothing to do with the car's aux interface or the Kensington cable.

    I bought another adapter and it works fine in both, the car and the Bose dock just like the first one did... but I am on pins and needles wondering how long this one will last because the first one just stopped working without any prior sign of malfunction or abuse, and evidently Apple doesn't support using other 3rd party cables as solutions. And in reading other reviews, it seems others have similar experiences without any alternatives either.

    Really wish Apple would at least offer free, no questions asked exchanges on proven bad adapters since they changed the 30 pin interface at everyone's expense in the first place and don't support using 3rd party cables. In contrast, the Kensington product is fantastic. Had it for years and it worked with all of my iPhones without a hitch - up until now, where I'm forced to put an adapter in the signal chain. Making quality cables and adapters can be done. And at $30, more than twice the price of what a 3rd party would sell their own for, shouldn't we at least expect a better quality product??

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    A terrible product.

    I bought this about a year ago for my new ipod so I could listen to music through my alarm clock/jack. The adaptor stopped working completely three months after I bought it. It did start to work again, but now it works only intermittently, sometimes not even responding. I have to take the ipod on and off to make it work. The employee said it would work well. This product is not worth $30.

    Additionally, my ipod does not sit centered on the adaptor, it is only halfway on, due to the location of the adaptor plug.

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