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    Does audio and recharges but too big for Lifeproof fre

    Bought the official Apple product as it's the only one I can find that charges and does audio (without the addition of an audio jack) but naively expected the lightning end to be the same size as that on the lead supplied with the iPhone - which you can use with a Lifeproof fre case for iPhone 6. Needless to say the connector housing is a lot bigger and doesn't fit through the case! Boo!! Since it does however work for charging and audio (at least it does on my Philips dock), rather than return it I've sanded it down so it does fit through the case. Looks a mess because I had to go all the way through the nice shiny plastic but at least it still works.

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    Pretty decent

    I got the cable one because the smaller block one won't fit into in wall docks. Tried to plug it into my iPhone, the plastic end is thicker than a standard lightning cable and wouldn't fit in my life proof iPhone 6 case, so I had to get out my knife and sandpaper, but at the end ended up completely removing the plastic cover for the Lightning end, exposing the bare metal and hot glue, but now it fits in my case and is securely tight. Dear god that was a lot of work just to be able to use my phone in a dock �� not to mention I had to modify a $30 dollar product with a knife but who cares about the money. It works and thats all I care about now

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    Works with bose dock

    Just updated from iPod touch 2 to iPod touch 5 & required something so I could still use the iPod dock with my Bose equipment. This works perfectly, my iPod seemed to charge whilst connected & the cable length was fine. It is doing so far all I ask of it.

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    VW iPod convertor

    This works in my 07 VW golf to convert my iPod connector in my arm rest to play music via my radio. I have an iPod gen 5. Is expensive but it is just the right size for my car.

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    Well it connects sort of

    I have a Roland keyboard and I want to use it to input to Garage Band, not realising it has a USB midi port I used the 5 pin ones with an adapter to get to a 30pin and then via the apple 30pin to lightning. Well guess what -it worked, but only with IRig's app not GB. Apple have suggested trying the camera adapter, but reading here it doesn't look too promising. I think I'll contact Roland, May have a better chance of success?

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    Disgraceful quality!

    so i got my iPad mini at christmas and since then i have been through 10 lighting chargers! so thats around 2 chargers a month! if they were cheaper i wouldn't care as much as this but they are way too over priced and the thing is that once the chargers break i have to keep boost charging my iPad which is ruining the battery so i will now have to pay for a new battery and a new charger! where as the iPhone 4s charger i have had for around 4 years and haven't had a problem yet so well done apple you've really let me down!!!!

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    Does not work with any of my music devices that are 30 pin such as Bose or ruark

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    Works with Alesis IO Dock

    I bought this to connect my Alesis IO dock to the ipad Air, enabling charging and music pass-through (including midi).

    The cable seems to work fine but 20cm is too short to be practical in many instances. The price is frankly, outrageous.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great product, be aware of the fake ones!!!!

    Bought the same product from another online famous retailer and tried it on, was suspicious about the packaging to start off, there was no leaflet with instructions (in many other languages) and most importantly the 1 (one) year Limited Warranty for Accessory wasn't included (as it does with the original Apple product). Well I returned the fake one and bought the original from an Apple store, the VIDEO is not supported and it was clarified with a Apple personnel but AUDIO is definitely supported as I have tried and tested it on my car stereo and many other home appliances!!

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Failed work with iPhone 5S 64GB from iPhone 4(s) adapter of car stereo

    My autumn/fall 2013 new car came with a iPhone 4(s) adapter so I bought this item so I would not have to take the iPhone case of to connect (instead of using the other lightning to 30 pin adapter). It does not seem to work... :-( (even though it should be compatible with the iPhone 5S, according to Apple website).

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    Half works on 2007 Audi with RNS-E iPod connection

    Was hoping this would work where all other converters have failed.
    Joy! - it did connect and I can play music through the Audi stereo, but unfortunately it won't charge.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Waste of money

    I bought this so I could use my iphone5 with my Bose docking station and it doesn't work! When connected it just says on my phone not compatible for the price of it I am not impressed

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Avoid this product as it does not work.

    I have an Alesis IO dock for recording music. This unit worked fine with my iPad 3 thanks to the good old 30 pin connector. When I 'upgraded' to the iPad air, I did my homework, making sure I would still be able to use my Alesis dock. I could......if I used an official Apple 30 pin to lightning cable. Not a cheaper 3rd party cable because these don't allow digital audio to pass through. I paid my £35 for the privilege of digital audio pass through and guess what? It does not work! No charging, no sync, and no audio!!!
    Just to check, I connected this wonder cable to my DAB alarm clock, attached my iPad air and....intermittent charging and NO audio.

    I now have to spend time and money to go back to the Apple store, try and get a refund, and then sell my perfectly good Alesis IO dock to one of those lucky people with an iPad 3 or older. Many thanks Apple.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    5s - iOS7 'device not supported' - farcical does not cover it!

    Upgraded from 4s to 5s and needed an adaptor to connect an apple 30 pin apple connector for the car. Opted for this cable but upon plugging this into my phone (nothing even connected at 30 pin end) I got a 'device not supported' message. Took cable back and apple guy was baffled as same on his own 5s phone. Tried a few cables and same for each. Seems Apple have outdone themselves and rendered their own adaptor cable as useless. Could really do with this cable but it's not working with iOS7.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Doesn't fit with a case - doesn't work either

    For those of us who think if we buy the 'real thing' that we'll have no problems..THINK AGAIN, and be very cautious before buying this.

    As you'll already know its ridiculously overpriced and extremely short.

    The plug on the lightning end is designed to be just thick enough to cause you trouble when trying to plug it into your iPhone when said iPhone is snugly encased in the official Apple leather case.

    If and when you do manage to get it in you're then immediately presented with a message saying it's not supported (this is before you even connect the other end to an accessory). Strangely enough the no cable adaptor works OK and does not display this message (although of course that too is cunningly 'designed in California' to not actually fit if you're using one of Apple's own cases).

    Only advice I can give is buy a cheapo generic one - hey that might not work either but at least they only charge you a couple of quid (i.e. what these things are worth)

    Apple - you're having a laugh - with the joke being made by your entirely disconnected design 'team' and very firmly at the expense of your customers. Pathetic really.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Minus a star for the price... Works with my 2011 Hyundai i30

    I bought this so that I could hook up my iPhone 5 with my car stereo and have full functionality such as the stereo screen displaying song name, album name, etc; the steering wheel buttons working with volume and song selection and other treats. I am happy to say that this has worked flawlessly and I'm really pleased. This then allows me to connect the adapter to the car's bespoke MP3 wire and I'm a very happy man. Long journeys are now going to be a real treat.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Does the job

    Rarely write a review but there are too many ambiguous comments. Works with a bmw USB / aux 30pin car adaptor perfectly. Agreed the £10 more for about 6 inches of wire is steep (£25 for adaptor; £35 for the adaptor with cable). The difference is that fixed with the original 30pin lead, one can control the phone easily while plugged in rather than via the car system. Helps with spotify and soon to be released iTunes Radio. Hope this helps.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    not supported on iphone5s or ipad

    Product arrived today plugged it into my iphone 5s & ipad, then get a message on the screen "this accessory is not supported by this device". It's shockingly expensive & doesn't work, if zero stars were an option that's the score it would get

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Does the job but....

    I bought the adapter version of this because I like to listen to the radio when I am running. Sadly Apple do not provide a radio which can be used when on the move so I have had to buy an accessory made by Roberts which is just the job. Sadly again these are no longer made and the fitting on my iPhone 5 is different from the iPhone 4. I bought the adaptor to convert the fitting but, like everyone else found that the case got in the way. I have therefore bought the wire which does the job and put this one on my dock. I am now running with , what feels like, metres of wire which is really really annoying.
    Why can't the radio be integrated like it is on my daughter's Samsung. This does do the job, but I should not have had to buy such an expensive adaptor. Overall I have spent nigh on £100 to get a decent radio

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Perfect and as a (DAC) excellent value

    It's not widely understood that Apple lightening adapters also contain a DAC - DIGITAL ANALOGUE CONVERTER. The device entirely responsible for converting the 1/O digital stream into an sound we humans can understand. Ounce that sinks in you realise that these little units are really excellent value for money. Value is something other reviewers have slammed, thinking they are nothing more than an adapter or in this case 30 pin socket, cable and lightening plug.

    I bought mine from an Apple store last month to connect my iPhone 5 to my Mercedes. It works very well, allowing me to access all of my music and it displays the artwork on the car system. But here's the shocker. The sound quality is frankly amazing, great tight base and clear vocals I've never heard the car stereo system sound better. . . A real upgrade to my cars HIFI and the best £35 I've ever spent!

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