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    Easy to use but has quality issues

    • Written by from Rochester

    I bought this device to archive old VHS tapes and content from my Sky+HD box. I had problems with both uses....

    When archiving VHS (using the RCA plugs), the capture was OK when the original content was very still or on a tripod, but when capturing footage that had fast moving pans or shakes (like walking around with a handheld camera) the image constantly broke up and was un-watchable.

    When archiving from a Sky+HD box the image did not fill the screen in the capture window - it introduced black bars top and bottom on both 4:3 and 16:9 recording. I tried using the RCA and the S-VHS input but both had the same issue. None of the settings allow you to select a capture area. When played back the image was either squashed or stretched on my smart TV, although Quicktime playback on the Mac was at the right ratio.

    I returned the item and will be looking for an alternative product.

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    Exactly what I wanted!

    • Written by from Welling

    Need something to back up my old VHS home videos from 1989 onward before I lost them forever, but importantly I wanted to go straight from the device to iMovie to chop out the bits I don't want.

    Many other devices encoded the video to a format that iMovie wouldn't understand, so I had to go through the tedious process of re-encoding to a format iMovie would like, and then even after that iMovie wanted to optimise the file before working with it (regardless of the optimize checkbox).

    Elgato Video capture is perfect, super easy to setup and use, encodes in a reliable format that doesn't have crazy high filesize and most importantly, I can go straight from my newly encoded video in to iMovie instantly. It's not very CPU intensive whilst encoding either, so doesn't slow your Mac down to a slog.

    If I had to pick one gripe with this, it would be the record length options are not varied enough, I have LP tapes or numerous lengths and the fixed options just don't cut it, but that isn't too much of a problem, cos you can trim your video after its encoded from within the elgato app anyway.

    Fantastic device and worth every penny imo, cos once those home videos go, they are gone forever!

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Poor Quality Output When Archiving Old VHS Tapes

    • Written by from Dunfermline

    I purchased one to archive old VHS tapes. It is easy to use, and the video stream shown during capture is of a good quality, but the movie files it saves to the hard drive, over which you have no apparent control, seem to be at a much lower quality than the original VHS tapes. I cannot recommend it if you want comparable quality to VHS.

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    quality too low

    • Written by from REDHILL

    great little device but the output is very low quality. nowhere on the advert or on the box for that matter, does it specify the quality or number of lines output.
    i have bought it, was very impressed with its simplicity & how well it works, but the quality is really disappointing.
    does anyone know of a similar but better device?

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    Top Product

    • Written by

    This tool working on an Intel Macbook Pro is fantastic as you can import and convert old videos, DVD's into I-Tunes and I-Movie to edit and store your cherished home movies.
    Easy to install and use... Highly recommended!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    yeeeaaaarrr fantastic..

    • Written by from KØBENHAVN V

    This produkt Video capture by elgato, is fantastic and very simpel to use. whit great results I captured all my old vhs videos and some dvds to...I LOVE IT, THANX elgato.

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