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Apple Solution Experts - Education
With a deep understanding of Apple products and a broad knowledge of the issues facing educators, Apple Solutions Experts - Education can work with you to transform teaching and learning. They can help you create and maintain state-of-the-art education solutions that will engage students, enhance their performance, and work within your existing infrastructure.

Apple Certified Professionals

Trained professionals who can help you apply the latest ICT developments to your educational environment.

Education Experts

A deep understanding of how the latest technology solutions can be integrated into the curriculum.

Total Solution Provider

Integration of Apple products into existing environments, and bespoke solutions that include third-party products.

Service and Assistance

Long-term partners who can provide support, advice and coaching to help you reach your educational goals.

Tailored solutions for education.

Apple Solution Experts (ASE) are independent service providers who have been selected by Apple for their proven expertise in providing technology solutions to education institutions.

These experts are committed to education and have a deep knowledge of Apple products, services and solutions. They understand your core concerns and how to address them with Apple solutions and education best practices. With up-to-date training on educational as well as technological issues, they are aware of the latest developments in both fields and can draw on years of experience, as well as a proven record of customer satisfaction.

Apple Solution Experts can help you purchase, install and support an integrated solution including complementary third party products. In addition, ASEs can integrate Apple products and solutions into any school environment (whether PC-based or mixed Mac and PC) and can provide great support to upgrade and develop an existing platform – all the while ensuring you get the best value for your money.