An Apple product for every student.

The best way to help students learn is on their own Mac or iPad. Educators are transforming the learning experience by giving students anytime access to educational content on personal devices. Apple makes it easy by providing the right products, training and support.

Individual Device Programme

Providing your students with a personal device — a MacBook or iPad — gives them immediate and continuous access to a rich variety of educational content, the web for research, tools that help them creatively express their knowledge and much more. Studies show that students who have regular access to technology score higher in writing assignments, demonstrate improved analytical and problem-solving skills, and tend to be more collaborative and engaged. With an Apple device, your students can explore a world of ideas and content, develop amazing media-rich projects and collaborate with people around the globe.

To implement your own individual MacBook or iPad programme or learn how thousands of schools around the world are doing so, contact an Apple Solution Expert in Education by visiting your local Apple Solution Expert - Education.

Apple MacBook Learning Solution

An Apple MacBook Learning Solution provides flexible and convenient access to technology. Each solution includes a set of MacBook Air or MacBook Pro computers and AirPort wireless networking, all housed in a sturdy and secure mobile cart, ready to roll into any classroom. Two preconfigured solutions are available. Purchase 20 MacBook Air or MacBook Pro computers in a cart that holds and charges up to 20 computers, or purchase 30 MacBook Air or MacBook Pro computers in a cart that holds and charges up to 30 computers. The Bretford Mobility Cart 20 and Bretford Mobility Cart 30 can also be purchased as standalone solutions.

Apple iPad Learning Solution

An Apple iPad Learning Solution streamlines the management of classroom sets of iPad devices. The Bretford PowerSync Cart for iPad can store, charge and sync up to 30 iPad devices and has room for a MacBook computer. The cart can be locked to secure the devices when they’re not in use. For even more iPad portability, the Bretford PowerRack stores and charges up to 10 iPad devices at once, and the Bretford PowerSync Tray charges, syncs, stores and secures up to 10 iPad devices.