Apple in Education

Ready. Set. Podcast.

Everything you need to create and distribute high-quality podcasts is included with the Mac and Mac OS X Server.

Podcast. Right out of the box.

iLife applications, included with every Mac, make it easy to make a podcast.

Video podcasts.

Use the built-in iSight camera on a Mac to record video, or import video from a digital still or video camera. Then use iMovie ’09 to edit and export your video as a podcast-ready file.

Audio podcasts.

GarageBand ’09 turns your Mac into a full-featured podcasting studio, allowing you to record, edit and mix audio. GarageBand also provides a library of ready-to-use background music loops, sound effects and transitions for extra polish.

Enhanced podcasts.

Take audio podcasts further by using GarageBand ’09 to add slides from Keynote or PowerPoint presentations. Add pictures from iPhoto. Then edit, crop and enhance them until they’re ready for prime time.

Share and share alike.

Once your content is ready, Podcast Producer 2 in Mac OS X Server simplifies the process of distributing high-quality podcasts.

Automated workflows.

Podcast Producer 2 comes with built-in workflows that allow you to choose among standard combinations of editing, encoding, publishing and administrative actions — from simple to complex. So the hard work is done for you.

Seamless scalability.

If your institution plans to podcast in high volume or in high- definition or long formats, Podcast Producer 2 can distribute encoding tasks across multiple Mac or Xserve systems and automatically assign jobs to computers with available cycles.

Publish anywhere, automatically.

With just a few clicks, you can post podcasts wherever you like: to iTunes or to your institution’s server, wiki or blog. Qualified institutions can also post directly to iTunes U. You can even have your podcasts automatically archived for future reference.