Better than ever for business.

iOS 9 provides more productivity features for business users, deeper integration with enterprise systems, new app distribution methods and enhanced management tools. This combination of powerful features continues to make iOS the best platform for business.

Great ways to work.

Powerful productivity features in iOS 9 for iPad and iPhone are great for all the things your users need to make their workday more productive. With new ways to multitask, intelligent features like Search and all new built-in apps like Notes — iOS has never been greater for work.

Multitasking on iPad.

With Slide Over on iPad, users have a quick way to interact with a second app without leaving the app they’re in. With Split View, users can have two apps open and active at the same time. And with Picture in Picture, users can continue watching a video while moving from app to app. Even the QuickType keyboard is smarter, with an all-new shortcut bar, gestures for text selection and improved support for external keyboards.

Never miss a note.

New Notes app helps users keep track of their day. Notes now provides the ability to attach rich media such as images, videos, Maps locations and web links. Users can also enhance notes with bulleted to-do lists using checkmarks, sketches and photos.

Systems integrated.

iOS 9 is designed to integrate with the latest enterprise systems and services. From email and calendaring systems to corporate networks, you have everything that your users need to get working and everything that your IT team needs to support them.

Works even better with Exchange.

Mail and Calendar in iOS 9 get even better integration with your enterprise environment. iOS 9 provides support for Exchange ActiveSync v16, including better reliability for corporate calendars. Attachments can now be added to Calendar events and meetings can also be easily scheduled across time zones.

VPN, precisely when
you need it.

Per-App VPN can now be configured to work with the built-in VPN client on iOS. This supports both the IPSec (IKEv1) and IKEv2 VPN clients. Apps configured to use Kerberos will automatically launch Per-App VPN when a user logs into that app, as long as Per-App VPN is configured. iOS 9 also features a new networking extensions API that enables developers to create app extensions for VPN, advanced content filtering and captive Wi-Fi networks.

iCloud on tap.

iOS 9 includes an app for iCloud Drive, for even easier access to documents and files. And Caching Server can accelerate the download of personal data stored in iCloud, including photos and iCloud Drive. Enabling iCloud acceleration reduces the amount of iCloud data that needs to be uploaded or downloaded when users have multiple devices on the same network. User data on the Caching Server is stored in encrypted format, which only the iOS devices have the keys to decrypt.

Easily deploy apps.

Getting apps deployed across your organisation is simpler, more scalable and more secure with iOS 9. Enhancements to the Volume Purchase Programme, mobile device management (MDM) and in-house app distribution work to make deploying apps a breeze.

Distribute apps directly to devices.

With iOS 9, you can use the Volume Purchase Programme and MDM to assign apps directly to a device, without requiring an Apple ID. It’s that easy. Now your devices are up and running in no time, whether they’re assigned to a specific user or not. Migrating to device-based app assignment is also completely seamless.

Deploy apps on
a global scale.

Apps purchased and distributed through the Volume Purchase Programme can be assigned to users or devices in any country where the app is available. This enables multinational distribution for enterprises. Developers make their apps available in multiple countries through the standard App Store publishing process in iTunes Connect.

Complete trust for
in-house apps.

Enterprise apps installed using an MDM solution are implicitly trusted and will no longer prompt the user for trust confirmation. Organisations can disable the installation of enterprise apps from other sources through a new restriction. And a new interface in Settings allows users to see all enterprise apps installed from their organisation.

Better management.

With new enhancements to mobile device management (MDM) capabilities, iOS 9 gives your IT team more ways to control apps, devices and data.

Prompt users to update.

Keep your users up to date by sending an MDM command prompting the device to perform an update to any device enrolled in the Device Enrolment Programme. Administrators can initiate both the download and installation of software updates separately.

Apps fully managed.

Install and update managed apps while restricting general access to the App Store. iOS also allows apps to be managed by MDM even after users install them, all without reinstalling the app or any loss of user data.

New network policies.

Network usage rules allow organisations to specify how managed apps use networks — such as mobile data networks — by restricting the app’s ability to connect over mobile networks when roaming on other networks.

Apple Configurator 2.

Apple Configurator is redesigned with an entirely new user interface and delivers powerful new management capabilities. It’s now easier to set up and deploy groups of similarly configured iOS devices.