Camera in Control Centre

Access your camera quickly by swiping up from any screen — including the Lock screen — and tapping the camera button.


You can easily shoot panorama photos from left to right or right to left. Just tap the arrow to switch the direction.

Burst mode

Capture multiple shots of the action — for as long as you hold down the camera button — by snapping 10 photos per second. And real-time analysis suggests the best photos of the bunch.

Timer modeNew

Tap the timer icon at the top of the screen to set a 3- or 10-second timer. To activate timer mode and burst mode, press the camera button, then release when ready.

Adjust exposureNew

Touch anywhere on the screen and slide up or down to capture the right amount of light for your photo.

Snap photos using the volume buttons

Press the Volume Up or Volume Down button to easily take a photo. You can also take photos using the volume buttons on your Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic.


Straighten and crop New

Automatically straighten horizons and provide the ideal crop for all your pictures. Just tap Edit, then the crop icon.

Adjust light and colour New

To give your photos a more finished look, use the smart sliders to find just the right lighting, make colours pop and even enhance blue skies.

Mapped pictures

View the locations of your pictures on a map by tapping the location heading under Years, Collections or Moments.

Smart suggestion search New

Tap the search icon, and you’ll get options to search by date, time the photo was taken, location or album name. One more tap gives you access to photos taken nearby, favourite photos or photos taken on the same date last year.

Smart Albums New

Smart Albums automatically collect your panorama, burst and hidden photos as well as slo-mo, time-lapse and HD videos. And the Recently Deleted album stores deleted photos for 30 days in case you change your mind.

Hide photos New

Touch and hold a photo to hide it from Moments, Collections and Years. You can view all hidden photos by visiting your Hidden photos album.


Reply to notifications New

Swipe down on a new message notification to reply without leaving the app you’re using.

Send a quick photo or video New

Share what you’re seeing as you see it. Touch and hold the camera button and swipe up for a photo or swipe right for a video.

Add your voice to messages New

Touch and hold the microphone button to record your message. Then swipe up to send it. To hear a message, hold your iPhone to your ear and listen or tap the Play button.

Manage group messages New

Start a group conversation and give it a name. Include who you want, exclude who you don’t, and leave the conversation whenever you want. Or tap Details, turn on Do Not Disturb and read your messages later.

Share your location New

You can share your whereabouts with people you choose for an hour, until the end of the day or indefinitely. Just tap Details and then select Share My Location. When your friends choose to share their locations, you see them all on one map.

Tap to view attachments New

Tap Details to see all the attachments from a conversation. Touch and hold an attachment and tap More to save or delete multiple items at once.


Enable emoji characters

Go to Settings General Keyboard Keyboards Add New Keyboard and select Emoji. Now when you type, just tap the smiley face button or touch and hold the globe button and select Emoji, then choose whatever fits the mood.

Keyboard settings

Go to Settings General Keyboard to activate features like Auto‑Capitalisation, Auto‑Correction and more.

Predictive text New

iPhone can provide you with helpful word suggestions. Touch and hold the smiley face or globe button, then tap Predictive to toggle on or off.

Shortcut phrases

Type common phrases with fewer letters by using shortcut phrases. Type “omw” and watch the text transform to “On my way!” To add your own shortcuts, go to Settings General Keyboard  Shortcuts.

Health NewTop

Medical ID

Create an emergency card that’s accessible from your Lock screen. To add or edit your information, go to the Health app and tap Medical ID on the bottom right. Access your card from the Lock screen by tapping Emergency and then selecting Medical ID on the bottom left.

Customise your Dashboard

Go to Health, tap Health Data and select a Health category. Then choose a Health item and tap Show on Dashboard. You can add to and rearrange your Dashboard by touching and holding any Health item.


Hey Siri New

Want to talk to Siri hands-free? If your iPhone is plugged in, just say “Hey Siri”. To enable this feature, go to Settings
General Siri.

Identify a song New

Siri knows the name of the song that’s playing around you. Just ask “What song is playing?” and it will tell you the title and artist.

Tell Siri who’s who

Tell Siri about your relationships, such as “Natalia is my wife” or “Rick is my dad”. Then you can say “Text my wife” or “Call Dad” and Siri knows who you mean.

Set your locations

Enter your home and work addresses in Contacts. That way, Siri can remind you to do things when you leave or arrive at either place.


Extended forecast New

View all your locations by pinching to see a collapsed view. Swipe up in a location for an extended forecast and more details.


Be on time New

Enter and select the address in the Location field of a new event, then choose Travel Time to be alerted at just the right time to depart by car or foot.


Insert a photo or video

When you’re composing an email, touch and hold in the message to open the options menu. Tap the arrow and select “Insert Photo or Video”. Then choose a photo or video to attach from your Camera Roll, albums or shared albums.

Format text in Mail and Notes

Double-tap any word to bring up the options menu, tap the arrow and select to bold, italicise or underline your text.

Look at another message New

Swipe down on the title bar of a message you’re writing. When you’re ready to return to your message, tap its title at the bottom of the screen.


See up close with Flyover New

In Standard view, tap cities with a 3D badge to explore them from the air with a stunning Flyover tour.

Share a pin

In Maps, drop a pin on a location you want to share. Then tap the pin and select Share to show your location via AirDrop, Messages, Mail, Twitter or Facebook.

Tilt and rotate your view

As you’re looking at a map, use two fingers to tilt or rotate the view. Maps keeps the names of the streets and places where they belong. So everything’s easy to read, and you won’t get lost.


Manage open Safari pages

Drag and drop to rearrange your tabs. To close tabs, tap the X or just swipe them off the screen.

Create web clips

Quickly visit your favourite websites by creating web clips for them on your Home screen. Visit the site and tap the Share button. Then select Add to Home Screen.

Get the desktop version New

If you want to see the full desktop version of a site instead of the mobile version, tap the search field, pull down the display of your favourites, then tap Request Desktop Site.

Define a word

In apps like Safari and Mail, double-tap a word to bring up the options menu, then tap Define.

Single sign-in

Sign in once in Settings, and you can tweet or update your Facebook status directly from Safari, Photos, Camera and Maps. Or ask Siri to do it for you.


Favourite contacts shortcut New

From any screen, press the Home button twice for multitasking — and now to see your favourite people. At the top, you’ll see the faces of people you’ve recently talked to and — if you swipe to the right — your favourite contacts as well. Just tap one to call, text or start a FaceTime call.

Settings Top

Do Not Disturb

In Settings, turn on Do Not Disturb to silence sounds from incoming calls and notifications. You can allow calls from your favourites, specific contacts or contact groups. Enable Do Not Disturb manually or schedule a recurring time.

AirPlay and AirPrintTop

Broadcast live with AirPlay

When connected to a Wi‑Fi network, you can use AirPlay Mirroring to share exactly what’s on your iPhone with your HDTV connected to an Apple TV. Just access Control Centre by swiping up, tap AirPlay and select your TV.

Print wirelessly from iPhone

AirPrint makes it easy to print email and web pages from your iPhone to your AirPrint-enabled printer. To print an email, tap the Reply button and select Print. To print a web page, tap the Share button and select Print. You can also print photos, documents and more.


Have text read back to you New

Go to Settings General Accessibility Speech and turn on Speak Screen. Then go to an app and swipe down from the top with two fingers or tell Siri to “Speak screen”. All the content of the page will be read back to you.

Control font size

Adjust fonts to your preferred reading size in all apps that support Dynamic Type. Simply turn on Larger Type in Settings General Accessibility. Then choose your desired font size.

Get flashing alerts

Your iPhone can give you a visual alert for incoming calls and texts. Just go to Settings General Accessibility and turn on LED Flash for Alerts.

Let your iPhone do the typing

Dictation lets you talk where you would type. Tap the microphone button on the bottom row of the keyboard, say what you want to write, and your iPhone converts your words into text.

View closed captions

To turn on the captions in closed-caption films and TV programmes, go to Settings General Accessibility. You can even customise captions by size, font, type and colour.

Limit access to a single app

Guided Access lets you temporarily limit your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to a single app and control which app features are available. You can even set time limits — a great option for children. You’ll find Guided Access in Settings General Accessibility along with instructions on how to use it.

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Get a Level or Inclinometer by swiping left while in Compass.

Find My iPhoneTop

If you’ve lost your iPhone, Find My iPhone can help you locate it. Go to Settings iCloud and turn on the Find My iPhone feature. Turn on Send Last Location to send the last known location of your iPhone to Apple when the battery drains to a critical level.